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Where do the rhinoceros make their habitat? This article will describe the rhinoceros habitat as well what type of crime rhinos face and who are their enemy.

Where are the Rhinoceros Habitat?

African rhinoceros is divided into two rhinos, black rhinoceros and white rhinoceros. The white rhinoceros was originally found in South Africa but was also reproduced again in Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Southern white rhinoceros have been introduced in Kenya, Zambia and Cote d’Ivoire.

Most of the black rhinoceros population – 98% – focuses on these four countries: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. South Africa has about 5% of the total population of black rhinoceros. There are several black rhinoceros in the dispersed region between Cameroon and Kenya for searching rhinoceros habitat.

Rhinoceros habitat
Rhinoceros habitat

Some rhinoceroses are more introverted than others

Rhinos are in home ranges that can sometimes overlap with each other, and their feeding areas, walleyes and water holes can be divided. Black rhinoceros is usually lonely, while white rhinoceros tends to be more social.
They may not look very good.

The eyes of the rhinos are very low, which may explain why they sometimes needlessly charge. However, their smell and hearing is very good.

where do rhinos sleep

Rhinoceros lives wherever he likes to eat

Black Rhinoceros is a browser. Its triangular shaped upper lip, which ends at the grinding point, is used to feed a variety of plants, including leaves; Bud; And shrubs, shrubs and shrubs. It is found in various habitats, including dense, woody vegetation. The white rhinoceros lives in the savannas, whose water holes, mud valleys, shade trees, and the grass that they graze on.

Nepal's largest rhino habitat
Nepal’s largest rhino habitat

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Rhinos have been a victim of organized crime

In the wild, there are no predators except the adult black or white rhinoceros. Rhinos were hunted and killed for horns. The main demand for rhinoceros horn is in Asia, where it is used in ornamental engraving and traditional antibiotic medicine. Rhinoceros horn is thought to cure hangovers, cancer and masculinity. Their horns are not true horns; These are actually made of keratin – the same ingredients that make our hair and nails. In fact, rhinoceros is as effective in curing cancer as chewing on your nails.

Where do the rhinos sleep?

Rhinos get up or sleep well and can sleep 8 hours a day at breaks. On a hot day, they can be found hanging under a tree, but after they take a deep sleep, they lie on one side of their legs and lie down. They sleep very deep and can be communicated easily.

Loss of habitat is also a major threat to rhinoceros

As the population of the city grows as the human population grows, water logging, agriculture, roads and settlements destroy the rhinoceros habitat.

A rhino is grazing with the baby
A rhino is grazing with the baby

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