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Malawi with great safari attraction, is a small country in southeast Africa and Tanzania in the northeast, Zambia in the west and Mozambique on the west, south, and south-west. Divided and characterized by high ground. Landscapes such as highlands, forests, mountains, lakes, highlands, and others are as varied as escorts in Malawi as altitude varies.

Malawi Safari

The climate of the country is a sub-tropical climate whereby it is strongly seasonal and moderately dry; There is a warm-wet season, which starts from November to April and receives 95% of the rainfall annually.

The capital of Malawi, Lilongwe, and its national language fame are called Chichewa and English according to the Census of the English population.

The total population is 1.5 million people, of which it may increase over time. The people of Malawi are friendly people and the culture is just beautiful and cool.

Malawi Lake Malawi is famous for dominating this country, Lake Malawi has many offers for tourists such as spectacular landscapes, rich cultures, interesting wildlife; These make Malawi Tours a great and beautiful place to visit all over Malawi

Attractions and Things to do – Malawi.

Lake Malawi

Malawi lake is the country’s most popular attraction, it is the second deepest and third largest in Africa and the ninth in size in the world and an inevitable par of Malawi safari.

It is located between Mozambique and Tanzania and is also known as Lake Nyasa in Tanzania and Lego Nisa in Mozambique. Dr. David Livingstone was a missionary-explorer who discovered Lake Malawi a century and a half ago.

Malawi lake has many fish species, including 700 cichlid species, is a freshwater lake surrounded by golden sand beaches so various water sports activities such as snorkeling, water skiing, kayaking, sailing, diving can be done on this lake.

The lake is divided into two parts; Malawi Lake (South) and Lake Malawi (North).

Lake Malawi (South) This part of the lake is very famous and is near the commercial city of Blantyre, the country. This section is rich in the beautiful scenery and various interesting spots for Malawi tours like the Gulf of Mali, where there are various accommodation facilities like campsites, lodges, and cottages.

Also, some annual festivals take place at the Lake of Star Music Festival at the Encopola Sunbird Lodge, also sporting water in the area.

Lake Malawi (North), this part less populated and less developed than the southern part of the lake, has several historical sites in the city of Coranga and Livingston, and it is advisable to visit this part during the dry season. While here, you can stay in Dwangwa, Nkotakota, Nakhuta Bay.

Most good lodges are found between Monkey Bay and Mangochi, and Mangochi has the largest number of hotels and lodges. The lake is rich in beautiful beaches; Swim, cool and relax and an inevitable par of Malawi safari. !

Malawi National Park.

Malawi National Park is found in the southern part of Malawi where Lake Malawi ends. It was founded in the 5th and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 5th and an inevitable par of Malawi safari. . It is the world’s first freshwater national park and it is 5 km in size.

The park is in a big way like this; Cape Maclare, the Merelly Islands and other islands in the lake, it was established to protect fish and other aquatic habitats so here you can see an aquarium of tropical fish that is a very nice and colorful display of fish.

The park has various wildlife such as baboons, heraxes and antelopes; Birds like hammer cops, fish agglomerates and cormorants should not be avoided.

There is also a variety of tree species, such as the big baobab tree, which is believed to exist for many ages, it is also said that under this tree where Dr. Livingstone used his sermons and sermons together with the missionaries. You can also do activities such as boating, walking, and traveling on the lake.

Lodging facilities are very good, such as Cape Maclare Lodges, Norman Carr Cottage is a good accommodation facility, Blue Zebra Island Lodge among others. Visit Malawi National Park today!

National Park in Lynde

Leonard National Park is Malawi’s most famous and leading wildlife park covering 580 square km (220 sq mi), about 160 km south of Lake Malawi and about 160 km north of Blantyre in the southern part of Malta along the Shire River and an inevitable par of Malawi safari. .

The park was announced in 1973. Leonidas does not have a big game, just like it is in other African national parks, but the wildlife still available there is great.

There are huge elephants of elephants in the park, other animals are hippos, crocodiles that can be seen in the floodplain grasslands and spotted hyenas, zebras, leopards, kudus, waterfowl, warthogs, reedbucks, impulses, vervets, monkeys, yellow baboons, lions, spotted in the Shire River.

There are also more than 400 bird species here, such as fish agar, saddle-build storks, brown-breasted nappies, pellet fishing owls and African skimmers.

The park is rich with mountains covered by mixed woodland and dry thin icicles, there are river banks and season trunks; All of these parks provide beautiful scenery.

The best time to visit the park is during the cool dry season. The activities that visitors can do are boat safari, game drive, nature walks and most of the lodge organizes these activities for visitors.

Most visitors to Livonday National Park, stay at the Mvu Lodge (Luxury), there are other affordable lodges and campsites such as Bushman’s Baobab, Livonday Safari Camp, Mvu Camp and a campsite among others and an inevitable par of Malawi safari. .

In case the sky park needs to travel by plane, you can book a flight since the skyline is close to the MV Lodge.

The National Park in Leawood is an attraction not to go out, especially if one is planning a safari in Malawi.

Heroine National Park

This national park covers an area of ​​3200 sq km and covers the largest national park in Malawi and virtually the heroine plateau in northern and other areas and an inevitable par of Malawi safari. .

Malawi Safari

The word nica means “short grassland” and “wilderness” meaning “where the water comes from” and the park has many such beautiful landscapes, including grasslands and wildflowers; there are more than 4 bird species, such as the watered crane, the red-winged francolin ( Nicer Native) and the rare Denham’s Bustard among others.

Other attractions include the Neolithic Asylum, Ch. Tsonga cascading waterfalls and pools magic lake trout can be seen as an inevitable par of Malawi safari. .

Visit the Nica Plateau while still in the park. It is an amazingly raised land between 2,100m and 2,20m and its highest point is 2,605m. Originally the Nike National Park is comprised of the heroine plains because it covers about 3,000 square kilometers.

It is made up of rolling hills, wide valleys, streams and grasslands that give it very beautiful scenery.

The plateau is home to more than 200 orchid species, with many different types of animals such as zebras, directors, leopards, islands, lions, and very beautiful butterflies.

Enjoy a variety of activities while trekking, mountain biking (in the Nica Plateau), nature walks in the park.

About staying in the park; The Chelinda camp was renovated and now also has quality facilities at other lodges. You can access the park by road or by Air Malawi Elephant Safari


Lilongwe is the largest and capital city of Malawi. The city is in the center of Malawi, close to the Zambia and Mozambique borders and an inevitable par of Malawi safari. .

It is divided into a new and old town where the new city has markets, cafes, bus stations, restaurants, and more modern buildings, and the former (old) city has embassies, government institutions, hotels, various offices and much more in the vibrant city of Lilongwe, with a population of 1 million And even more so and less than Blantyre (it’s the country’s commercial city)

Lilongwe was in existence for many years and when it was recognized as a city in ১৯৪in it started as a small fishing village on the banks of the Lilongwe until it was fully developed during British colonial rule, hence its name derives from the Lilongwe River.

Lilongwe is located 1,050 meters above sea level; This is because of the central Malawi plateau. There are two asons of Lilongwe and an inevitable par of Malawi safari. .

The season, which goes from December to March, leaves the long dry season for the rest of the year, although the months of June and July are cool.

Due to the altitude, the temperature is lower in the city.

Lilongwe is a good place to visit during safari in Africa – you can visit the Lilongwe Wildlife Center, visit the cultural centers where there are always local art shows, travel to tobacco auctions.

There are several restaurants in both the old and the new city, with plenty of accommodation options.

Auction tobacco

Tobacco auctions are located k km north of the city of Lilongwe, the world’s largest producer of barley tobacco, the tobacco auction season is basically April to September, which is the perfect time to travel, and the process is fun to see where tobacco is bought, sold and re-marketed. Tobacco auctions are held in the warehouses of Lilongwe and Limb.

The industrial area can be accessed by using various transportation modes such as taxi, mini bus to other regions and an inevitable par of Malawi safari. .

Mulanje Mountain

Mulanje Mountain is a huge granite massif 65৫ kilometers east of Blantyre, south of Malawi. The highest point of this mountain is called the height of 3,002 meters at the top of Sapitawa.

The first mountain was climbed in 1894. Massif consists of light sloping grassland between 1800-22200 m high; The deep forest is crossed by narrow valleys and an inevitable par of Malawi safari. .

Massif is famous for climbing and mountaineering, as well as various mountain huts distributed in different parts of it; They operate the Malawi Forest Department and the Malawi Mountain Club.

There are several hiking routes that make for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the delicious scent of mulanje cedar around the fireplace here.

The start of the climb is Lichubula, the best time to climb Mulange Mt. is between May and October. A night can be spent at the Likhubula Forest Lodge, which is easy to get started on near the starting point – fast commuters.

Lycoma Island.

The island of Laikoma is actually located in the waters of Mozambique but still in the Malawian region. On this island you see cathedrals built in the early 1900s.

There are several beaches on the island with beautiful resorts like Kea Mau. It is cool and very nice place to relax, it is less crowded and an inevitable par of Malawi safari. .

It is a peaceful area that is perfect for walking, visiting the market, visiting local villages, and also water sports like kayaking.

There is a scheduled flight from Lilongwe to the island, and Lichoma can also be taken by boat or by MV Ila, which flies to the island once a week, which is a fun experience on the water.

Jumba Plateau

The Zumba Plateau is a huge block up to 1800 meters covered with pines, cedars, and cypresses. The plateau is a unique and great feature with incredible views such as beautiful waterfalls, lakes, dams, among other amazing features.

The Zumba Plateau is located in the old capital of Malawi, home to a variety of wildlife such as the lower opal, the leopard baboons, but it is sheltered by birds such as auger buzzards and long-crested eagles, so you won’t miss seeing beautiful giant butterflies – walking or driving. while

The best way to access the Zumba Plateau is by using a taxi or a car and accessing high and steep places by climbing and climbing, as you enjoy the cool conditions and spectacular views of this plateau is an amazing experience.

Other activities that can be done in this area are; Visiting the old city, cycling, standing under the waterfall, fishing, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

Lauding around the plateau includes the Koo Chow Inn, on the edge of the mountain; There is a large camping site for those interested in camping and an inevitable par of Malawi safari. .

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