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It has been a great concern now to conservationists, why are white rhinos endangered? They find several reasons that caused an extinction to the cute white rhinos. Why are White Rhinos Endangered? In fact they are the easy and cruel prey to the greedy poachers. Here are a description on why are white rhinos endangered-

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Why are White Rhinos Endangered

Historically, the main cause of the decline of white rhinoceros was that of uncontrolled prey in the colonial period, but now the primary threat to their antlers. White rhinoceros is especially vulnerable to poaching because it is a large and relatively invasive animal and is rarely seen on livestock with very little eyesight.

Despite its lack of scientific evidence, the rhino horn is extremely valuable in traditional Asian medicine, where it is turned into a fine powder or used in tablets to treat nasal congestion, stroke, itching and various ailments and fever. This demand led to the establishment of several highly integrated and highly profitable international hunting syndicates, and they would carry out their hunting missions with sophisticated technology, starting from snooping scopes, silent weapons, darting equipment and even helicopters, to carry on the ongoing civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo and basically Sudan. There are a few remaining attacks by predators coming from Limit has hampered efforts to save the rhino.

Why are White Rhinos Endangered

At 25, white rhinoceros poaching rates are almost double the previous year. As a result, white rhinoceros is now almost threatened as its total population peaks at 20,000 members. Hunting for animals has become virtually inevitable in most parts of Africa, and due to the non-violent nature of the rhinoceros, it can lead to poaching. While Mozambique is one of four major countries occupied by white rhinoceros, predators use it as a gateway to South Africa, where most white rhinos are. Here, rhinoceros are regularly killed and their horn is smuggled out of the country. Until 2014, Mozambique has identified white Gondar as abuse.

On March 27, the Thorie Zoo in France was broken into by hunters. A southern white rhino, named Vince, was shot dead in his enclosure; The hunters removed one of his horns and tried to remove his second horn. It is believed to be the first time a rhino has died at a European zoo.

Why are White Rhinos Endangered

Even after anti-poaching efforts in many African countries, many victims are willing to risk death or imprisonment to make huge sums. Rhinoceros horn can bring thousands of dollars per kg to the black market in Asia and may be worth more than its weight, depending on the exact price. By searching for geotagged photographs posted online by incredible tourists, poets also started using social media sites to find information about places of popular tourist attractions (such as Kruger National Park). By using Gander GPS coordinates in recent images, hunters are able to more easily find and kill their targets.

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