Best Place and Time to Visit Zambia Cheap

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

What is the best place and time to visit Zambia cheap? A landlocked country in South Africa, Zambia is debuting as a major travel destination for its stunning, unspoiled landscapes and friendly environment.

This article will discuss so that you can have a good idea before you visit Zambia. This article will discuss the best place and time to visit Zambia cheaply.

Best place to visit Zambia

Some of the best places to visit in Zambia include the wonderful Victoria Falls, as well as an array of national parks, landmarks, and attractions.

From beautiful Kafue National Park to historic historical sites like Shiva Nagandu, Zambia offers a variety of vacation trips to Africa for the best place and time to visit Zambia.

1. Victoria Falls

No list of places to visit in Zambia is complete without Victoria Falls. This jaw-dropping waterfall on the Zambezi River, located at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, reaches a height of 355 feet, but its width is perhaps even more interesting, one mile long.

Although not the tallest or widest waterfall in the world, it is considered to be the world’s largest masonry water based on combined levels. The mist rising from the shower was seen 30 miles away.

Victoria Falls has a wide variety of activities, from Livingston to the nearest city center to the Zambia side waterfall, from foot sights to adrenaline-induced experiences like cardiac arrest, white water rafting, and bungee jumps.

2. Livingstone

Although Victoria Falls may be the main attraction in the area, it is also worth spending some time at Livingstone.

The city was founded in 1905 and named after David Livingstone, a missionary and explorer. It has many museums where you can learn a bit about local history and prehistory.

The most notable of these is the Livingstone Museum, which is the largest and oldest museum in the country. Other popular activities include city tours and shopping at local markets.

Livingstone is a jumping-off point not only for visiting Victoria Falls but also for various types of adventure sports.

It has become somewhat of a backpacker mecca and has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

3. South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park is the most famous safari destination and one of the best places to visit in Zambia, as it contains the highest concentration of wildlife throughout Africa.

From the high hills to the valley of the Lualu and Luangwa rivers, which serve as the home of crocodiles and hippos as the best place and time to visit Zambia.

The park is one of the best places to visit the elephant, giraffe and buffalo herds. The ideal time to visit the South Luangwa National Park is during the dry season when wildlife in the region wanders along the river.

It also provides an effective opportunity to see predators like lions and leopards! Make sure you sign up for Walking Safari, which started here in the 1950s.

4. City vitality

Zambia’s capital of Lusaka deserves to be greater than merely a pit ceases or approach station between nationwide parks – its modernity and cosmopolitan combine of individuals provide a window to understanding the nation as a complete.

The town’s younger and classy hit the taking place eating places and golf equipment, lots of that are in and around Manda Hill and Arcades Purchasing Centre.

Whereas admittedly overwhelming to the senses, the town’s out of doors markets are valued experiencing to see how extraordinary Lusakans do there everyday purchasing.

Design Home Café, on the outskirts of the capital, has an idyllic backyard setting and breakfast or lunch right here is value each kwacha of the taxi experience.

5. Uncommon species & migration

After the de riguer mammals are ticked off your guidelines, Zambia’s uncommon species and migrations are positive to excite even essentially the most jaded safari-goer.

In Kasanka Nationwide Park within the northeast, eight million fruit bats darken the sky in November and December, and sitatungas, a semi-aquatic and extremely elusive antelope, are generally noticed.

Close by within the Bangweulu wetlands, herds of 1000’s of black lechwe roam; that is the one place in Africa you may see the antelope in giant numbers.

In November, tens of 1000’s of blue wildebeest collect on the plains of Liuwa Plain Nationwide Park, and in Kafue, Nationwide Park lions will be seen swimming in swamps and even climbing sycamore bushes.

In each of those parks, you even have an opportunity to see wild canines, a tough to identify carnivore endangered all through Africa.

6. An important custom

The Kuomboka, celebrated by the Lozi individuals of western Zambia, marks the ceremonial journey of the Litunga (the Lozi king) from his summer season capital within the flood plains to his winter residence on a larger floor.

Removed from a boring procession, the spectacle entails an enormous picket canoe (actually a barge), large battle drums and round 100 paddlers carrying headdresses that includes a chunk of lion’s mane and skirts produced from animals skins.

Although the dates aren’t mounted, the Kuomboka often takes place in late March or early April for the best place and time to visit Zambia.

7. Stays of the colonial

One thing of a shocking sight – a grand manor home extra suited to the English countryside – Shiwa Ng’andu shimmers like an oasis within the northeast of the nation.

Constructed by a bold British colonial officer and revitalized by his grandchildren, the property features a working farm and surrounding group, plus manicured gardens and grounds the place wildlife roam.

Guided excursions reveal Shiwa’s fascinating historical past, in addition to its evolving current.

Visitors can keep in a single day within the manor home and be transported again to the Edwardian periodwithin the African bush.

8. Canoeing the Zambezi

Stand up shut and private with sunbathing crocs, thirsty elephants and hippo pods on a leisurely paddle alongside the decrease Zambezi River.

With Zimbabwe’s sandy shores on one facet, a 1200m-high escarpment making a rift valley on the opposite, and a frequently shifting panorama of midstream islands, there’s hardly a un-picturesque route to show.

Journeys are typically upwards of two nights, however, with a little bit of preplanning and powerful triceps, you may spend per week sleeping in wilderness camps all the way in which downstream to the dramatically stunning Mpata Gorge.

9. Strolling safaris

Hoofing it into the bush is the main target of tourism in japan Zambia’s South Luangwa Nationwide Park and different reserves.

A legacy of Zambia’s pioneering conservationists, ambling via lush grass or dusty sandbanks on the path of pleasure of lions is an exciting expertise.

And even for those who don’t see the animals themselves, the guides or rifle-carrying scouts will clarify how a lot is revealed by the animal scat and paw prints. TV detectives don’t have anything on these guys.

10. Distant wilderness

The upside to Zambia’s tough roads and long distances is that self-sufficient, adventurous travelers are rewarded with landscapes all to themselves.

Highways leaving the capital, Lusaka, department out to eight bordering international locations, and turnoffs on dust tracks result in small villages and dense woodland.

Lake Tanganyika, North Luangwa Nationwide Park or Ngonye Falls within the southeast are all worthy locations for a wilderness journey. After all, if cash isn’t any object, merely constitution an airplane and fly…

11. Evening-time within the bush

No TVs, restricted electrical energy and early morning get up calls imply nights on safari in Zambia are blessedly completely different to these again house at the best place and time to visit Zambia.

When the solar units you’ll nonetheless be out within the Land Rover, the swiveling searchlight scanning the horizon and reflecting off the eyes of scurrying civets, genets and different nocturnal animals. Night leisure consists of hearth drinks and tales of your leopard sighting.

And to not be missed is ‘fly tenting’ – mountaineering miles into the bush and choosing a spot to sleep with solely a jerry-rigged mosquito internet separating you from the crystal clear evening sky.

12. Bush camping

One thing of a misnomer and much from roughing it, the bushcamps in Zambia’s nationwide parks will fulfill any Out of Africa safari fantasies.

Starting from uber-stylish chalets primed for a Vogue picture shoot to extra rustic bamboo and thatch affairs, bushcamps are usually remotely located and intimate, with not more than half a dozen rooms.

Sitting right down to a candlelit dinner of expertly ready Haute delicacies with the rustling of a curious hippo close by is an unforgettable expertise.

13. Lower Zambezi National Park

Located at the bottom of the Zambezi River, the Lower Zambezi National Park was once the president’s personal game reserve.

It was declared a National Park in 1983, making it the country’s smallest national park. The original drawing of the park is in its remote location and in the ancient wilderness.

The park is surrounded by a variety of terrain, including grasslands, forests, and floodplains, which support a wide variety of wildlife.

You can go on a safari to visit elephants, zebras, buffaloes, and lions, or go fishing and fishing on the banks of the Zambezi.

It’s easy to spend several days exploring the park. The most common way to access the Lower Zambezi National Park is to fly from the capital Lusaka.

14. Shiva is the home of Nagandu Mano

Shiva Nagandu is one of the most unique places to visit in the north of Zambia. It is an English-style country property with a magnificent manor in the north of the country.

A young British officer named Stuart Gore-Brown bought the place in 1914 when he was impressed with the natural beauty of the area and the grand house was completed in 1932.

Visitors can book a place in Manor and enjoy the variety of activities while staying in Shiba Naganadu, hiking, boat tours, fishing and visits to archeological sites, even taking a horse safari from the estate.

Shiva Nagandu has its own skyline and is accessible via charter from Lusaka, Ndola and Mfuwe airports in the South Luangwa National Park.

15. Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park is not only the largest national park in the country, but it is also the second-largest park in Africa.

It covers more than 8,600 square miles of central Zambia. To put it in perspective, it is about the same size as the state of Massachusetts in the United States.

Rivers and floodplains maintain herds of deer, ponds, red archways, blue-colored animals and zebras. It provides ample opportunity for lions to hunt inside the park.

In the Kafiu River – the name of the park – there are several huge crocodiles in South Africa along with hippos. Kafue National Park was established in 1924 and is accessible by road to both Lusaka and Livingstone.

16. Kashiba Lake

The Kashiba lake is one of the best-hidden gems in Zambia. It is often referred to as the “submerged lake” because the surface layer of water is 30 feet below the surface of the surrounding forest.

Another attractive feature of the lake, though only 8.6 acres above the surface, is quite small, with a depth of around 330 feet.

The depth of the center of the lake is unknown, which gave rise to the legends of a monster.

However, the blue-green water is very welcoming and a lake is a popular place for activities like fishing and swimming.

Kashiba Lake is about 40 minutes from the town of Mpongwe in Copperbelt province north of the country.

17. Lake Kariba

The Kariba Lake may not be as deep as the Kashiba Lake, but it boasts the world’s largest man-made reservoir at the best place and time to visit Zambia.

It was filled between 1958 and 1963 and was built on the Zambezi River by the construction of the Kariba Dam, which flooded the Caribba Ghat.

The lake extends up to 3 miles along the Zimbabwe border and in some places reaches up to 25 miles in width.

Looking over the water may seem like you’re looking at the sea, a rare occurrence in landless Zambia.

House boating is a very popular activity on Lake Kariba, and you will see hippos, crocodiles, elephants and all kinds of birds as you go along at the best place and time to visit Zambia.

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18. Blue Lagoon National Park

One of Zambia’s most accessible parks is the Blue Lagoon National Park, just 75 miles by road from Lusaka. Not only is it readily available, but it’s absolutely worth a visit the best place and time to visit Zambia.

The park, which was relatively undeveloped, was established in 1976, but it was closed to the public by the Ministry of Defense and turned into a hunter’s home. It was reopened in 2003 for successful rehabilitation efforts.

Nowadays, the Blue Lagoon National Park welcomes visitors and is a wonderful place to spend the day, as it is still largely covered by development.

The best time to visit is during the humid season when huge floodplains fill the waters and attract thousands of birds and mammals.

19. Lusaka

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia in the south of the country. It is also the largest city in the country with a population of around 2 million.

It provides airline connectivity to many of Zambia’s major attractions and sits on the main highway connection. Although it does not have many museums or cultural landmarks, Lusaka is known for its restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

You can get a taste of pure daily life by visiting the market with a little hesitation. Lusaka is served by Kenneth Konda International Airport, the main point of entry for tourists. Schedule some time before you land or take a tour of the city.

Best time to visit Zambia


As lots of Zambia’s guests can be hoping to go on a land safari, on this respect, January is among the many worst instances to go to. The month marks the height of the summer season wet season and as such, it’s very troublesome to get around.

Closures are all over the place! Nonetheless, you could possibly make the most of the moist climate (and nice temperatures) to take pleasure in a ship safari within the South Luangwa National Park.

The Luangwa River permits for exploration as a result of the waters are excessive sufficient to permit entry to the woodland groves at the best place and time to visit Zambia.

Right here, the rains will add to the expertise. The circulate of Victoria Falls can also be affected by the rains, making every little thing much more dramatic. Simply consider the spectacular images at the best place and time to visit Zambia!

In terms of wildlife, though recognizing animals typically harder, it’s really a beautiful time to see infants studying the methods of the world –most mammals really give delivery from December to March. It’s additionally an incredible time to see chook life – however, be warned, this does convey pesky bugs to the nation.


February sadly follows in January’s footsteps, with but extra storms and disruptions making roads washed out and close to inconceivable to move. This time of yr is known as “Emerald Season”, and, as advised for January, additionally it is a good time to benefit from the boat safaris in South Luangwa Nationwide Park.

Birds could be seen of their droves, and there must be a very good quantity of herbivorous animals to tick off the bucket listing. Nonetheless, predators are troublesome to identify right now of yearalthough these with an eager eye would possibly effectively handle. If seeing these huge animals is crucial, you must wait till later within the yr.


March brings in regards to the finish of the moist season, nonetheless, storms do nonetheless happen with much less frequency at the best place and time to visit Zambia. Water ranges are at their highest right now of yr as a result of the nation is left with the remnants.

This does signify that sadly, exploration by street continues to be very arduous, and so you probably won’t have the ability to drive deep into the center of the parks.

The boat safaris are nonetheless a beautiful possibility, significantly for photographers who might benefit from the placing skies at the best place and time to visit Zambia.

Birds are much more fascinating in March too, as they put together for his or her annual winter migration.

If you’re hoping to go to Victoria Falls, you won’t have the ability to be significantly adventurous, as it’s not the time for white-water rafting, and nor are you able to swim within the well-known Satan’s Pool, as a result of the excessive water ranges deem it too harmful. Nonetheless, you would nonetheless make a go-tothroughout March, it actually fits its namesake: Mosi-oa-Tunya, “the smoke that thunders”.

You’re going to get extremely moist in the event you’re at floor stage, however, you’ll be able to keep away from this if you want with a helicopter trip excessive of the falls. Totally breathtaking!


April just isn’t prime game-viewing season, but it surely’s an incredible time to go to nonetheless. The climate is drier, cooler and clearer, too. The vegetation continues to be lush and inexperienced, without the downpours, nonetheless, there should still be flooding making park entry tough in components.

Predators stay harder to identify, however, birds are nonetheless to be present in abundance.

April additionally sees the annual Kuomboka ceremony within the Western Province, the best place and time to visit Zambia.

The native Lozi individuals flock from the Zambezi floodplain to increased floor, and there are drums, music and vibrant festivities within the title of summoning hundreds to actually “get out of water”.

The King and Queen then board barges to start a procession upstream. Guests are welcome, nonetheless, you have to present respect to the locals and their customs.

If you’re visiting Victoria Falls, don’t neglect your poncho! The roaring waters will make visibility troublesome on foot, so as soon as once more, we suggest viewing by helicopter.


Might in Zambia is nearly unmissable because the rains fade into oblivion. The nation couldn’t be extra beautiful right now of yr, with the lands trying lush and Victoria Falls in full circulate. The vast majority of the southern parks, camps and lodges are again open, together with the Lower Zambezi National Park, and entry to them is much easier due to the truth that the filth roads are drying.

Self-drivers can now drive by way of right here and not using a fear! Be careful with the roads within the north, as a result of they’re typically nonetheless impassable.

This isn’t but the prime time for sports viewing, nonetheless, as thick vegetation makes the animals more durable to see.

You continue to have some nice possibilities although, particularly as a result of the elusive leopards are greatest noticed between Might and August. For the most effective alternatives, head to South Luangwa.

Victoria Falls might enable for some white-water rafting now, however, Satan’s Pool will nonetheless be closed.


Finally, Zambia is coming into prime safari season, but it surely’s nonetheless not the busiest time and so chances are you’ll beat among the crowds. June’s climate is right, not too sizzling and never too chilly, however, you have to heat clothes for morning adventures at the best place and time to visit Zambia!

Presently of yr, it’s a good time for strolling safaris, if you’re ready, and for these, you would possibly wish to go to Luangwa Valley, with its skilled guides and unbelievable wildlife.

The Bangweulu Wetlands are additionally valued a go-to, as a result of the floods are nonetheless barely current and so that you would possibly catch a glimpse of the relatively unusual shoebill.

Elsewhere, the Busanga Plains are starting to dry out and supply loads of treats, similar to elephants, buffalo, leopards, and lions.

Once more, Victoria Falls presents some white-water rafting, and the Satan’s Pool is but to reopen –however guided walks to Livingstone Island are sometimes again by the month’s finish.


Welcome to peak season! Thinning vegetation makes for some out-of-this-world sport viewing experiences, so it’s the greatest time to go on safari. Nonetheless, July can also be the coldest month, so do convey one thing to wrap up the heat in on chilly nights. The journey is simple right now of year, with no rainfall and dry roads. You possibly can fly in or self-drive; each is viable choices.

If you’re fascinated about native tradition, take a look at the annual Mutomboko Ceremony which happens over the last weekend of the month.

The Lunda individuals host a two-day music and dance extravaganza. Foreigners are welcome, however, because it’s close to Lake Mweru (very far north), it could be somewhat too far to the enterprise.

At Victoria Falls, the views are awe-inspiring, as there’s much less spray to dam your view of the water raging into the gorge.

Now you can white-water raft as you please, and there’s not lengthy to attend till you’ll be able to enter Satan’s Pool, simply in case, you’re sticking around till August for the best place and time to visit Zambia.


Peak season continues to be in full swing, and safaris right now of yr are completely spectacular. The climate can be cool and dry, and the shortage of vegetation means visibility is superb. Animals could be noticed in abundance, typically venturing to search for water sources because the floor water evaporates.

That is an incredible alternative to see them dwelling on their pure habitats. Leopard lovers can nonetheless see them prowling in South Luangwa Nationwide Park, or you’ll be able to select to do strolling safaris with native consultants as an alternative.

The truth is, safaris of all types are sensible this month, throughout all the nation’s parks.

It’s even a beautiful fishing month, and also you would possibly want to mix this in direction of the tip of the month with a cultural journey to the Likumbi Lya Mize Ceremony, close to the city of Zambezi.

Locals rejoice the passage of younger boys of their journey to manhood, and it’s very vibrant. Anticipate seeing vigorous dances in painted masks and headdresses.

Additional down the Zambezi River, the circulate at Victoria Falls is starting to progressively lower. This makes for probably the most effective time to go white-water rafting, and you’ll have far much fewer restrictions.

And, for these dreaming of dabbling in Satan’s Pool, it reopens in August and you’ll take excursions as soon as once more. You possibly can swim properly as much as the sting, and it’s unbelievable.


The warmth is on by September, and the animals are feeling the strain. Water sources are scarce, leaving susceptible animals uncovered and devoured by predators as their prey. Fish turn into simple meals too, their pure habitats having been dried up and destroyed at the best place and time to visit Zambia.

You possibly can see loads of animals near water sources, together with majestic and sometimes elusive lions. Wildebeest herds are frequent, too.

You’ll almost certainly battle within the warmth, and so cooling off in a pool within the afternoons is suggested, particularly in the event you’ll be taking a strolling tour, which continues to be a beautiful thought, even within the burning solar. Not solely are the colors stunning, there’s a lot to see as effectively.

And, identical to August, September is an exhilarating time at Victoria Falls. Partake in white-water rafting or that all-important journey to Satan’s Pool to gaze down on the gorge.


October continues to be peak safari time, however, be suggested, it’s not for the faint-hearted in the event you can’t stand the warmth! Temperatures could be oppressive, even reaching above 40 levels. Water is much more scarce in lots of locations, which means there are such a lot of animals to see, from the herbivores to buffalo, elephants and extra.

They’re very thirsty, however, in addition, they like to hunt shade. That is additionally a time of the annual wildebeest migration within the Liuwa Plains, which is a sight to behold from King Lewanika Camp.

Victoria Falls now presents but one more reason to go to, which is usually simply merely to chill down! Actions are nonetheless a possibility for you, and the circulate tends to be going robust at the best place and time to visit Zambia.

Elsewhere, October is the beginning of the crocodile nesting season, however, we don’t suggest a swim with them!


“Shoulder” season is right here, and the climate could be unpredictable. Typically the rains begin early, typically they don’t. It’s a troublesome time to go to –you would possibly strike fortunate and catch open lodges, however many will already be shut for the moist season.

If the rains do begin, the roads once more turn into principally impassable. Fly-in visits are your greatest guess, as self-driving could be harmful.

Temperatures stay sizzling, and fairly truthfully, the rains could be considerable of a reduction. Spring is lastly right here, and with that, new child animals begin to arrive. The wildebeest migrations proceed at Liuwa Plain Nationwide Park, and the fruit bat migration in Kasanka Nationwide Park sees hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of bats flying excessive within the skies to pastures new.

It’s safer to go to with a piece of information so that you simply don’t get caught out.

Sadly, Victoria Falls are probably disappointing in November. Rafting is all good, however, you would possibly miss the marvelous circulate over the falls. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to take guided walks, and expertise the magic of Satan’s pool.


With the arrival of December, Zambia is within the midst of the wet season as soon as once more. It’s nonetheless fairly sizzling and humid, however, there can be downpours nonetheless. Now’s the time that many lodges and camps with none fly-in entry shut for the season, and there could also be floods.

Few safari alternatives can be found, however as you’ll have gathered, the rains do entice the birds at the best place and time to visit Zambia!

Plus, the year has gone full circle again round to January, as a result of December is the month the place we once more start to see a lot of mammals with their newborns.

Victoria Falls are nonetheless unbelievable for white-water rafting right now of yr, however, be warned –there may very well be no water in any respect on the Zambian facet.

You possibly can go to Satan’s Pool although, and it’s advisable that you simply make a journey to Zimbabwe, to get an opportunity to see one side of the Falls in full circulate.

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