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Black Rhino Hunting: How to Support Conservation

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(Last Updated On: December 18, 2022)

Black rhino hunting gets momentum despite controversies from conservationists. Rhinoceros hunting traditions in Africa are arguably one of the biggest milestones of African hunting achievement, and the high cost is usually checked by the end of the big five lists. The rhino population has been hunted to extinction points in the recent past in Africa. Because of the Far East’s claim for rhino horn, fierce predators put the rhino in danger.

Both white and black rhinoceros have recovered and the white rhinoceros population is about 20,7, most of those animals are located on the southern African border. The number of black rhinoceros is said to be around 4,000. Both species are threatened by predators, with rhino victims playing a key role in the conservation of rhinoceros. Without this standard, there will be no incentive to shelter large numbers of rhinoceros and maintain the precautions necessary to protect them from poaching.

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Black Rhino Hunting

In modern times, black rhinoceros are rarely victimized, only South Africa and Namibia allow for a few rhinos each year. Most white rhinos in Africa are found today in small populations in Botswana and Swaziland, and in the larger populations of South Africa and the Republic of Namibia. Currently, Namibia and South Africa are only allowed for poacher victimization in Africa. Most hunting for white rhinos occurs in the wrench of the private game in South Africa.

Permits that allow rhino hunting is issued to give landowners some financial incentive to keep these great animals on their property and to protect them financially from predators. Due to the limited availability of export permits, hunting a rhino for white rhinoceros is relatively expensive and ranges from $ 55,000 to the ward’s 90,000 limit.

An alternative has been developed to eliminate the need to kill the rhinoceros. Green rhinoceros was quickly turned into an industry where a predator could disperse a rhinoceros with tranquilizers, rhinoceroses could be tested quickly by a veterinarian, a predator could get a quick picture with its trophy, and then an antidote with rhinoceros and rhinoceros could be provided.

When he could wake up and go on his way, the apprehension that the rhinoceros was growing fast The urine begins to spin very frequently, so a mechanism was created where the predator could supply a vitamin dart with the rhinoceros, thus eliminating the trauma of rhinitis. . How to hunt them is a huge opportunity for modern-day big game hunters to hunt African goons.

Money has been allowed to nearly double the number of black rhinos that can be killed as trophies, arguing that money raised will support the conservation of critically endangered species collected in South Africa.

The decision was made at the International Trade Conference on Endangered Species (CIT) after receiving support from some African countries and opposition from others.

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Image Credit: The Conversation

Traffickers who supplied illegal trade in rhino horn decimated numbers in the past, but the population is now increasing. Today, there are about 5,000 black rhinoceros, of which about 2,000 are in South Africa.

As per the report published in the Guardian, South Africa has been allowed to sell five black rhinoceros victims’ rights for 25 years. The latest decision means it can take up to 0.5% of the population of Gonda, not today’s level. South Africa says adult males will be targeted to protect reproductive women.

The request was opposed by Gabon, whose representative said: “It is threatened by a very small population and victims.” A Kenyan representative said the move would increase the black rhinoceros population by almost half every year, in addition to hunting. NGOs also opposed the move, with representatives of the Burn Free rarely using its existing quota aimed at South Africa.

However, South Africa supported other Gondor Range states, including Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), as well as the European Union and Canada. South Africa agreed not to use the full quota when the Gondar population dropped below a certain level but did not specify what would happen.

Trump’s Tom Milliken, a wildlife trade monitoring team, says higher quotas can help increase the number of black rhinoceros. He said that older men can create conflicts, prevent younger men from breeding and even kill wives. “It’s a positive: you’re basically preventing bar-room strife and getting a faster fertility rate,” Milliken said.

He says that the black rhinoceros is one of the highest-priced trophy animals, spending tens of thousands of dollars on hunting it. “It’s really providing conservation funding,” Milliken said.

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Image Credit: The San Diego Union-Tribune

However, Elizabeth Bennett of the Wildlife Conservation Association said: “WCS remains concerned about the impact of illegal hunting and black rhinoceros for their horns. We encourage them to ensure protection, prevention of trafficking, and superior efforts and support any trophy hunting that is truly sustainable and does not reduce species conservation. “

At a site meeting, a previous vote banned the export of wild African elephants to the zoo. Zimbabwe has sold dozens of elephants to Chinese attractions in recent years. The New Testament states that the only acceptable destination is the wild, native habitat.

The result of the vote can be reversed in the final session of the summit, which overturns all decisions. Because the EU opposing the move failed to vote.

Citizens Secretary-General Ivan Higuero said: “There was some confusion about the certificate [proof of identity required to vote]. Maybe there was a lack of preparation. At the [final session], everyone can raise their voices. “

The plight of the sea animals was also taken into consideration at the 8-nation meeting in Geneva, and there was unanimous support for more high-security protection for sea horses. They are much sought after for the aquarium trade and traditional Tahitian Chinese medicine.

Cities have restricted the international trade of all 44 sea horse breeds since 2002. During the past decade, live and dry sample trade declined by 75% and 90%, respectively, but many millions still change hands every year.

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Image Credit: National Geographic

The US delegation told the conference: “They are vulnerable due to their birth rates, long-term parental care, and housing deprivation. The ongoing illegal trade threatens species to survive. “

The summit also agreed to focus on the high trade of marine ornaments, including many coral reefs and sharks. The trade between public and private aquarium suppliers has risen 5-fold in 20 years, with 1.5bn fish sold each year.

The EU representative said: “Evaluation of trade is clearly needed because it is one of the [other] threats.” However, the European Pets Association said the initiative of the approved site was not balanced.

According to Corey Knowlton, a Texas-based big game hunting guide who bought a trophy-hunting permit for the murder of a Black Rhino, it cost about $ 350,000 to save. (source)

The permit, purchased from the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism, was sold at an auction at the Dallas Safari Club last weekend, emphasizing that the money would be used to spend money to save the rhino. But the details of how it will be used remain sketchy at best.

How much does hunting a black rhino cost?

Black rhino darting experiences cost between $15,000 to $8500 for a 7-day search for the less rare White rhino. The cost of a trophy white rhino ranges from $77,000 for a 20–24” rhino to $142,000 for a 27–30”.

The purpose of black rhino hunting?

The only predators of adult black or white rhinos in the wild are people. For their horns, people hunt and kill rhinos. Asia is the region with the highest demand for rhino horn since there it is employed in traditional medicine and decorative sculptures. It is said that rhino horn may treat cancer, impotence, and hangovers.

Which rhino is most commonly hunted?

The greatest threat to the larger one-horned rhino is still poaching for the illegal rhino horn trade.

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The Namibian government has allowed five black rhino trophy haunts a year for 20 years. In recent years, the number of black rhinoceros has increased from 6,600 to 1,555.

But that didn’t stop the black rhino from being identified as critically endangered in the IUCN Red List, the highest-level threat before extinction.

So the news of the hunting permit sale sparked controversial controversy between hunting lawyers and animal rights activists over whether to kill “for preservation”

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