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Gombe Stream National Park or Gombe National Park is a mountainous 52 sq. km. of the western rift escarpment on lake Tanganyika. The valleys help Guinea – Congolean forests, whereas the drier higher slopes are clothed with miombo (Brachystegia) woodland of Zambezian kind.

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These two floras mingle as semi-deciduous forests on the valley – sides. this productive mosaic offers a wealthy habitat for forest mammals particularly primates, scientific name cereopithecus, colubus, however, Gombe is mainly recognized and valued for its chimpanzees, scientific name Pan troglodytes achwernfurthii and the outcomes of Dr. Jane Goodall’s examine of them over thirty years.

Current hazards to these inhabitants embrace illness and the stress of dense native human inhabitants now – elevated by the inflow of refugees.

Gombe Stream National Park Wildlife

Throughout her analysis time at Gombe, Jane made many new discoveries about chimpanzees, detailing their social hierarchy, their calls, and beforehand unsuspected habits.

They hunted different primates similar to pink colobus monkeys for meat, communicated purposefully with each other, and made and used easy instruments.

In 1960, when she was 26 years previous, she noticed one male she had named David Greybeard prodding in a termite mound with few straws of grass, to retrieve it laden with termites which he proceeded to eat.

Later she noticed him with one other male, making ready twigs to make use of as instruments to ‘fish’ for termites.

Aside from the chimps, Gombe Park boasts many different sights. The tanned sandy seashores of Lake Tanganyika, considered one of Africa’s oldest, largest and deepest lakes.

It is on the finish of an arm of the Great African Rift Valley, is likely one of the most beautiful locations to calm down

Moreover, it luxuriates in cruising, snorkeling, fishing and easily chilling within the atmosphere of this extremely lovely East African vacation wilderness venue.

On the steeply forested Rift Valley escarpment, extremely beautiful Gombe waterfalls tumble lots of toes down lushly carpeted rock faces.

The small park at 56 sq. kilometers (22 sq. m) is dwelling to 2 different chimpanzee communities and lots of different primates and mammals, in addition to over 200 and 250 species of birds and butterflies respectively.

After a protracted, powerful, highway drive taking a number of days or a small plane flight of three to 5 hours from Dar-es-Salaam or Arusha, the park should lastly be reached by boat.

The distance is 10 miles (16 km) from Kigoma which might generally be an uneven aquatic journey lasting two hours by personal speedboat or extra on water taxis.

Gombe Stream National Park History and Jane Goodall

Ujiji near Kigoma was the place Stanley met Dr. Livingstone and is claimed to have uttered his historic greeting. Explorers Richard Burton and John Speke have additionally set their foot there.

The world was additionally infamous as a 19th-century route for ivory and slave merchants.

It takes quite a lot of cash and energy to make a Tanzania chimpanzee safari, however, it’s one thing you’ll always remember or remorse.

As Jane Goodall defined in her analysis, books and limitless talks together with TED, the time she spent with the chimps (mankind’s nearest cousin, sharing 98% of our genetic coding), enriched each her private life and her understanding of our personal habits and our place in our speck of pure world amidst a wider boundless universe.

Gombe Stream National Park Biodiversity

Gombe’s excessive ranges of range make it an more and more standard vacationer vacation spot. In addition to chimpanzees, primates inhabiting Gombe Stream National Park embraces beachcomber olive baboons, pink colobus, red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, and vervet monkeys.

Purple-tailed monkeys and blue monkeys have additionally been recognized to hybridize within the space.

The Gombe Stream National Park can also be dwelling to over 200 hen species and bushpigs. There are additionally many species of snakes, and occasional hippopotami and leopards.

Guests to the park can trek into the forest to view the chimpanzees, in addition to swim and snorkel in Lake Tanganyika with nearly 100 varieties of colorful cichlid fish.

Pros & Cons

An opportunity to return the head to head with chimps
Pristine forest on the shore of Lake Tanganyika
Watching wildlife on a hike is a pleasant change from car safaris
Very unique and never crowded
Tough to get to and lodging choices are restricted

Gombe Stream National Park Wildlife

Gombe’s chimps are the primary attraction, however, the park can also be dwelling to a troop of habituated olive baboon that may often be discovered on the lakeshore.

There are a number of different monkey species current, together with pink colobus monkeys, that are generally hunted by the chimps.

Gombe Stream National Park


Gombe Stream National Park lies on the shore of Lake Tanganyika. The forest is lush and divided by 13 streams that run down the escarpment to the sandy seaside.

To swim out and look again on the method the forested slopes climb up the steep escarpment is an unforgettable expertise.

Gombe Stream National Park Weather & Climate

Gombe Stream National Park has a pleasing, comparatively cloudless Dry season (Might to October) and a moist, stormy Moist season (November to April). Among the best issues concerning the drier months is the absence of chilly nights.

The good it will get is around 15°C/59°F, which is not unhealthy. A lot of water can get dumped on the park when the rains come, however these often arrive late within the day and do not final lengthy.

Best Time to Go to at Gombe Stream National Park 

The chimps have a tendency to stay to the decrease slopes of the escarpment through the drier months (Might to October), so that is the perfect time to trace them.

And mountaineering via the forest is actually simpler when the tracks are agency and dry.

Against this, within the Moist season (November to April) you are extra prone to slip, and the chimps require much more effort to seek out.


The biodiversity of Gombe National Park is primarily threatened by human encroachment. Though 25% of Tanzania is put aside in parks and reserves, wildlife populations are nonetheless declining.

That is primarily because of the lack of collaboration between park administration, authorities sectors, and rural communities.

Village lands typically lie between parks and grow to be obstacles for animals touring between protected areas.

Without incentives to guard the animals, rural communities will hunt them for meals or kill them for security causes. Poverty additionally will increase demand.

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