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Kenya is an African country famous for many reasons, including its wildlife and animals. For those who’re contemplating an African safari, you’re in all probability browsing the net aggressively, looking for the grandest spot for wildlife sightings.

In this article, I am going to talk about Kenya animals list, facts, safari, migration, poaching, resource center, etc.

Kenya Animals

You’ve bought all of your gear prepared, the digital camera on standby, and all you’ll want to know now could be the place to go!

What I can let you know, is that if Kenya was in your listing, transfer it as much as the primary place, and should you hadn’t thought of it, you may have to query your sources!

Kenya is a jewel embedded in East Africa with a lot of animal species in it. It’s a nation considerable among the world’s most majestic pure wonders.

Think of spectacular mountain ranges, extraordinary rift valleys, sizzling springs, wildlife parks, and even seashores!

The nation’s numerous landscapes are not like anyplace on this planet, and it’s a vacation spot the place one can discover each leisure, thrill, and naturally, wildlife!

Now you’re in all probability questioning what precisely you’d see, and whereas we can’t assure you’ll see every single animal that roams the face of the earth, we are able to assure that it will get moderately shut, in Kenya.

We’ll put all of your wildlife inquiries to relaxation and even provide the actual locations in Kenya, these lovely beasts are discovered.

Kenya Animals: The Cats


I’m positive the king of the jungle is true up there together with your most desired sightings, and the excellent news is; they’re in abundance, in Kenya.

When you’re most definitely to see them on the hunt at daybreak or nightfall, maintain your eyes peeled in the course of the day, for any slight actions underneath a shady tree.

That is their favorite spot, to chill off within the beating African solar.

The place to seek out them: For those who comply with the nice migration by way of the Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve, from July to September you’re nearly assured to see many a satisfaction of lion.

There are many mammals making their strategy to greener pastures throughout this time, which means the elevated alternative of seeing a kill!


One of the crucial charismatic cats within the wild, Leopards are sometimes troublesome to return by, as they dwell a solitary life, making it a ‘searching for a needle in a haystack’ form of job.

Keep in mind, they take pleasure in lazing in timber, away from the scavengers, particularly in the event that they’ve made a kill.

So, set your sights on the timber, and thank us later!

The place to seek out them: Masai Mara Nationwide Reserve and Lake Nakuru National Park.


Cheetahs are the quickest animals on this planet. Seeing them dart at full pace could be a sight positively price seeing!

Cheetahs are often extra energetic in the course of the mornings, nevertheless, just like the leopards, they’re troublesome to identify. If one thing speeds previously you, making a slight blur, you will have simply ‘seen’ a Cheetah.

The place to seek out them: Ensure you go to Samburu Nationwide Park and Masai Mara to attempt your luck at seeing these magnificent cats.

Kenya Animals: The Water Beasts


Hippos are in actual fact land mammals, nevertheless, as a result of they really feel safer within the water, they have a tendency to spend most of their time there.

Aggressive and very territorial, be certain that to provide them loads of area, to avoid wasting them from feeling threatened.

One factor’s for positive; you’ll by no means be capable of out-run these large guys, regardless of how gradual and clumsy they might look!

The place to seek out them: The Masai Mara National Reserve is the place to trace them down!

kenya animals kenya animal

The Nile Crocodile

The Nile Crocodile positive is a beastly creature. They develop as much as 6m in size and are the biggest of all of the African crocs.

Whereas they take pleasure in munching on fish, they’re more than pleased to feast on something they will sink their enamel into.

So, any unsuspecting animals that come to drink on the water can have a tough time if there’s a croc lurking about!

The place to seek out them: The Masai Mara Nationwide Reserve is the place they name residence.

Kenya Animal: The Mammals


As probably the most endangered species, on African soil, the Rhino is a should see.

Resulting from poaching, their numbers have declined drastically, and it’s stated there are roughly solely 30 000 Rhino’s left on the planet, most of which reside in South Africa.

Seeing a rhino within the wild is certainly an uncommon and delightful sight, and also you shouldn’t go it up, for the world!

African Elephants

Elephants are the world’s largest mammal and are sometimes successful with the vacationers.

They’re social animals that often dwell in herds and will be discovered chomping on the leaves of timber or taking their much-loved bathe within the water.

The place to seek out them: Tsavo East National Park, Amboseli National Park, and Samburu National Park

The Giraffe

You can’t depart without seeing the tallest mammal on earth, the giraffe.

One other favorite amongst vacationers, these beauties are at all times so calm and picked up and are fortunately simple to identify, given their tall stature, with necks that protrude fairly comically.

The place to seek out them: Meru National Park

African Buffalo

The African Buffalo are inclined to dwell in large herds, generally manufactured from 1000’s.

Seeing them trot alongside the dusty plains of Africa is a sight to be reckoned with and may simply turn into fairly a daunting one, too, however, my oh my will that get a pic!

The place to seek out them: Amboseli National Park


Zebras are a part of the horse household, and there are a number of differing kinds; the Plains Zebra, the uncommon Grevy’s Zebra and the Mountain Zebra.

What’s nice to know is that the uncommon Grevy’s Zebra will be present in sure components of Northern Kenya, solely.

Their uncommon markings and colorings are a shocking sight and as soon as once more, make for epic images!

The place to seek out them: Masai Mara National Reserve, Tsavo National Park and should you’re eager to see Grevy’s Zebra, make a journey to Lewa Conservancy


The wildebeest journey of their hefty numbers all through Kenya and Tanzania, as they type a big a part of the pure spectacle; the great mammal migration.

Wildebeest co-exist with Zebra and each frequent the menu’s of lions and different predators, making the migration the right place to identify nature in its purest and ‘cruelest’ type.

The place to seek out them: Masai Mara National Reserve and Amboseli National Park

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