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Shipwreck Lodge Namibia Reviews & Safari Guide

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Shipwreck is a lodge located within the hauntingly picturesque Skeleton Coast National Park, named after the outdated wrecks that litter this stretch of Africa.

Right here you may go on nature drives and monitor the specialists of the Namib: desert-dwelling elephants, giraffe, baboon, and the elusive desert-adapted lion and brown hyena.

In Namibia’s Skeleton Coast Park, castaways live in wooden cottages between the Hoarusib and Hoanib rivers, among stunning sand dunes and the Atlantic Ocean. You may find a variety of species in this eerie landscape, including the black rhino, elephant, black-faced impala, kudu, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, and seals.

While the desert on the other side of the resort is covered in greenery and marshes and woodland providing water and shelter for the desert-adapted fauna that roams the Skeleton Coast, there is far-reaching golden sand to the side of the lodge.

Shipwreck Lodge Namibia Reviews & Safari Guide

Namibia’s distant Skeleton Coast is an otherworldly piece of African hinterland, a mysterious place the large dunes of the planet’s oldest desert meet the roaring Atlantic Ocean to type probably the most dramatic coast strains on the planet.

This article will give an overview of shipwreck lodge Namibia, rates, Wetu, location, Mozambique, reviews, prices, booking, etc.

Marvel on the wealthy birdlife of the Skeleton Coast, which is residence to just about 250 species like Rüppell’s korhaan, Benguela long-billed lark, tractrix chat, jaeger, and skua.

Take a stroll throughout a lunar-like panorama to find fascinating succulents and lichens, and the oldest (and strangest!) desert plant on Earth, the welwitschia.

Evoke your interior archaeologist whilst you uncover bleached whale bones and the particles from centuries-old sea vessels that fell sufferer to the shoreline’s shifting sandbanks, dense fog, and dangerous currents.

Worked together with the Himba, a nomadic tribe identified for crushing ochre rocks and making use of the reddish-brown powder to their pores and skin with butter.

This off-the-beaten-track Shipwreck lodge is located is considered one of Africa’s most riveting places, and maybe probably the most peculiar locations on Earth. Breath-taking vistas of desert, ocean, and sky – so far as the attention can see.

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Image Credit: My Guide Namibia

Shipwreck  Lodge Location: Skeleton Coast

No of rooms: 10 luxurious rooms – eight twin rooms and a pair of household tents (youngsters from 6+ welcome)

Type: Distant camp, with all of the luxuries – en suite rooms and pool in the principal mess space.
Highlights: Wonderful conservational significance for the black rhino, Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, and the black confronted impala.


There are 12 roomy rooms with connecting choices for families that are intended to resemble the desert environment with its shipwrecks and bleached whalebones.

Each features a separate outside terrace with a wood-burning fire and soaking tub.

Services & Facilities

4×4 safari vehicles, hotels with solar electricity, and knowledgeable guides.

Seasons & Weather

The Skeleton Coast is a year-round vacation spot with mild temps, wind, little rain, and mist.

Dining: Beneath the celebs or within the mess

This gorgeous Shipwreck lodge on the Skeleton Coast has been described as eerie and mysterious however actually is a breathtaking space. It’s the place the dry and arid situations of the desert meet the vastly contrasting Atlantic Coast shores.

The conflict between moist and dry situations is just stunning. The lodge itself is positioned between the Hoanib and Hoarusib rivers and space is extremely necessary for the conservation of not solely the black rhino but black confronted impala, elephant, and Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra.

Every luxurious room of the Shipwreck lodge is en-suite, together with showers, flushing loos, and working water.

Each room of the Shipwreck lodge is styled within the type of a wrecked ship, in line with its notorious shores of the Skeleton Coast suffering from the stays of passing ships.

They actually have a small wood-burning range, in preparation for these chilly mornings and evenings that you could encounter.

Actions you may get pleasure from while staying on the Skeleton Coast embrace game drives via the Skeleton Coast National Park, luxurious sundowners on top of huge sand dunes, 4×Four excursions to the Hoanib River Delta, Mowe Bay Seal colony, and the Clay Castles.

You possibly can even go to a few of the extra notorious shipwrecks alongside the coast such because the Suiderkus and Karimona shipwrecks.

You’re even in a position to monitor desert-tailored elephants that have made their residence in such arid situations.

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Experiences & Activities

While staying at Shipwreck Lodge, you may go to the seal colony at Möwe Bay, take a trip down the Hoarusib River, and view the Brown Hyenas’ natural habitat, the Clay Castles.

You may go on game drives in the Skeleton Coast National Park and possibly stop to see a real shipwreck along the way.

You may unwind with a sundowner on the observation deck after a day of touring and observe more species that have evolved to exist in Africa’s driest region.


  • The one lodge located within the soul-stirring Skeleton Coast Nationwide Park
  • 4×4 excursions to inside dunes of the Namib Desert and Hoanib River Delta
  • Monitor desert-dwelling elephants, and the elusive desert-adapted lion and brown hyena
  • Wealthy birdlife – almost 250 species
  • Flights over the shoreline, recognizing whale bones and dramatic shipwrecks
  • Work together with the native Himba folks
  • Uncover the world’s mysterious past through visits to the Suiderkus and Karimona shipwrecks

Shipwreck Lodge  Activities

  • 4×4 Drives
  • Day excursions
  • Sport drives
  • Sundowners
  • Quad-biking

Shipwreck Lodge Amenities

Designed to resemble the perplexing shipwrecks that scatter the Skeleton Coast, this lodge’s revolutionary cabins are solar-powered and outfitted with charging amenities.

The uniquely designed predominant lounge and restaurant boast uninterrupted views of the tempestuous Atlantic Ocean.

Every cabin is provided with a wood-burning range to maintain your heat over the course of cool coastal nights.


Scrumptious and healthful meals are ready by the lodge’s skilled cooks and served within the restaurant.

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Arriving Here

Light planes can fly from Windhoek to Shipwreck Lodge in around two and a half hours.

Shipwreck Lodge contact number for reservations

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