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Rhinoceros poachers are frequently eaten by the predators while they go for rhino hunt. You will hear several news on lions eat rhino poachers in the forest. It is one kind of natural adaptation for the rhino.

Lions eat rhino poachers (case study 1)

In July 2018, Officials say at least two suspected rhino hunters were killed in a South African game reserve and eaten by lions. (source)

Rangers have discovered the remains of two lions, possibly three, in the Cebu reserve near the southeastern city of Kenton-O-C.

A high-powered rifle and an ax were also found.

In recent years, the number of victims has increased to meet the increasing demand for rhinoceros horns in various regions of Asia.

In China, Vietnam and elsewhere, rhinoceros is mistakenly believed that it has finger herb properties, though it is made from the same material as human nails.

Seaboard Reserve owner Nick Fox said in a statement on the reserve’s Facebook page that the suspected hunters entered the reserve late Sunday night or early Monday.

“They were devastated by the lion’s pride – it’s a big pride because they didn’t have much time,” Mr Fox told AFP news agency.

“We were sure of how many – there was not much left”

An anti-poaching team arrived at the scene, where a hunting rifle with silencer, a long ax and wire cutters – tools commonly used by rhino hunters – were also found.

Mr Fox added that several lions had to calm down before being rescued.

lions eat rhino poachers

Lions eat rhino poachers (case study 2)

Suspected rhino poacher was killed by an elephant and then eaten by lions in South Africa (source)

In April 2018, (CNN) South African National Parks reports that only a skull and a pair of trousers remain after being eaten by lions after a suspected rhino poacher was killed by an elephant in Kruger National Park.

The incident took place after the man entered the park with a target of four people on Monday, according to a park notification.

An elephant allegedly assaulted the porter and killed him “suddenly” and “his associates claimed that his body was taken to the street in the morning so that the passers-by could see it in the morning. They were missing from the park,” police said.

On Tuesday night, his fellow hunters informed his family of his death and a search team came out to rescue the body. Rangers flew over the police at random, but could not be found because the lights failed.

Botswana’s ‘significant’ elephant-hunting problem

The search resumed on Thursday morning, and with the help of United Field Rangers, police discovered what was in his body.

Police say they arrested three people and confiscated guns after the alleged victim’s death.
The statement said, “The indications at the scene indicate that the lion’s ego was left only by a man’s skull and a pair of pants.

Glen Phillips, managing director of Kruger National Park, extended his condolences to his family.
“Entering the Kruger National Park illegally and on foot is not a wise thing to do, it has taken many dangers and this incident is proof of that.” “The daughters of the deceased are deeply saddened to see their father mourn the death, and worse, we have been able to rescue only a small amount of him.”

The South African Police Service on Wednesday arrested three people involved in the illegal hunt and officials are continuing to investigate what happened.

Without doubt, he appeared in Komatipurport Magistrate’s Court on Friday on charges of possessing firearms and ammunition without a license, conspiracy to commit poaching and crime. A judge has taken them on remand and will return to court this week pending a formal bail application.

The rhinoceros in Africa is targeted for its horn because of the belief among earlier treatment practitioners that the horn has the benefit of being aphrodisiac and has become more valuable than cocaine in various regions of the world.

Officials say the lions had just left the victim’s skull and a pair of his pants on

According to the Kruger National Park, black rhinoceros is of particular concern, with its population declining from around 3,000,000 in 1970 to 2,0 in the 1970s, which is considered critically endangered. Conservation efforts have increased their numbers, and the remaining 5 or more black rhinos in the world live mainly in South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

According to the South African Department of Environment, there were 349 to 465 black rhinos living in Kruger in 2016 and between 6,600 and 7,800 white rhinoceros, who were also victims, the South African Environment Department said.

Kruger is considered an intensive security zone, and the government employs various agencies to prevent picking, including aircraft, dogs, special rangers and an environmental crime investigation unit.

The South African Police Service reported that in 2016, there were 79 krugers in and around Aching80০ victims and trafficking arrests, the department said. In September, the department announced that six people, including two syndicate leaders, two police officers and a former police officer, were arrested for trafficking rhino’s horn.

lions eat rhino poachers

Lions eat rhino poachers (case study 3)

Lions eat three rhino poachers alive in South Africa’s game reserve (source) in February 2019

Selling is an act of poaching or catching wild animals. Here is a tragic story of three victims. Endangered animals were slaughtered so that a portion of a single body could be illegally sold for a large sum of money। These hunters were hunted at the Sibuya Game Reserve in South Africa.

These were not actually killed by any humans, but were eaten by lions. It is believed that three persons entered the game reserve of the rhino bird illegally. As a result, they found themselves in a deadly situation and lost their lives. Mr Fox said, “They were confused by the lion’s ego – it’s a big ego because they didn’t have much time,” “We weren’t sure how many were there – not too much of them.”

The lions need to be calm before anyone can find the remains of the hunters. For this reason, the bodies of the d3ad were not immediately recovered. The items recovered at the scene were just three pairs of shoes, various limbs and a headband and the equipment often used to cut a rhino horn was also recovered. Some people felt that the hunters deserved it.

Famous actor and comedian, Ricky Gravais, posted the dry, “Break the rest.” Some people were concerned about the lions and contacted them about their health after the attack. According to Fox, the Lions showed no change in behavior. “We have received many questions regarding the fate of the six lions involved in the tragic incident in the killing of the suspected poachers.

“The six lions involved were discharged (anesthetized) from a game viewing vehicle and their response to the vehicle was closely monitored by me, veterinarians, and our conservation staff at that time. Their behavior is different from the display shown to these vehicles over the past ten years. Not “

It is usually seen that a game-view go shows the lion as something very different than the man on foot. In Cebu Game Reserve, people are only allowed to watch the game from game-viewing cars. Due to thick bush and shrubs, they are not allowed to remain on the ground.

“For the past few days, game guides and anti-poaching staff have been rushing to test the game to test any behavioral differences around this pride, and they have confirmed that nothing has happened to date. “While we continue to be extremely aware, we remain positive that this event will not require any change in our lion’s status.”

Hunting in Africa is a serious problem. Rhinoceros horns are thought to have special, medicinal properties and their demand is steady in Asia. But they are made of the same material as human nails. This year, in the Eastern Cape, where there are reserves, nine rhinoceros have been killed by poachers so far.

This is truly a disaster for the animals. We must take an active part in saving these animals.

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Police are patrolling the area when a suspected victim survives.

This year, the only reserve in the Eastern Cape was killed by nine rhino hunters.

In the last decade, more than 7,000 people have been killed in South Africa.

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