White Rhino Diet – How much do White Rhinos Eat?

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

White rhino diet includes, leaves, grass and vegetables. The white rhinoceros grazed on the grass, plummeting to the ground with their very heads and square lips. Both black and white rhinoceros are actually gray. Black rhinos are the browsers that receive most of their nutrition through eating trees and shrubs. They use their lips to snap leaves and fruit from the branches.

White rhino

White Rhino Diet

The white rhinoceros is a grass-fed (grass-fed) mammal and maintains a grass-based diet. The animal can survive 4 – 5 days without drinking water directly, though it will drink twice a day if possible.

White rhinos are very large animals that need to eat 120 pounds of grass daily to maintain them. One of the interesting facts about White rhinoceros is that it is a vegetarian and can eat plants that are toxic to other animals. If it weren’t for this type of rhinoceros, the African plains would have been more driven with these worrying poisonous plants.

White rhino diet

On average, 58% of captive southern White rhinoceros are fed mixed grass, 24% commercial pellet (probably containing soy), and 15% a diet containing alfalfa. Plants in estrogenic pastures include alfalfa, annual medic, various types of soybeans, and clover (underground, red and white). Each phytoestrogen has a unique mixture. For example, alfalfa can produce high levels of come stains, where ground-based clover may contain 5% dry weight isoflavone with genistein.

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