Africa Wildlife Variations – Mammals | Birds | Fishes | Reptiles

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2021)

Africa Wildlife is enriched with variation, uniqueness, and plentifulness. Wildlife in South Africa is plentiful, with nearly 300 mammal species. In this article, I am going to give an overview of Africa Wildlife.

There are a number of animal species that might be among the many world’s tallest, quickest, and even tiniest animals such because the majestic giraffe, the speedy cheetah, or the tiny pygmy shrew.

Africa Wildlife

A number of animal species are endangered such because the African wild canine, the oribi, or the rhino which is hunted for its horn.

Many wild animals are stored and guarded in national parks or non-public game reserves. Conservation efforts in South Africa have been profitable in rising populations of the mountain zebra and bontebok, an antelope species that solely exists in South Africa.

Over 850 species of birds stay in South Africa, some can solely be discovered right here. Among the many typical African fowl species that may be seen in South Africa are the ostrich, kingfishers, sunbirds, and the crane.

The Blue Crane is the South African nationwide fowl. Learn extra concerning the South African nationwide symbols right here.

Africa Wildlife: Mammals

Some 297 species of mammal have been recorded in South Africa, of which 30 species are thought of threatened.

The Kruger National Park, within the east of the nation, is among the largest national parks on the planet, with a space of 19,485 sq. kilometers (7,523 sq mi) of grassland with scattered bushes.

It helps a variety of ungulates together with Burchell’s zebra, impala, better kudu, blue wildebeest, waterbuck, warthog, Cape buffalo, giraffe, and hippopotamus.

There are additionally black and white rhinoceroses, African elephant, African wild canine, cheetah, leopard, lion, and noticed hyena.

Elsewhere within the nation, there is gemsbok, alternatively referred to as oryx, nyala, bushbuck, and springbok.

There are seventeen species of golden mole, a household restricted to southern Africa, 5 species of elephant shrew, many species of shrews, the southern

African hedgehog, the aardvark, numerous hares, and the critically endangered riverine rabbit. There are quite a few species of bat and ideal many species of rodents.

Primates are represented by the Mohol bushbaby, the brown better galago, the Sykes’ monkey, the vervet monkey, and the chacma baboon.

Smaller carnivores embody mongooses, genets, the caracal, the serval, the African wildcat, the Cape fox, the side-striped jackal, the black-backed jackal, meerkats, and the African clawless otter.

The brown fur seal and different species of seal happen on the coasts and the waters across the nation are visited by quite a few species of whale and dolphin.

Africa Wildlife: Birds

With its numerous habitat varieties, South Africa has a variety of residential and migratory species. In accordance with the 2018 version of The Clements Guidelines of Birds of the World, 849 species of fowl have been recorded in South Africa and its offshore islands.

Of those, 125 species are vagrants, and about 30 are endemic both to South Africa, or the extra inclusive South Africa/Lesotho/Eswatini area.

The endemic species embody the southern black and blue korhaans, the grey-winged francolin, the Knysna turaco, the Hottentot buttonquail, the southern bald ibis, the forest buzzard, the bottom woodpecker, the Cape, and Drakensberg rockjumpers, the Cape, eastern, and Agulhas long-billed larks, the pink, Karoo, Rudd’s and Botha’s larks, the Cape bulbul, the Victorin’s and Knysna warblers, the Drakensberg Prinia, the bush blackcap, the Cape sugarbird, the chorister robin-chat, the sentinel and Cape rock thrushes, the buff-streaked chat, the pied starling, and the orange-breasted sunbird.

The widespread ostrich is plentiful on the open grassland and savannah areas.

Some birds breed elsewhere however migrate to South Africa to overwinter, whereas others breed within the nation however migrate away within the non-breeding season.

Migratory species embody the better-striped swallow, white-rumped swift, white stork, African pygmy kingfisher, yellow-billed kite, and the European bee-eater.

Africa Wildlife: Reptiles and amphibians

There’s a wealthy fauna of reptiles and amphibians, with 447 species of reptile recorded within the nation (as compiled by the Reptile Database), and 132 species of amphibian (compiled by AmphibiaWeb).

South Africa has the richest variety of reptiles of any African nation. Endemic species embody the angulate tortoise and geometric tortoise, the Zululand dwarf chameleon, the Transkei dwarf chameleon, and the Robertson dwarf chameleon, the Broadley’s flat lizard, the dwarf Karoo girdled lizard, the Soutpansberg rock lizard, and the yellow-bellied home snake.

Additionally included among the many faunas are the Nile crocodile, the leopard tortoise, the Speke’s hinge-back tortoise, the serrated hinged terrapin, numerous chameleons, lizards, geckos and skinks, the cape cobra, the black mamba, the eastern inexperienced mamba, the puff adder, the mole snake and a spread of different venomous and non-venomous snakes.

Amphibian variety displays the various numerous habitats across the nation. Species of curiosity embody the endemic western leopard toad and the arum frog, the bronze case, the spotted snout-burrower, and the critically endangered Rose’s ghost frog, discovered solely on the slopes of Table Mountain. One other endangered endemic species is the Natal diving frog.

South Africa Animals: Mammals


The springbok is the nationwide animal of South Africa. Springboks are quite common in rural areas and on many farms.

This antelope is quite common within the bushveld and in deserts. They’ll soar as much as 2 meters or 6.5 toes excessive.

Watch them soar right here. Do you know that the South African rugby workforce is named “The Springboks”?


These massive cats stay in pride which might be led by a male lion.

Lions are solely encountered in enclosures or non-public game reserves in addition to some nationwide parks. The Southern African lions are the most important of the lion species.


The African elephant is the most important land-based mammal and might develop as much as nearly four m/13 ft tall. Elephants stay in tight-knit households and are very protecting of their younger.

Elephant herd in Addo Park – picture by David SteeleElephants in Addo Park

Elephants have a wonderful reminiscence. Sadly there are solely few wild elephants left in South Africa, elephants are endangered and thus stored in nationwide parks akin to Kruger Park or Addo Park as they’re hunted for his or her tusks.


These large animals might be noticed close to waterholes in lots of South African nationwide parks. They often transfer in herds and might be actually aggressive!

Keep in mind, buffalos belong to South Africa’s “Big 5”.


South Africa animals: There are white and black rhinos, each of that are large and powerful. They can’t see nicely, however, scent their prey. These endangered species are poached for his or her valuable horn.

Though the black and white rhino can hardly be distinguished by their pores and skin color, it is fairly simple to recognize the rhinoceros species.

The white rhinos have a broad lip and are known as pleasant, as they aren’t as aggressive because the black rhinos, which have a small lip and look extra threatening.


In South Africa, the leopard lives primarily in game reserves. Just a few of those massive cats are left to roam freely within the distant bushveld.

They hunt in the evening however throughout the day, they often cover on or underneath bushes.

Leopards will also be noticed often on rocks or craggy hills.


Baboons are cheeky monkeys that may usually be seen alongside the roadside in South Africa.

They are often fairly curious and are additionally recognized to method folks, however, watch out and don’t contact or feed them, they’re fairly sturdy and have very sharp enamel.

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Hippopotamuses (often known as hippos) are essentially the most harmful mammals. Hippos can not swim, they solely stroll or run underwater!

In St Lucia, a small city within the iSimangeliso wetlands, you possibly can encounter hippos in the evening once they roam the streets in seek for water or meals.

See our hyperlink within the assets beneath for more information and pictures.

Pygmy shrew

South Africa animals: The pygmy shrew is the world’s smallest mammal. The tiny shrew which seems to be like a mouse is barely Eight cm/three inches lengthy and weighs lower than four g/a teaspoon of sugar.


There are eight species of whales in South African waters. Southern Proper Whales might be seen alongside the whole western and southern shoreline, the place they are often seen from Could to December.

Southern Whale and Calf

The city of Hermanus, a three-hour drive from Cape City, even has its personal whale crier, who proclaims when whales are within the bay, this it’s the main spectacle.

Animals in South Africa: Birds

African penguin

There are three penguin colonies in South Africa. Two of the penguin websites are at Boulders Seaside close to Cape City, the place you possibly can even swim with penguins!


The biggest of the fowl species are flightless, however develop as much as 2.7 m/8.8 ft is tall.

They roam the countryside freely however are stored additionally on massive ostrich farms.

The city of Oudtshoorn in south-western South Africa is called the ‘ostrich capital of the world’!

Ostriches have massive eyes, however a really small mind! Their eggs are large and weigh as much as 1.9kg/four kilos! One egg might be feed as much as 19 folks at a time!

Remember that ostriches have a robust kick, which might kill an individual. So if you see an ostrich method, lie flat on the bottom, so they can’t kick you!

South Africa Animals: Fishes


There are a number of shark species swimming in South African waters. Nice white sharks aren’t the most important shark species on the planet however definitely spectacular!

They’ll develop into large, as much as 7 m/23 ft in size – that is nearly half the size of a basketball court docket!

As soon as a shark is totally fed, it might probably stay without meals for 3 months. Sharks comply with vibrations in the water when trying to find prey.

In addition, they have an excellent sense of scent and may also detect the scent of blood from about 5km/three miles away.

South Africa Animals: Invertebrates and Reptiles


Although most of them are innocent, have a look at the pinchers and tail to find out if a scorpion is venomous. On the whole, solely scorpions with small pinchers and a brief thick tail are venomous.

Cape Cobra

The Cape Cobra is among the most dangerous snakes on the planet! Along with the puff adder, the boomslang, and the inexperienced or black mamba, they’re essentially the most toxic snakes in South Africa.

Cobras might be encountered all through the nation, so watch out when strolling by dunes or bushland particularly near the ocean, rivers, or close to a nationwide park.

Crocodiles are present in South Africa as nicely, largely within the jap and northern provinces.
Do you know…?

And this cute animal we simply couldn’t miss – so right here is our quantity 16 of South African animals.

The lovable inexperienced and orange striped Cape Dwarf Chameleons are residences in lots of gardens around Cape City.

Cape Dwarf Chameleon

The eyes of the tiny chameleon transfer independently from one another and might flip in all instructions.

The tongue is about twice the size of the chameleon’s physique so it might probably catch bugs which might be fairly a distance away!

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