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Namibia is located on the west coast of Central Africa, between Angola and South Africa with great natural resources, wildlife, and safari. Namibia is a very unique and fascinating country with a desert landscape, rich culture, and abundant wildlife suitable for adventurous safari. This article will give an overview of Namibia Safari.

Namibia Safari facts

It is one of the least populous countries in the world with an estimated population of 2.5 million, the languages ​​are spoken in this country are Oshiwambo, English, African, and German.

Namibia can be visited at any time of the year. The wet season is the best time for bird watching, scenery, and photography during the dry season, it is the perfect time to watch the game.

The country is rich in many tourist destinations including Etosha National Park, Kalahari Desert, Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon.

Most of these attractions are located in remote places, especially for long drives in places like Fish River Canyon, but whether it be long or short drives, your expectations are met as you are having a great and a great time while in Namibia.

Etosha National Park Safari Namibia

Etosha is one of the best in Africa and Namibia’s largest national park. It is located around the edge of a huge salt pan in the northern part of the country.

Wildlife lovers make this park the best to watch in the game. It has more than 114 mammal species including black and white rhinos, leopards, leopards, elephants, brown and stained hyenas, pink, red heartbeats, wild beasts, black-back jackfruit, islands, zebras.

And the lion; Also for bird lovers who never leave, the park has more than 340 bird species such as flamingos, blue cranes, secretary birds, ostrich, Walburga, and raw agglomerates at Namibia Safari.

The park is great and rich with spectacular landscapes, such as shrubs and grassy plains, woodland, ancient salt pans, rivers, fountains among others.

Enjoy Namibia safari activities such as sunsets and sunrise game drives that allow you to choose a self-drive or use the lodge (it is advisable to watch the dry season play from June to September), bird watching, photography, nature walks, and more.

Visit the salt pan, an ancient pan formed over 2 million years ago Sakale and then filled with water.

There are several lodging facilities in the park, with lodges such as Okaquuejo Lodge, Halali, Little Ongava Lodge and 3 main campsites such as Villa Moshara at Namibia Safari.

Sossusvlei Safari

Sausslev is one of Namibia’s tourist attractions; It is a clay and salt pan located in the Nami-Nocloft National Park south of the Namib Desert (one of the oldest deserts in the world), the word Sosusvelai meaning ‘dead-end marsh’ where ‘sausus’ has a name ‘dead end’ or ‘no return’.

And the word ‘whale’ means ‘marsh’ meaning the African word Some of the world’s tallest red mounds and other mounds around Sousoussville Bara surrounded, they are truly a great dive spectacular view gives rise suryastake saw, photographed, an amazing experience.

Also climb Dune 45, Deadvale and Big Daddy (this is the most challenging climb). Visitors can get extra experience by visiting the Namib Balu Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There is also the possibility of seeing wildlife such as springbok antelopes and gemstones adapted to the desert.

The best time to visit Sassuisville is from August to October in the spring or March to Autumn.

These seasons have cool air that enables photography conditions and gives a clear sky, all day long temperatures are also mild with Namibia Safari.

Stay in Sisarim Camp while staying in this area as it is located right within the park which includes the Namib Desert Lodge, Kulala Desert Lodge, Namib Duni Star Camp among others.

Swakopmund Safari

Swakopmund is Namibia’s leading seaside town west of Windhoek (Namibia’s capital city); You can also call it a coastal city. Swakopmund was the fourth largest city in the country and was founded in 1892 by German colonists. It is a great and rich place with fascinating history from its return to the Germanic period.

Visitors can visit the Marine Museum, a marine life on the coast of Reed, the Swakopmund Museum that showcases the wonders of ethnography, zoological plants, excavations, archeology, and history.

In the 1900s, Germans see other places like the Damara Tower, the Casserne, the Woman’s House, Alta Bahnholf, the neo-Baroque Lutheran Church, the city has a variety of bakeries, bars, and restaurants where you can find seafood.

There is another attraction near Swapopmund called Walvis Bay and it is a great place for bird watching, there are always plenty of jumps.

Other activities like surfing, skydiving, mountain biking, diving, offshore fishing, horseback riding, dolphin cruises, dune-boarding, quad-biking, swimming, and sandboarding can be done.

There is a golf course which is turning into one of the best desert courses in the world known as the Rasmond Golf Club. Visit this area to make your dream a reality.

No worries about where to stay because there are many accommodation options starting from the hostel guest house to luxurious hotels like Lakun Lodge, Namib Guesthouse (found in the middle of the city), Secret Garden guesthouse, Mirkat guesthouse (Luxury), Villa Maguranda (Swakop Maguita).

Luxury guesthouses in the center), Hansa Hotel, Swakopmund Sands Hotel are usually a nightmare. Sick job search? Check out Swakopmund and Walvis Bay with Namibia Safari!

Namibia Wildlife Safari

Caprivi strip

The Kavarivo Strip is an isolated narrow stretch of Namibia east of the Kavango region, about 450 km between Zambia and Angola in the north and Botswana in the south.

Caprivi stripe is completely different from other regions of the country; Administratively it is divided into two parts; West Kavango Eastern Region and East Zambezi Region.

The strip is bordered by the Zambezi, Kondo, Okavango and Chubi rivers.

The area is famous for its rivers, cultures, abundant vegetation and wildlife, making it a great area for bird watching. The area has more than 20 bird species.

The best way to see the CapriVie strip is when on a water ride on a sundownerware cruise or a houseboat.

Strips like the Mammili National Park and the Mahago Game Reserve have different attractions. Housing-related.

It is affordable, beautiful and available where most of the lodges are located on the river bank. Options range from backpacker hostels to luxurious lodges.

Damaraland Safari

Damaraland is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, bounded by the Namibian Desert on the west, Ovamboland on the north, the Windhoek on the south and the Kalahari Desert on the east.

Damaraland has many features, such as the Rocky Mountains, the Khaki Plains, the Clip River, rock carving and amazing wilderness wildlife among others with Namibia Safari.

Visitors can enjoy tracking elephants and rhinoceros in the desert and relax and enjoy the fascinating scenery.

This area is divided into southern Damaraland where you can find lots of historical and geographical attractions camping and nesting along the Hoanib River in North Damaraland where you will find plenty of play, also abounding on the lush hillsides, with amazing boulders for playing, and nappy trees to watch. Great to see this area The raised.

Lodging and camping options in Damaraland include affordable and available desert rhino camps, wingerclip lodge, Maoni mountain camp (luxury), Ugab Terrace Lodge, Doro Novas, and Hoda campsite.

Cocoland Safari

Kaokoland lies in the unspoiled valleys and mountains north of Namibia; It is famous in the wilderness of South Africa’s latest fact, it is a powerful region and one of the least populated regions of Namibia. Kokoland Himba people’s homestead.

These are traditional carnivorous priesthoods that mainly depend on goats and cattle, their culture, dress code, lifestyle, and how they live with wildlife, even those who are mosquitoes, such as the Maasai of Kenya.

With this national culture, visitors can stay here while tracking the cultural philosophy and elephants and rhinoceros of the desert.

You cannot avoid other attractions such as the Kunene River which is rich in many crocodiles, sycamore figs, jackfruit berry trees, makhani palm. The Europa Falls and the Ruacana Falls are also not excluded.

They give great and spectacular views of the water falling through the rocks, it is a bit hard to reach Epupa, but it is still an amazing experience when you get there.

Residential options are available from camp to lodges such as Eppa Falls Lodge, Serra Caféma Camp (sightseeing lodge in the most remote areas), Okahiroongo Elephant Lodge, Opuুo Country Hotel (elegant and comfortable), Mopane Camp, Ohakenane Lodge, Hobatre Lodge, Among others is Fort Sesfontein Lodge. Enjoy your stay at any of these camps or lodges!

Namibia Safari

Skeleton coast

Skeleton Shore is a name commonly used to describe the entire Namib Desert, but it is the northern part of the Namibian Atlantic coast, brought to this shore by author John Henry Marsh, who wrote a book about the destruction of the Dunedin stars.

The shoreline is mainly scattered along with the whale’s bones and on the bank of the shipwreck at Namibia Safari.

Landscapes on skeletal shores are some of the most spectacular and beautiful places in the world, as they are rich in rare brown hyenas, stenoses, kudus, spring boxes, such as lichen, fascinating Welwitsia, and fauna because, for evergreens, rhinoceros and elephants, they are always looking for water and food.

Beyond the parts, the coast has rich geology among others. While staying here, one can go surfing or climbing the hills.

This is a great time to spend here. Stay at Skeleton Shore Camp, Terrace Bay Resort, Cape Cross Lodge or Hoynib Skeleton Shore Camp.

Fish River Canyon

Namibia, the southernmost river in Namibia, is the second most fascinating site to visit and is said to have been formed about 3 million years ago.

It is 27 km wide, 160 km long and 550 m deep in some places, making it the second-largest valley in the world.

You will not regret visiting this Fish River Canyon which allows you to enjoy hiking along the rim, giving you a spectacular view of wildlife such as hurricanes, baboons, and klipspringers.

For the duration of life you can go to the valley for a real adventure and also take a beautiful flight over the valley and get the best view.

This rental takes five days and it is advisable to increase it only in the cooler months; From May to September.

The accommodation here is in the tent and hikers have to be dependent on everything they need.

There are also lodges on the banks of the Fish River, such as the Canyon Hotel, Canyon Roadhouse, Hobas Campsite, and Fish River Lodge.

The Kalahari Desert Safari

The Kalahari Desert is a great semi-arid desert that extends from the eastern part of Namibia to Botswana and parts of South Africa.

It is made of dots of gold grass and red pieces of sand covered with sand. It covers an area of ​​about 900,000 square kilometers and is spread over most of the desert to Botswana, though there is a part of Namibia’s vast landscapes that harbor unique flora and fauna, making it also home to the Bushmen.

There are some environments in Kalahari that are not desert such as Succulent Karu (considered as an environment zone) with a surprising number of plant species (more than 5000) Gives great opportunity.

There is so much to see and do in this desert that it has more than 200 bird species, 50 mammal species and many reddish mounds painted with sandy grass.

Spend a night at any lodge or hotel of your choice such as Aub Country Lodge, Kalahari Anib Lodge, Bagatelle Kalahari Game Wrench, Zebra Kalahari Lodge, and Africa Safari Lodge, among others.

Windhoek Tours

Windhoek is located in the central Khomas highlands of Namibia; It is the largest and capital city of Namibia, with an area of ​​1,212 square miles at Namibia Safari.

It had a population of 121,3 in 20, but it could have increased now as more people moved to the city center.

Windhoek has many museums such as the Geology Museum, Oola Museum, Transport Museum, and Alte Museum, Elephant Column, Kali Palace and Christchurch as well as the Christ Historic Building, Namibian Gallery National Art Gallery (they are the future of art and craft).

Check out other attractions in Windhoek, such as the Meteorite Fountain, Warehouse Theater, the National Botanical Gardens, and the National Theater of Namibia, all of which are simply amazing.

There are many guest houses and safari types of lodges in the city that provide affordable and comfortable accommodation and other activities like bird watching, hiking and game viewing.

Bushmanland Vacation

Bushmanland is found in the northern part of Kalahari and is home to the Sun community; It has a tune belt, great scenery, splendid and forked welding.

The San people live richly in the plains, they are collectors of predators.

The area has plenty of wildlife and amazing diamond night skies. Look at Bushman’s terrain and experience what is called the real desert.

Brandenburg Mountain Tour

The Brandenburg Montenegro is located in the northwest of the Namibia desert of Arango which is in the east of Damaraland.

It is the highest mountain in Namibia that covers an area of ​​2573 meters above sea level and covers an area of ​​650 square kilometers.

Brandberg’s name translates as “Fire Mountain,” seen from a distance on a clear day.

Brandberg is an artistic heritage anecdote that includes paintings that Sean Bushman painted 16,000 years ago.

Each has more than 43,000 images with different meanings. A mountain is also a great place for mountaineers and hikers and they can enter the summit by following different routes of the mountain.

Namibia Safari: Do’s and don’ts

A wildlife safari is at all times as enjoyable because it sounds. What may very well be extra fascinating than capturing a glimpse of unique species that too of their pure habitat with Namibia Safari?

Nevertheless, regardless of being so enthralling, typically, a wildlife tour may even result in insane animal assaults on people due to sheer negligence and unawareness of tourists.

Within the current years, there was a rise within the variety of circumstances the place conflicts between humans and wildlife arose that too throughout an assisted wildlife tour.

Let us provide you with perception on a number of the current wildlife information on animal assaults:

  • In China, in January 2017, a person climbed a fence into the tiger’s enclosure in a zoo and was mauled to death by him.
  • The same incident occurred this yr on eight Might in Uganda, the place a two-year old-boy was attacked and killed by a Leopard in Queen Elizabeth Nationwide Park.
  • In Might 2016, one other occasion occurred at Cincinnati Zoo, US the place a three-year-old boy fell right into a moat of a Gorilla named Harambe. Earlier than carrying the boy to dry land, Gorilla dragged him by way of the water. Nevertheless, the zoo authority saved the kid, however, the Gorilla was shot useless within the rescue at Namibia Safari.
  • In Australia, Kangaroos assaults have developed into a major problem. As per the stories, from the previous few months, many circumstances have been reported in the place Kangaroos attacked guests who wished to feed them.

The above-mentioned incidents are simply various circumstances out of so many in your entire world, and thus, there are some things that you might want to know whereas paying a go to any zoo, sanctuary, or a nationwide park.

This weblog is protecting all the most important factors which might be all about how one can keep protected round wildlife and never be a sufferer of a wild animal assault on a wildlife safari tour.

Observe Tips and the Directions of the Information

Guidelines usually are not at all times meant to be damaged, particularly once you’re within the pure wildlife territory and round some livid wild creatures.

Should you’re on a wildlife safari, the at the start precaution that everybody ought to be mindful is to not be a sufferer of an animal assault, to behave in accordance with the communicated tourism pointers.

Furthermore, at all times be sure to comply with the instruction given by your guides as they’re the professional naturalists and know extra concerning the wildlife and animals than you.

Don’t Go Out of Your Safari Jeep/Automotive

Nicely, this one is as necessary because of the above one. On a wildlife safari wherever on the earth, you’ll be strictly instructed to remain in your jeep.

A serious motive for that is that animals are used to the sight of a car by which individuals are seated. The second you might be out of your jeep they really feel threatened and finally assault you.

Don’t Feed Animals

Generally out of pleasure or by seeing the pleasant behavior of animals we attempt to feed them. This may change into the largest mistake that one can do on a wildlife tour.

Additionally, by no means throw your remaining meals within the parking area at Namibia Safari.

Attributable to this, animals develop into depending on these edibles and over time, they develop into a hazard to the guests when they’re ravenous or wasn’t to catch prey.

One more reason states that feeding animals hamper their pure abilities to search or discovering the supply of the meals on their very own. Generally, on account of this, in addition, they die due to hunger.

Keep away from Shut Encounters

It’s rightly mentioned that there’s a very skinny line between being good and being silly. And when surrounded by completely different wildlife predators, it’s sensible to not be on the silly aspect.

It isn’t simply Tiger, Lion, or Hippopotamus from which you might want to preserve a protected distance.

Elephant, Giraffe, Kangaroo, or Zebra may be the calmest creatures, however, you by no means know when they’ll flip violent, and therefore, it’s good to keep away from the shut wildlife encounters from even the calmest animals.

Furthermore, some folks additionally go shut to those animals simply to get a greater click on however do not forget that they aren’t the pets.

These animals might be extra livid, highly effective, and violent than you can ever consider.

Hold Flashlight of Your Digicam and Cellular Cellphone off

That is one main level that supplies an increase to human-wildlife conflicts and many of the guests hardly pay any consideration to it at Namibia Safari.

Nicely, you should be unaware of the truth that your cellular or digicam flashlight might be very harmful to you solely whereas on a wildlife tour.

A flashlight scares wild animals and chances are high that they might flip violent and finally attempt to assault guests. Subsequently, be sure whereas taking images the flashlight of your digicam or cellular is turned off.

Furthermore, many stories have acknowledged that flashlight harms the retina of animals and birds. Nevertheless, it is a debatable matter as it’s opposed by many specialists and professionals.

Don’t Go Off the Means Journey

Each time or wherever you go on a wildlife tour on the earth, whether or not a zoo, nationwide park or sanctuary, simply be sure to stick on the given route.

Don’t go off the way in which in the hunt for higher wildlife expertise or to get a glimpse of extra wild creatures.

Doing so would possibly result in getting misplaced, animal assault, or every other mishappening.

Hold Calm

One of many main the reason why animals assault human is as a result of they’ll sense the particular person is afraid or too excited, which in return, frightens the animals as effectively and on this confusion, the wild being has no different choice than to assault.

Subsequently, on a detailed encounter with a wild animal, one ought to stay calm and shouldn’t make any noise which will scare the animal.

More often than not these animals don’t do any hurt till they get careworn or really feel threatened at Namibia Safari.

Furthermore, guests ought to guarantee to not disturb the pure actions of animals, particularly mating and feeding.

To not Do Something Throughout an Animal Encounter

On a safari tour, in the event, you get to see animals crossing the street or sitting on the street, be sure to cease then and there, particularly within the case of elephants and lions.

These animals are extraordinarily protecting for his or her family members and a frightening step by you can result in deadly elephant assault or lion or tiger assault.

Put on Acceptable Colors

One of the simplest ways to get near wildlife is to mix in with its environment, and for that, it’s best to put on the camouflage print garments.

Many of the nationwide parks and sanctuaries have this rule for guests to put on camouflage garments or of impartial colors, particularly for strolling excursions.

The rationale for carrying such garments is that vibrant colors appeal to animals extra, and therefore, there could be a larger danger of animal assaults.

There you go! Now you have got a number of the necessary do’s and don’ts that one ought to be mindful of whereas watching wildlife.

Nevertheless, there are some sanctuaries and national parks that additionally host night-time safari and tenting. Subsequently, for such safari, there are some further guidelines.

Keep Contained in the Camp

In case your night time wildlife tour consists of tenting, then that is a very powerful factor that you could be mindful of throughout the safari expedition.

Additionally, whereas staying contained in the tent be sure it ought to be totally zipped. In case for some motive any animal finds your tent, it ought to seem to him as a barrier.

Keep away from Pungent Smelling Meals

Should you’re tenting in or round sanctuary or park, at all times be sure to not carry pungent-smelling/uncooked meals at Namibia Safari.

The aroma lures the wild animals to the meals, which clearly might be harmful to you. Subsequently, packed meals are at all times a nice choice every time you go tenting in wildlife.

Hold Flashlight

For nights, hold a flashlight with you. Wild animals get scared and keep away from the sunshine, and therefore, it is, without a doubt, one of the important types of equipment which ought to be with you when you go on an evening safari.

Along with that, be sure to maintain hearth around your camp in order that animals keep away from your tent.

Keep in Teams

Plenty of guests take the instruction of staying within the group casually, but it surely shouldn’t be handled this fashion.

Within the current years, a lot of circumstances of animal assaults occurred due to the negligence of tourists.

Regardless of being informed by the specialists to remain within the group, they wander off. You have to perceive that once you’re traveling in a gaggle, the possibilities of animal assault decreases.

One shouldn’t have a false impression that animal assaults are subjected to simply huge cats, reptiles, and heavy creatures like hippo and elephant.

The reality is even an innocent trying creature within the wildlife might be an attacker at Namibia Safari.

Always remember that you just enterprise into their space and someway it’s destroying their wildlife habitats, which they clearly don’t like, and therefore, you can be the sufferer of an animal in only a few seconds. Subsequently, abiding by the foundations of the jungle is what is anticipated from you.

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