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Okavango Delta Safari Travel Plan: Gomoti Plains Camp

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The Gomoti Plains Camp is situated simply south of the well-known Chitabe and Sandibe concessions, well-known for the wonderful recreation view, and this space enjoys related glorious recreation viewing. In this article, I am going to talk about Gomoti Plains Camp amenities, highlights, and reviews.

This space is especially well-known for glorious predator sightings, lion, and leopard is seen repeatedly, as even wild dog. Rhinos have been available in the realm in 2017 and this is probably the greatest location to see rhinos within the Okavango.

Gomoti Plains Camp Botswana & Okavango Delta Safari

Diverse Wildlife Encounters

The natural beauty of the plains surrounding Gomoti Plains Camp offers an incredibly diverse array of wildlife for visitors to marvel at. Among the common sightings are elegant giraffes, mighty buffalo, striking zebras, graceful impalas, captivating pink lechwes, comical warthogs, and a multitude of other fascinating creatures. The sheer variety of animals in the area ensures that each safari experience is a unique and thrilling adventure.

Abundant Activities

The Gomoti Plains Camp prides itself on offering a wide range of activities for its guests. These activities are tailored to make the most of the stunning landscape and wildlife. Visitors can partake in morning, afternoon, and night drives, allowing them to witness the shifting behaviors of animals throughout the day. Additionally, when water levels permit, water-based activities such as boating and mokoro rides are available, providing a chance to explore the waterways and observe aquatic life. For those with an adventurous spirit, guided bushwalks led by armed guides offer an up-close encounter with the wilderness, provided safety conditions are met.

Comfortable and Charming Accommodations

The camp boasts a selection of ten rooms, offering a cozy and charming retreat amid the untamed wilderness. These accommodations consist of eight twin or double rooms, with the flexibility to configure the beds as per guest preferences, and two spacious family rooms that are situated along the tranquil riverbanks. Each room is designed with an emphasis on comfort and luxury, featuring en-suite facilities and an array of thoughtful amenities to ensure guests’ satisfaction throughout their stay.

Thoughtful Room Layout

The rooms at Gomoti Plains Camp are thoughtfully arranged, providing guests with a spacious and inviting environment. The tented rooms, elevated on low wooden platforms, offer a unique vantage point from which to appreciate the natural beauty. Moreover, private decks are equipped with tables and chairs, ideal for unwinding and savoring the serene surroundings in between adventurous activities. While the rooms exude a classic safari ambiance, they also incorporate modern influences, blending tradition with contemporary comforts seamlessly.

Riverside Canvas Tents

The accommodations at the camp are in the form of canvas tents, strategically positioned at a comfortable distance from the river on sturdy wooden platforms. These tents feature zipped entrances, with six of them affording breathtaking river views, while only rooms 9 and 10 miss out on this unique spectacle. Guests can leisurely watch the movements of wildlife and the vibrant avian life from the day beds and chairs thoughtfully arranged on the veranda of each tent. The beds themselves are framed in sturdy metal, and bedside tables equipped with anglepoise lamps add a touch of elegance to the room. The color palette is a harmonious blend of khakis, greys, creams, and greens, complemented by bold patterns in the soft furnishings. The flooring, thoughtfully adorned with mats, adds a sense of warmth and comfort to the space.

En-Suite Restrooms

Each tent boasts an en-suite restroom that is discreetly separated from the bedroom by a tasteful screen. These restrooms feature twin basins, each adorned with a suspended mirror, providing ample space for guests’ personal grooming needs. Furthermore, the bathroom and bath cubicles are thoughtfully equipped with rolled-down doors to ensure privacy, both indoor and outdoor bathing options, the latter surrounded by canvas walls but open to the sky, giving guests a unique and immersive connection with the natural environment.

Elegant Common Area

The heart of Gomoti Plains Camp is its main area, thoughtfully divided into an elegant lounge on one side and a welcoming dining space on the other. The lounge exudes comfort and style, offering guests a cozy haven to relax, read, or simply soak in the camp’s ambiance. The dining area, in contrast, invites visitors to savor delicious meals in a communal yet intimate setting, fostering a sense of camaraderie among fellow adventurers. The camp’s architectural and interior design elements blend seamlessly with the surrounding wilderness, ensuring that guests can connect with nature while enjoying modern comforts.

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An Inviting Canvas for Relaxation

At Gomoti Plains Camp, the primary space serves as both a canvas for relaxation and a gateway to natural beauty. Step onto the welcoming wooden decking, and you’ll find yourself in a space designed for tranquil moments. The deck extends your reach to an inviting campfire area, where you can unwind with a pre-dinner drink, embracing the allure of the African wilderness.

A Magical Evening Atmosphere

As the sun dips below the horizon, the camp comes alive with enchantment. Paraffin lamps are thoughtfully ignited, casting a warm and romantic glow that enchants the senses. The atmosphere takes on a remarkable transformation, creating a light and airy ambiance. The main area is thoughtfully divided into two distinct sections. To one side, you’ll discover the elegant dining space, and to the other, a comfortable seating area, both contributing to the harmonious setting.

The Welcoming Lounge

Your comfort is a top priority at Gomoti Plains Camp. The lounge area is an embodiment of this philosophy, featuring plush sofas that beckon you to unwind and take in the serenity of the Delta. For those with an inquisitive spirit, a well-stocked small library awaits, offering a wide array of reading material to quench your curiosity. And if you’re in the mood for a little friendly competition, a collection of board games promises endless entertainment.

An Elegant Dining Experience

The dining area is the epitome of comfort and elegance, with a touch of rustic charm. It boasts a collection of ‘directors’ chairs, specially crafted to provide a cozy and stylish dining experience. Tables are thoughtfully arranged for breakfast and lunch, creating intimate settings for each guest. As the sun sets, the arrangement transitions to larger tables, fostering a convivial atmosphere for dinner. However, flexibility is paramount, and the camp is more than willing to customize seating arrangements to suit the preferences of its esteemed guests.

Refreshments at Your Fingertips

The camp ensures that refreshments are readily available at all times. Tea and coffee are constants in this haven of hospitality, offering you the perfect pick-me-up as you savor the wilderness. Moreover, a separate curio tent beckons with local treasures and themed souvenirs, a wonderful opportunity to take a piece of the Delta’s essence home with you.

Riverside Bliss at the Pool

While not a grand expanse, the camp’s swimming pool is a serene oasis, positioned right on the river’s edge. Nestled in a secluded corner of the camp, it offers sun loungers and umbrellas, providing the ideal escape to unwind during the warmer hours of the day. The gentle sounds of the river complete the ambiance, making it the perfect spot to embrace relaxation.

The Exclusive “Gomoti Private”

For those seeking an even more exclusive experience, Gomoti Plains Camp offers “Gomoti Private.” This exclusive private “villa” can accommodate up to four people, providing an entirely separate and personalized experience. Comprising two rooms, including a standard and a two-bedroom family tent, along with a private lounge, dining area, and the services of a dedicated chef and guide, this private camp is the epitome of exclusivity. Guests in the villa enjoy their own dedicated guide and chef, ensuring an unparalleled level of personalized service. During the villa’s occupancy, the two rooms without river views remain closed, ensuring that the camp maintains its intimate and secluded atmosphere.

Gomoti Plains Camp: A Gem in the Delta

Gomoti Plains Camp, a jewel in the heart of the Delta, made its debut in April 2017 under the expert management of Machaba Safaris. This renowned safari company also operates Machaba, Little Machaba, and Verney’s Camp. Situated within a private, community-run concession known as NG 32, the camp graces the southeastern fringes of the Okavango Delta. This pristine location ensures that guests have the privilege of experiencing the Delta’s remarkable natural beauty while enjoying the comforts and hospitality of Gomoti Plains Camp.

Gomoti Plains Camp: A Wilderness Haven

Situated just south of the illustrious Chitabe Concession, Gomoti Plains Camp beckons in all its splendid grandeur. This remote camp, in actuality, rests a mere 18 kilometers to the south of the renowned Chitabe Camp. Nestled in this pristine wilderness, Gomoti Plains Camp offers an unparalleled sanctuary for those in search of an authentic African safari experience.

A Pristine Oasis Along Gomoti River’s Tranquil Tributary

Gomoti Plains Camp’s picturesque locale unfolds along the banks of a tributary that gracefully meanders through the heart of this untamed terrain. The landscape is a breathtaking tapestry of towering palm trees, swaying gently in the breeze. The camp’s position is nothing short of exquisite, providing guests with a truly immersive experience amid the raw, unspoiled beauty of the African wilderness.

An Eclectic Landscape of Natural Diversity

Venturing into the broader surroundings of Gomoti Plains Camp unveils an ecological marvel. Here, Mother Nature showcases her diverse palette with a canvas that includes expansive mopane scrublands, sprawling open grasslands, and the sinuous contours of riverine foliage tracing the Gomoti River. This harmonious blend of habitats sets the stage for an unrivaled encounter with Africa’s wildlife.

The Symphony of Life During the Floods

When the annual floods embrace the land, a mesmerizing transformation takes place. The Gomoti River system awakens, filling the vast floodplains with life-giving water. Pans, shallow water bodies, gracefully manifest amidst the carpet of grasslands, ushering in a migration of the region’s wildlife. These seasonal oases beckon, drawing the denizens of the dry season habitats on the floodplains towards the temporary, yet essential, water sources.

Nature’s Ebb and Flow in NG 32

NG 32, positioned at the southernmost fringe of the Delta, dances to its own climatic rhythm. In years of scanty floods, the water may be somewhat elusive. Unlike other Delta regions, water is not a year-round companion here. This natural ebb and flow brings forth the stark realities of the African wilderness, where the resilient species have adapted to both abundance and scarcity.

Where Zebras, Giraffes, and Buffalo Roam

Within the vast grassland expanses, a captivating ensemble of wildlife thrives. Here, one can witness the graceful strides of zebras, the regal presence of giraffes, and the resolute herds of buffalo, all coexisting in harmonious balance. Lions, elusive leopards, and enigmatic wild dogs also lay claim to this domain, reaffirming the untamed nature of the Gomoti Plains.

A Symphony of Avian Wonders

Nature’s beauty is not limited to the land. Above, a vivid tapestry of avian wonders adorns the skies and waterways. Birdlife here is as diverse as it is captivating. Expect to encounter a multitude of both land and water-based bird species, their vibrant plumage and melodious calls adding another layer of enchantment to the landscape. Whether the sun is high in the sky or the moon graces the night, the wildlife and birdlife never cease to amaze, offering a year-round spectacle of untamed beauty.

Gomoti Plains: A Blend of Land and Water Adventures

Gomoti Plains, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, offers a unique fusion of land and water activities to its guests. Amidst the captivating natural beauty, visitors can embark on day and nighttime recreation drives. These drives, in particular, provide an exclusive opportunity to witness an array of remarkable game species. Among these creatures, there is the thrilling potential of encountering rhinoceroses. These magnificent creatures have been relocated from South Africa to the Gomoti Plains in a commendable effort to protect and conserve their population. It’s worth noting that some of these rhinos have been thoughtfully released into NG 32, a designated area within the concession.

Camp Kalahari: A Serene Oasis in the Heart of the Desert

Nestled within the arid embrace of the Kalahari Desert, Camp Kalahari stands as an inviting haven for a diverse array of travelers, from couples seeking romantic escapades to families yearning for unforgettable adventures and small groups eager to forge memories together. This tranquil retreat boasts a collection of twelve Meru-style tents, each providing an intimate sanctuary for guests. These tents are equipped with ensuite bathroom facilities, offering the comfort and convenience needed in the heart of this harsh wilderness.

As the golden sun retreats beyond the horizon, a unique atmosphere envelops Camp Kalahari. Here, electricity is a precious resource, predominantly confined to the confines of the bedrooms. In its stead, the camp is illuminated by the warm, flickering glow of lit paraffin lanterns, casting dancing shadows upon the sands. Essential items such as camera batteries find their vitality restored within the welcoming embrace of the safari vehicles, ensuring you never miss a moment of your extraordinary journey.

Following pathways that meander from the tents, you’ll discover a captivating world beyond. The heart of the camp unfolds before you, an expanse where a small library beckons, inviting exploration and quiet contemplation. A welcoming living area, adorned with a tasteful fusion of native African furnishings and colonial antiques, serves as a backdrop for stories told and friendships forged. The dining space, featuring a long, communal table, encourages convivial mealtimes where the flavors of the desert are savored in delicious, simple dishes.

And as the midday sun scorches the land, a thatched swimming pool glistens, offering a refreshing sanctuary from the relentless heat, a shimmering oasis amid the dunes.

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Activities Abound in the Kalahari Wilderness

Camp Kalahari takes pride in providing a wide-ranging menu of activities, ensuring that you’ll never have a dull moment throughout the year. One of the highlights is the chance to connect with the semi-habituated meerkats, endearing creatures that the Kalahari is renowned for. Find Destinations, Hotel, Flight, Accommodation, Pickup

Game drives punctuate the days, offering exhilarating morning and afternoon adventures. However, it’s during the night drives that the lesser-known nocturnal inhabitants emerge from the shadows. The elusive brown hyena, the aardwolf, and the cunning bat-eared foxes come to life, captivating the senses in the velvety darkness of the desert.

For those who crave a more intimate exploration, informative walks through the desert’s rugged terrain are available year-round, offering insights into the flora and fauna that have adapted to survive in this harsh environment.

Camp Kalahari provides a gateway to an extraordinary cultural encounter. From here, you can embark on a journey into the world of the Zu’/Hoasi Bushmen, the indigenous people who have thrived in this arid landscape for centuries. This experience is an authentic and sensitive immersion into their way of life, offering a genuine understanding of their customs and traditions.

A Symphony of Wildlife and Landscape

As you venture forth from Camp Kalahari, the desert unfolds in all its grandeur. This is a place where nature is sensitively experienced, not contrived, making it one of the premier ecotourism destinations in Botswana. Walk alongside the Bushmen as they share their wisdom, stories passed down through generations, and knowledge that has enabled them to adapt and flourish in this demanding environment.

For those seeking an extra dose of excitement, two-hour horseback safari adventures are available at an additional cost, catering to riders of all levels. During the peak season, the quad bike tours across the salt-crusted pans to Kubu Island offer a unique opportunity to explore this ancient, otherworldly landscape (please inquire for pricing).

Between November and April, Camp Kalahari serves as an ideal base for witnessing the awe-inspiring zebra and wildebeest migration, the longest-known land mammal migration on Earth. The desert-adapted species you’ll encounter here present a striking contrast to the wildlife of the Okavango Delta, making a combined visit to both regions highly recommended to appreciate the incredible environmental diversity in northern Botswana.

The famous black-maned Kalahari lion takes center stage for many visitors, but the delights don’t end there. Cheetahs grace the landscape with their presence, and brown hyenas slink through the shadows. Oryx, springbok, bat-eared foxes, and ostriches are among the array of intriguing species that populate the desert, complemented by the familiar faces of the delta.

Birding enthusiasts will find their passions ignited, especially during the verdant green season when the Kalahari springs to life with a colorful avian display that enchants and beguiles even the most seasoned birdwatchers. Camp Kalahari, then, is not just a destination; it is a symphony of life, where the desert’s captivating and varied inhabitants flourish amidst a strikingly beautiful and ever-changing landscape. Travel essentials, accessories, kit & items on Amazon

A Distinctive Game Drive Experience

Game drives at Gomoti Plains are a distinctive and unforgettable experience. What sets this safari apart is that the camps within the three distinct ‘zones’ of the NG 32 concession do not share the right to conduct drives in each other’s concessions. This exclusivity ensures that guests enjoy an undisturbed and intimate encounter with the wildlife, unlike the situation at Machaba Safari’s Machaba and Little Machaba camps in the Khwai Concession, where this distinction is not upheld.

Exploring the Waterways: Mokoro and Boat Journeys

Beyond the land, Gomoti Plains invites guests to explore the tranquil waterways. Mokoro journeys, a traditional dugout canoe experience, begin from the camp’s periphery, offering a serene and close-to-nature way of navigating the water. On the other hand, motorboat excursions require a short twenty-minute drive to reach the Gomoti River’s deeper channels where these boats can efficiently ply the waters. This two-pronged approach lets visitors savor the diverse aquatic landscapes, keeping in mind that the viability of these activities depends on water levels.

Venturing on Foot: Walking Safaris

For those seeking an even deeper connection with the wilderness, walking safaris are also on offer. However, these excursions are subject to the prevailing weather conditions and the suitability of the terrain. It’s a unique chance to explore the African savanna from a different perspective, on foot, and experience the thrill of tracking wildlife.

Pampering Amidst the Wild: Spa Treatments

Gomoti Plains recognizes the need for relaxation amidst the wild beauty of Botswana. Guests can indulge in spa treatments delivered by skilled therapists who will come to their rooms, offering rejuvenation and a refreshing break from the adventures of the day.

  • Camp Kalahari: A Desert Oasis
  • Location: Brown Hyaena Island, Kalahari
  • Rooms: 12 tents
  • Activities: Morning, afternoon, and night drives, bush walks, San Bushman walks, quad biking, village visits, meerkat excursions, horse-riding safaris
  • Cost: From $620 per person per night sharing
  • Ages: Children of all ages welcome
  • Parent Company: Natural Selection

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