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10 Reasons To Choose Namibia Vacation On Top

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Consider Africa and also you may first consider Namibia vacation for its unimaginable safari alternatives or South Africa for its successful combination of wildlife and tradition. In this article, I am going to talk about 10 Reasons Travelers Choose Namibia Vacation On Top and Namibia Vacation ideas, reviews, tours, itineraries, days, spots, destinations, etc.

10 Reasons Travelers Choose Namibia Vacation On Top

Your thoughts may wander to the Sahara, maybe the world’s most well-known desert, or the red-robed Masai warriors, one of Africa’s greatest identified indigenous tribes.

However wedged between the dusty desert plains and the chilly waters of the Atlantic sits Namibia, a rustic that provides all of this and extra.

Whether or not it’s your first time to the continent otherwise you’re pondering heading again for extra, right here are 10 nice causes to go to Namibia whenever you do.

1. There’s plenty of wildlife

It wouldn’t really feel like Africa if there weren’t safari alternatives and Namibia doesn’t disappoint with enviable wildlife providing. Etosha National Park ranks amongst Africa’s greatest because of its quite a few waterholes that virtually assure recreation sightings.

The park incorporates the Etosha salt pan, a 120-kilometer-long dry lakebed, and as soon as the rains have ceased these waterholes are a vital life supply for the animals that decision this place dwelling from the African bush elephant to the white rhino, leopard to lion, giraffe to zebra.

Maybe one of Namibia’s most iconic animals is the antelope and over twenty species will be discovered right here, together with the placing Gemsbok with its lengthy symmetrical horns.

So iconic is this specific breed that it seems on Nambia’s coat of arms. Birdlife is prolific right here too with over 700 totally different species of chook together with ostrich, penguin, and pelican.

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2. English is widely spoken

For small inhabitants, Namibia is dwelling to a shocking range of languages however the nice information for travelers is that English is the official language that makes the vacation entertaining.

Secondary faculty college students are taught in English and whereas it might not be a local language for a lot of Namibians, it’s a language that’s understood throughout the service trade.

Highway indicators are in English and even in additional rural areas, there’s more likely to be one particular person that may converse at the very least a little bit of English.

This makes getting around loads simpler and gives a comforting sense of familiarity to many international travelers.

3. The Caprivi Strip is a price range model of the Okavango Delta

The Caprivi Strip (or Zambezi Area as it’s now formally identified) is a tropical paradise of extensive rivers and luxurious vegetation positioned on the banks of the Zambezi River in the far northeast of the nation.

As Namibia’s wettest area, it helps a big variety of wildlife together with hippos, crocodiles, and buffalo, which you won’t discover elsewhere within the nation, and likewise serves as a vital migratory hall for elephants.

The Caprivi Strip simply rivals the better-known Okavango Delta by way of wildlife providing however lodging costs listed here are a lot lowered and it’s much more accessible by the highway so you don’t should depend on costly flights to get around.

If Botswana is in your bucket record however the financial institution steadiness is a means of making that dream an actuality, give Namibia ago as an alternative – you won’t be dissatisfied.

4. It’s the proper self-drive vacation spot

The highway circumstances are usually good, drivers respect the principles, and roads are uniformly signposted in English.

Not like other nations in Africa, self-drive is an entirely viable choice in Namibia and a downright pleasure with empty roads that cross grand, sweeping landscapes.

The most effective factor in a couple of self-drive vacations is that it gives complete flexibility – you’re accountable for your day-to-day itinerary, making stops as you go and taking as a lot of time as you want to get from A to B.

It additionally makes touring Namibia loads cheaper, particularly in case you go for 4×Four autos kitted out with pop-up tents on the roof.

Self-catering lodging is plentiful in Namibia and is another reason why it’s a highly inexpensive journey vacation spot.

5. It’s dwelling on attention-grabbing historical past

As with different nations in Africa, Namibia quickly discovered itself of curiosity to European powers in the course of the imperialist ‘Scramble for Africa‘.

It was the Portuguese who first set foot on Namibia’s shore but it surely was the Germans who claimed the nation as their colony in 1884.

Namibia remained underneath German rule till 1915 and proof of this historical past is obvious to see within the vibrant colonial cities the place little has modified up to now century.

In Swakopmund road indicators nonetheless bear Germanic names and menus supply conventional German dishes like bratwurst and pork schnitzel, whereas the capital Windhoek yearly celebrates Oktoberfest. And as you’d hope, the beer is fairly rattling good!

6. It’s dwelling to historic cultures

Lengthy earlier than colonial powers arrived, Namibia’s human story was one among indigenous tribes.

Maybe one of the well-known of those authentic peoples is the San bushmen, one of many earliest settlers within the space.

They’re one among Namibia’s smaller teams who reside in a standard nomadic lifestyle within the east of the nation and in neighboring Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Angola.

The nation’s largest ethnic group is the Ovambo, who account for around half the inhabitants, however, there are additionally the Kavango, Herero, Damara, and Caprivian peoples.

Within the north of the nation reside the Himba folks, with inhabitants of simply 50,000 who preserve age-old traditions.

The ladies are simply recognized by their hair, which is coated in purple clay. The distant and wild Kaokaland is the perfect place to work together with Namibia’s tribes.

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7. It’s dwelling to a few of Africa’s most incredible landscapes

Think about mountains manufactured from sand and also you’re half method to picturing the spectacular dunes of Sossusvlei.

They’re among the largest on this planet, reaching heights of as much as 380 meters, and composed of sand estimated to be 5 million years outdated.

Because the solar makes its day-by-day journey throughout the sky, these dunes change color like a chameleon from dazzling orange to deep rusty purple.

Few locations in Africa beat this area for sheer photogenic magnificence thanks additionally to the distinction created by the blackened useless acacia bushes that punctuate the panorama.

You’ll discover these wind-formed behemoths within the Namib desert, one of many oldest on the planet, however, this isn’t the one desert Namibia claims.

A subsequent door lies the Kalahari, an enormous sea of purple sand and golden grass that bears a robust resemblance to the deserts of Australia.

There’s additionally the Skeleton Coast – a harsh however good-looking shoreline suffering from the carcasses of sunken ships and useless whales, to not point out the radiant salt pans of Etosha.

Wherever you go you’ll discover that Namibia actually is a photographer’s dream.

8. It’s a year-round vacation spot

As a land of largely desert and semi-arid geography, Namibia experiences principally dry local weather with pleasantly cool winters (May to October) and hot summers (November to April).

When it does rain it’s solely a fraction of what nations in East Africa obtain and it tends to be localized storms that transfer on shortly.

To place it in some perspective, Namibia boasts a powerful 300 days of sunshine every year. This makes it an ideal vacation spot at any time of year with dependable recreation viewing whatever the season.

The luxurious foliage and swollen waterholes in the course of the moist season might make it a tad more difficult in Etosha or the northern Bushveld however within the desert the rains barely make a distinction.

And the sand dunes tackle a completely new identity with patches of inexperienced grass sprouting up via the rust-colored sands.

9. It’s a protected vacation spot

Namibia is taken into account one of the many most secure nations in Africa. Since gaining independence from South Africa in 1990 Namibia has loved a long time of political stability and good governance that has inspired inter-racial reconciliation and invested in infrastructure and training.

It has one of many highest literacy charges on the continent and the media are allowed to cowl opposing political events and views, which isn’t at all times a given in African nations.

10. It’s an ideal family vacation option

Whether or not you’re doing a self-drive vacation or reserving a pre-packaged tour, Namibia is an enjoyable vacation spot for households because of the wealth of experiences and out of doors actions accessible.

Right here you’ll be able to go looking for elephants within the nationwide parks, somersault down the facet of sand dunes, gaze at the constellation-strewn night sky, and kayak beside pelicans, seals, and dolphins.

There’s one thing for everybody of all ages, particularly lively youngsters, so nobody within the household will go bored.

What makes it much more interesting for households is the selection of malaria-free safari locations – the private Okonjima Nature Reserve gives unequaled possibilities for leopard and cheetah safaris whereas the Waterberg National Park is the Kalahari’s model of Desk Mountain with rhinos and scenic mountain climbing trails.

I hope this article has given you many great ideas for Namibia Vacation.

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