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Somalisa Camp Review & Zimbabwe Safari Guide

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Located on a stunning acacia island overlooking Hwange National Park’s huge and animal-rich floodplain, Somalisa Camp is a small, intimate tented camp whose vibrantly African decor pays tribute to the golden days of safari—and whose modernity and a full variety of facilities remind us that in so some ways, that golden age is true now.

Somalisa Camp is a very cozy and beautiful little establishment with guest accommodations in 7 rooms and offers a wide variety of expertly led safari activities. It is located on a seasonal floodplain on the private Somalisa Concession to the east of the Hwange region of western Zimbabwe. age of 7 minimum (16 for walking safari).

Beginning of your journey

All of the vacations we provide are uniquely customized. We don’t think that itineraries should be pre-made; rather, we think that each trip should be meticulously planned to meet your specific needs.

Working with one of our specialists may be enjoyable. You can discuss potential activities, consider different possibilities, and, in the end, design the ideal vacation.

That procedure can begin at any time. We are more than willing to get involved as soon as you desire and give you some creative ideas, so please don’t feel like you need to have everything planned out before you contact us.

Somalisa Camp Review & Zimbabwe Safari Guide

Positioned on a non-public concession deep inside the coronary heart of Hwange National Park, Somalisa Camp, and Somalisa Acacia can supply a number of the finest sport viewing alternatives inside the park.

After a 4-5 hour street switch from Victoria Falls or a 40-minute constitution flight, you’ll find yourself indulging in the easy luxuries these two camps have to supply.

Somalisa Camp is located in the midst of Hwange National Park, the biggest wildlife reserve in Zimbabwe, identified for its huge herd of elephants and buffalo.

Somalisa Camp is a distant and conventional bush camp and presents visitors with private and unique safari expertise.

Each of the camps is nestled below a wonderful grove of Acacia bushes, permitting some spectacular views throughout the plains at the entrance of the camp.

Somalisa Camp, the bigger of the 2, has 7 luxurious en-suite tents all with their very own easy luxuries, making these tents greater than comfy.

The principal space presents all that you may want together with a small plunge pool over trying the bustling waterhole, which is the primary focus of the camp.

Somalisa Acacia is an extra intimate camp with solely Four luxurious tents on low picket platforms, these aren’t any much less luxurious than the opposite camp.

A smaller waterhole, which frequently turns very busy within the dry season, is positioned completely in the entrance of the small however interesting important space.

The 2 camps are subsequent to one another and due to this fact present identical actions.

Recreation Drives by way of the non-public concession, evening drives, safari walks, and sports viewing from the disguise are all on supply to you and will preserve you greater than occupied all through the day.

Nonetheless, in the event, you select to calm down in camp, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the consolation of the rooms or watch the sport wandering by way of, to and from the waterhole.

At a Look

Set in it is a personal non-public concession, Somalisa Camp presents you with a unique sports viewing expertise without the danger of working into numerous different autos and with the added bonus of the ability to evening drives inside the concession.

Scan the branches for lounging leopards as you drive by way of the quiet teak forest

Sit on the sting of the pool and search into the eyes of the planet’s largest land mammal

Cease in one of many extensive vlei’s, gin and tonic in hand, because the solar goes down – then take an evening drive again to camp following the beam of the highlight because it picks up the nocturnal animals

Watch the large bull elephants stand and wait on the photovoltaic powered water pumps – they know when the solar turns into highly effective sufficient to get them working and do not miss out on a single drop

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Image Credit: Moxley & Co

Lodging at Somalisa Camp

With solely seven tents, Somalisa affords Micato safaris the peace and privacy that make for excellent safari experiences.

With the tents’ flaps rolled up, the encompassing greenery sparkles, fowl music offers a soothing soundtrack, and the floodplain solely yards from our non-public verandahs invites animals to drink and disport as we sip cocktails in leisurely and brilliantly quiet luxurious.

Every elegantly designed and embellished Somalisa tent options a total vary of facilities, together with massive en suite loos, indoor and outside showers, wood-burning stoves, and sitting and writing areas.

The camp’s eating and lounge areas supply expansive views of the floodplain and its small splash pool is situated close to a pure waterhole frequented by elephants and a number of Hwange’s smaller but no much less fascinating mammals and birds.

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

The Somalisa Camp is situated in the western Zimbabwean region of Hwange. Hwange is a very large, top-notch safari region with exceptional game populations, covering 15000 square kilometers.

Broad sandy meadows interspersed with tall palm palms and vast swaths of hardwood forest make up the sceneries.
Buffaloes, sables, roans, elands, zebras, and giraffes are just a few of the many plains creatures that are hunted by many lions as well as a respectable number of cheetahs, leopards, and wild dogs.

The reserve is home to a vast network of sixty or so waterholes, most of which are artificially pumped in order to support the large populations of animals that have been long cut off from the Zambezi River by human habitation.

Hwange is the most popular safari destination in the nation, largely because of its closeness to Victoria Falls, yet it nevertheless has a decent sense of seclusion and authenticity outside of the crowded main gate area.

The majority of the top camps are located next to these waterholes, making for a fantastic “armchair safari.” When local herds roam between the tents and empty the pool, it might feel like you are under attack and provide fantastic elephant watching.

Some lodges provide some of the most rigorous walking safari experiences available on the continent, frequently including deliberate approaches near elephants and lions.

Activities and Points of interest at Somalisa Camp

Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s largest, oldest, and most rigorously protected wildlife protect.

Recreation viewing within the park primarily based from Somalisa is kind of merely magnificent, given the park’s extensive number of landscapes and its animal-attracting floodplains, all of them a part of what the good photographer Peter Beard knew as “a paradise caressed by gentle and air of their most particular kinds.”

The fabled Huge 5 roam freely in Hwange (the park’s elephant inhabitants is one of Africa’s largest) and 400 fowl species soar and chortle.

The park is residence to uncommon gemsbok and brown hyenas, and engaging Cape wild canines quite a few.

Seeing these canines as they affectionately work together earlier than happening a zealous hunt is a deal with even for knowledgeable safari-goers.

“Probably the most enthusiastic of animals, they stay the life home canine want they could stay,” says zoologist Rosie Woodroffe.

Be aware: Somalisa Camp is situated close to the amazing colossal Victoria Falls, making it an excellent spot to incorporate in a Micato Customized Safari.

The various seasons in Hwange can have a huge effect on your pockets and Safari expertise.

The Inexperienced season (wet season) will see unimaginable fowl and bug life however lowered animal sightings. Nonetheless, lodge costs generally are dramatically lowered providing actually good worth.

The Excessive season (dry season) is when animals congregate in huge numbers across the waterholes and National Geographic kind scenes are commonplace. That is peak season and lodge costs escalate considerably.

Please be at liberty to contact us with particulars of your preferences and permit us the chance to debate which era of 12 months goes to swimsuit you finest.

**NB** Hwange Lodges within the peak season recovering from the book, it’s advisable to plan an e-book effectively upfront to make sure you get what you need.

A safari guide

The greatest safari guides in South Africa combine their thorough knowledge and intellectual approach with an uncommonly frank and courageous approach to tracking and approaching potentially hazardous species to provide perhaps the best safari guiding in all of Africa. Without a doubt, we have frequently returned from Zimbabwe asking why we would ever do another safari anyplace else.

Automobile safari

In most cases, a vehicle safari is the greatest way to see animals in the wild. Since the animals are fairly accustomed to the presence of cars and do not perceive them as a threat, this is likely how you will have most of your close encounters with them.

Along with a variety of other animals, great birdwatching, and lots of lions, leopards, jackals, spotted hyenas, elephants, and buffaloes, there should be. Although they exist, wild dogs and cheetahs are often only seldom seen.

The dry season, which lasts from May to October, is when sightings are most common since numerous waterholes attract animals from a large hinterland.

Automobile safari at night

Unfortunately, park rules currently limit night vehicle safaris to the early hours of the night, usually on the way back to camp from a far-off sundowner location.

These are often restricted to the possibility to see some of the popular nocturnal animals like porcupines and bush cubs because, in our experience, most of the main predator activity tends to take place a lot later into the night.

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Image Credit: The Luxury Safari Company


The Hwange region is well known for its numerous waterholes, which draw a lot of species, particularly during that dry season from June to October, and serve as a significant center for wildlife viewing.

In addition to a neighboring pan that is made out only of a pile of logs in true Zimbabwean fashion, Somalisa Camp has a very nice hiding there. Long-term observation has shown that this cover is sufficient to reassure the animals, particularly the local elephants.

Safari on foot

Walking safari is a distinct activity that you might occasionally opt to perform instead of going on a vehicle safari in practically all other safari regions, most notably those outside of Zimbabwe. The two, however, are frequently mixed in this area, with guides driving around looking for intriguing sights before stepping out and walking up to elephants, lions, and other potentially hazardous species.

You would anticipate doing the opposite in most other situations. You may summon a car in if you were on a foot safari and came across hazardous creatures so that you could get closer.

The idea of going on safari in Zimbabwe with a guide from Tanzania or Botswana would sound insane to them. However, it is effective and unquestionably makes for a more engaging and thrilling experience.

sleep-out hide

The camp features a sleepout platform at a nearby pan where two visitors may eat supper and spend the night in the presence of the elephants and other animals that come to drink at night. Your guide can give comfort by sleeping in a tent not far from the sleepout platform.

Intercultural Activities

It is also feasible to travel to a community to see a school and have a wonderful, informal meeting with the local Matabele people. The camp makes a concerted effort to make sure that the economic advantages of tourism trickle down to the nearby communities, so most of the people you encounter will be kind and passionate about wildlife and conservation.

Room amenities

• En-suite bathrooms with flush toilets, his and hers washbasins, copper slipper-style bathtub, and indoor and outdoor showers
• Overhead fan
• Mosquito nets
• Gauze sliding doors
• Writing desk
• Storage space
• Tea/coffee-making facilities
• Covered deck with views of the local waterhole
• Fireplace


• Located on a Private Concession.
• Professional and knowledgeable guides
• Many activities including game drives, night drives, walking, and a game viewing hide
• Great game viewing possibilities
• Can be paired with other safari camps in Mana Pools (Zimbabwe) and Botswana, in some of the best safari areas in Africa


• Long transfer time by road, but within the national park, making it a game drive as well.

Write or Read Reviews


• Group dining in the main lodge
• Private dining on request
• All meals are included

At Somalisa Camp, the food is of a high caliber. In the main dining area or outside by the campfire, meals are often served at a single table. The evening meal is occasionally served in a wilderness area far from civilization.

Usually, there are private tables and special meals available. As long as you inform us while making the reservation, special diets like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and other variants shouldn’t be an issue.

Facilities and Services

• The tented main lodge has a dining area, lounge with a small library, bar, and outer viewing deck
• Splash pool
• Electricity supply via generator, solar, and paraffin lamps
• Armed escort in the evenings
• Laundry Service
• Satellite phone in case of emergencies
• Activities (offered at both camps): Bird watching; Game drives; Guided walks; Night drives

Fully Inclusive Rates Include

• Accommodation
• All meals and local drinks
• Laundry
• National Parks fees
• Two activities per day (see details above)
• Transfers from the nearest airstrip

Fully Inclusive Rates Exclude

• All premium imported brands and champagne
• Conservation fees

Power & connectivity

Since the camp has solar electricity running continuously, high-powered appliances like hair dryers cannot be utilized. The rooms provide power outlets for recharging electrical devices.

At this camp, there is no WiFi or other internet access. In the staff quarters, there is an internet connection that visitors may use alone in an emergency.

The proprietors made this choice quite intentionally since they really feel that doing so will make the safari experience richer and more pleasurable.

Although we typically support this attitude, if you would want to stay in a camp with internet access, do let us know so that we may offer you better choices.

It’s doubtful that this place will have any cell phone reception.

Concession for Somalia

The 150 square kilometer Somalisa Concession, located in the middle of Hwange National Park, is a sizable private safari area that is only available to visitors of the three tiny camps. This offers great protection from automobile traffic, which might be significant in other locations, as well as exclusivity.

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Image Credit: Scintilla



• Somalisa Camp: Children below 7 years are not allowed, except by special request.
• Somalisa Acacia: Children of all ages are welcome. There are 2 family units at the camp.
• Children below 16 may take part in nature walks around the camp, but may not go on walking safaris.

Tip guidelines

Although tipping is customary in Africa, it is not required. If you thought the service was exceptional, you could think about leaving the following tips.

  • Lead guide: $10 per visitor each day
  • USD 5 per visitor per day for an assistant guide or tracker.
  • Camp employees: $5 per visitor per day

You should tip whatever you feel comfortable with because staff members are aware that visitors from different cultures have quite diverse tipping customs and they modify their expectations appropriately.

The most popular currencies for tips are US dollars, Euros, British pounds, and South African rands (ZAR). It is frequently feasible to settle gratuities by bank card if you are low on cash or would rather not carry as much cash.

How to Get to Somalisa Camp

• Fly in by charter flight, 40 minutes from Victoria Falls, and then take a 30-minute road transfer to camp.
• Road transfer from Victoria Falls via Main Camp – approximately 4 to 5 hrs.

Regular light airplane service into the nearby airfield from Victoria Falls normally provides access to the site. It is also feasible to go for 4-5 hours by car. You might even be able to take the train down.

Unless otherwise requested, we always include all connecting transportation in your trip.

Somalisa Camp contact details

Contact Person: Reservations
Phone: +27 (0) 21 201 6787
E-mail: [email protected]
Location: Hwange

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