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How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Zambia Safari?

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How much does it cost to travel to Zambia? For your holiday in Zambia, you should budget around ZMK6,811,582 ($756) each day, which is the average daily price based on what other tourists paid. ZMK104,382 ($12) is the average amount past tourists have spent on food for a single day. Additionally, a hotel room in Zambia costs a couple of ZMK13,111,729 ($1,455) on average. Wait 3 Business Days for your travel document if you pay USD $101.99. Standard processing service. The fastest and least expensive routes from Zambia to the United States both take about 2234 hours and cost $773, taking just 22¾ hours.

On a budget in Zambia

Zambia Victoria Falls, on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border

Zambia is a landlocked country in South Africa, which is characterized by a strong region, diverse wildlife, numerous parks, and popular safari zones.

The country is also known for Victoria Falls which lies on its southern border – one of the seven natural wonders of the world and for the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia and is the main way to get visitors flying internationally. It’s not a spectacular city, and it’s even more popular for its nightlife in the evenings.

Livingstone, known as Maramba, was the capital before Lusaka and now serves as the gateway to Victoria Falls.

There are many outdoor adventure activities including rafting, bungee jumping, cruise and helicopter rides as well as shopping opportunities in many local curry markets.

The territories of Zambia are divided into the Northern Plateau, East Zambia, Central Zambia where the capital is located, the Copperbelt Industrial Zone, and the Zambezi Basin where most of the safari is located.

Top tourist attractions in Zambia

Victoria Falls is probably the best-known attraction in the region. One of the largest waterfalls in the world, it is twice as high and more than twice as Niagara Falls.

From the Zambia side, there is a footbridge underneath the waterfall that truly makes for a unique experience. How much it cost to travel to Zambia is not a consideration to experiencing the beauty of these falls.

You must pay at least USD $ 30 for a single entry visa (depending on nationality) to cross the border from Zambia to see the waterfalls next to Zimbabwe, and if you wish to return the direction of Zambia you will need to pay an additional $ 20 for multiple entry Zambian visas. It may be best to stay in Zambia or plan a visa ahead of time.

Zambia has some of the best and most sought-after places, in its suburbs, and in the expanses of national parks.

South Luangwa National Park, one of Africa’s top safari destinations, is sometimes called the world’s largest wildlife sanctuary.

The park is centered around the Luangwa River and is home to some of Africa’s largest wildlife – lions, giraffes, zebras, elephants, leopards, waterfowl, buffalo, abominable, and many others. Kafue National Park, the country’s largest Blue Lagoon National Park, is also popular.

Marketing yourself as a “true” Africa, you must see the name of Africa-lions, giraffes, zebras, Zambia roadside countryside, and all wildlife is a must-have the option for self-driving, but organized safaris are a great way to have a fulfilling experience.

There are many operators including tours that run anywhere from hours to days. River Safari Company is a popular operator, operated by overnight safari and canoe Most safari is held in Zambia’s national parks, which are also some of Africa’s best gardens.

South Luangwa and Kafue are major staples, though the northern Luangwa and virtually inaccessible Luoya plains are also notable.

Amb rotating Zambian food revolves around a major crop called corn, which also serves as a nacima. Nashima is a type of thick snow that is submerged in various balls which are commonly called Relish. How much it cost to travel to Zambia is not a consideration to experiencing tastes of delicious foods.

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The taste is more specific to beef, chicken, or fish, but the more basic ones are made with beans, small dried fish (kapanta), peanuts, pumpkin leaves (chibabwa), or other vegetables such as okra (nedil), and cabbage. , And rape.

Local restaurants usually serve NACIMA for less than $ 5000 (USD 1 USD). Breakfast is served over breakfast at breakfast, usually with sugar.

Although it is a popular native dish, it is available in any national cuisine, including Western cuisine, in the downtown area, especially in Lusaka and Livingstone.

The bakery is common in almost every city and fast food burgers, pizza, and fried chicken are popular throughout Zambia.

Be aware that tap water in Zambia is usually not potable unless boiled. Bottled water is available in most urban areas, so be sure to store it in the desert before taking a safari.


The main international gateway to Zambia is Kenneth Konda International Airport in Lusaka. Lusaka serves well with planes from Johannesburg, Cairo, Dubai, Nairobi, Lilongwe, Addis Ababa, and London.

British Airways is the main intercontinental carrier that flies direct flights from London to Lusaka three times a week, from Europe to Lusaka.

Other flights include Egypt Air to Cairo, Kenya Airways to Nairobi, Ethiopian Airlines to Addis, and Air Namibia to Windhoek.

By train, Tazar trains operate between Kapiri Mposi, Zambia, and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania on Tuesday and Thursday.

Be aware that trains can take 38 hours or more to reach Zambia and sometimes get broken.

The train ride between Dar es Salaam and Zambia, however, is a good way to see the countryside with a very scenic route.

Vehicles drive on the left side of the road. There are a few international bus routes.

Be sure to research the visa policy before your trip as it can sometimes be confusing. Visa-free entry is possible for several nationalities, including Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Typically, 24-hour visas are available for $ 20 for all nationalities.

How long should my safari last? How long will I need it?

Three days are insufficient to fully appreciate an African safari. Just enough for a taste, really. Instead, we advise making safari plans for at least seven days and six nights. This will allow you to completely immerse yourself in Mother Nature and explore at least two distinct places, which is crucial.

The fact is that you’ll have more time to witness something genuinely wonderful the longer your safari lasts. Keep in mind that National Geographic films are shot over the course of months or even years. They work with nature for weeks on end to produce their breathtaking photos and films. You cannot expect to see everything on safari in a short amount of time.

Is a safari in Zambia worthwhile?

Yes. It’s very worthwhile. You won’t soon forget your experience on a Zambian safari. However, we advise meticulously arranging your vacation to ensure that you receive the exclusivity, landscape, animals, and experience you desire while still staying within your means and making the most of your money.

That entails picking the ideal safari destination, operator, guides, and season. Most essential, pay attention to the game drives! Even if you pay top bucks for a luxury resort, if they don’t emphasize excellent game drives, your experience will be subpar.

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Final thought

The stunning Victoria Falls, as well as a variety of national parks, landmarks, and attractions, are some of the top destinations in Zambia. Zambia provides a variety of travel choices to complete an African trip, from the breathtaking Kafue National Park to ancient locations like Shiwa Ngandu.

Zambia is best visited between June and November when it’s dry out. The nights are cold, the days are scorching, and the skies are crystal blue. Across the nation, temperatures might range from 73°F to 97°F.

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