Ugly Animals in Africa

5 Ugly Animals in Africa Are Actually Beautiful When

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(Last Updated On: April 9, 2021)

Apart from some beautiful animals, there are some ugly animals in Africa as well. The ugly 5 are made up of vulture, warthog, hyena, wildebeest, and the marabou stork. They could also be thought-about ugly animals, however, everyone is gorgeous in their very own method, and all are comparatively widespread all through southern and eastern Africa – so be sure you maintain a watch open for them while you’re next on safari. These 5 ugly animals in Africa are actually beautiful when you change perspective.

1. Vulture

Vultures are scavenging birds of prey, who love nothing more than to select on carcasses of useless animals on African plains. Africa helps 11 vulture species, of which size are confined to the continent solely. Sadly seven of those 11 vulture species are categorized as endangered or critically endangered African animals, one of the ugly animals in Africa.

Vultures are affectionately recognized by nature-lovers worldwide as ‘Nature’s Clean-up Crew’. They’re considered one of nature’s most profitable scavengers and assist clear the African landscapes like no different. Learn more about vulture facts.


2. Warthog

Warthogs are usually present in family teams, the place they spend most of their time both on the lookout for meals or wallowing within the mud at waterholes, one of the ugly animals in Africa. At night they shelter in burrows, coming into tail first.

Warthogs have a large distribution throughout sub-Saharan Africa, with a choice for open woodland and savannahs, and usually are not endangered.


3. Hyena

There are 4 species within the hyena family, various in size. Hyenas are distinctive and important elements of most African ecosystems, each making the most of different animals’ kills for simple meals and searching themselves, one of the ugly animals in Africa.

The size of a hyena kill or scavenge is usually decided by the size of the hyena’s clan, which may run to dozens. They typically conceal further meals in watering holes, since nothing is wasted. Hyenas will eat each part of an animal, together with bones and hooves.

Hyenas can adapt to nearly any habitat and are present in grasslands, woodlands, savannas, forest edges, sub-deserts, and mountains.


4. Wildebeest

Wildebeest are primarily grazers, having fun with the grass, and the occasional shrub and herbs, residing in herds of between ten and plenty of hundreds, one of the ugly animals in Africa.

They’re characterized by a long black mane and a beard of hair hanging from the throat and neck, together with their brief curved horns, with males weighing as much as 250kg.

Their most popular habitat is open grasslands, with their famed seasonal migration being an optimized survival strategy giving them entry to and use of assets over enormous areas, minimizing over-grazing throughout each moist and dry seasons.2. Marabou Stork


5. Marabou stork

Marabou storks one of the distinctive birds present in Africa south of the Sahara – and one of many world’s largest birds (undoubtedly not present in our record of world’s smallest birds!). They are present in moist and arid habitats, typically close to human habitation, notably landfill websites, one of the ugly animals in Africa.

They’re an uncommon trying bird, bald-headed with wisps of hair, maybe worthy of their addition to the ugly 5. They have a wingspan of two.6 meters and a height of 1.5 meters. Interesting maribou stork truth: they’ve hole leg and feet bones, an adaptation to assist them fly.

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Marabous are scavengers consuming something from termites, flamingoes, and small birds and mammals to human refuse and useless elephants. They additionally feed on carcasses with different scavengers resembling vultures and hyenas.

Marabou stork Ugly Animals in Africa

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