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Javan Rhino Predators – What Animal Can Kill A Rhino?

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(Last Updated On: December 8, 2022)

Every animal is a part of the Eco-system. The animal that preys on other animals turns to prey of others. Javan rhino also has predators. Rhinos are usually killed by elephants, especially young bull elephants.

The Javan rhinoceros often referred to as the Javan rhino, Sunda rhinoceros, or smaller one-horned rhinoceros, is one of just five living rhinoceroses and highly uncommon members of the Rhinocerotidae family. Just one nation, Indonesia, is home to the last 76 Javan rhinos.

The Javan rhino is gray in color. It can weigh up to 2.3 tonnes, be up to 4 meters long, and be 1.7 meters tall. It resembles the closely related larger one-horned rhino in terms of appearance, but it is significantly smaller, has a smaller head, and looser, less obvious skin folds.

The Javan rhino is a herbivore that forages among bushes, shrubs, and young trees. Javan rhinos use their horns to scrape out leaves, flowers, buds, fruits, berries, and roots from the ground as they forage in the heavily planted subtropical forest.

The Javan Rhino lives in thick lowland rainforests with plenty of water, mud puddles, salt licks, long grass, and reed beds. They may also graze on many kinds of grass, although they mostly eat on shoots, twigs, young leaves, and fallen fruit.

Javan rhino predators

Humans and wild cats are among the predators of Javan rhinoceroses. During colonial times, trophy hunters slaughtered Javan rhinoceros. They were also slain for their horn, which was highly esteemed in ancient Asian medicine, and as pests in agriculture. Poaching is still a constant danger.

According to a conservation organization, the last Javan rhinoceros in Vietnam was allegedly killed by poachers for its horn, ending Vietnam’s efforts to protect the species, which is one of the most endangered in the world.

Javan rhinos and greater one-horned rhinos each have one. Rhinos, whether they are one or two, utilize their horns to defend themselves from predators and to compete with other rhinos.

According to current estimates, there are just 67 Javan rhinos left in the world, making them one of the planet’s most endangered big animal species. They can only be found in Ujung Kulon National Park, which is located on the very point of the Indonesian island of Java.

Due to the large size, the only real predator of the Javan rhino in the forest is the large wild cats, such as tigers, who will hunt the Javan rhino calf and the weak ones. Humans are the biggest threat to Javan rhinoceroses, as they are hunted to extinction for their horns.

In the wild, adult rhinoceroses have few natural predators except humans. Young rhinoceroses can be predators like big cats, crocodiles, wild dogs, and hyenas. Although rhinoceros have a reputation for being large and tough, they are actually very easy to reach.

Initially, the numbers were reduced due to hunting, but the main threat to rhinos was the loss of hunting and habitat. Illegal trafficking in birds and rhinoceroses has increased rapidly since 2007 and rhinoceros remain one of the leading causes of endangerment today.

The goal of the RPU program is to prevent the extinction of Javanese rhinoceros and other threatened species and to protect critical habitat in Java through intense prevention of pest hunting and habitat destruction.

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Rhinoceros is no natural predator due to their large body, strong horns, and thick, armor-like skin. Nevertheless, these brilliant animals are easily terrified! When they feel threatened, their instinct is to charge directly to what they have spoken – whether it’s another animal or a harmless object!

Hyenas sometimes attack small rhinoceros at night, while mother rhinoceroses sometimes do not look good enough to protect them. However, in general, rhinos have very few predators. Or natural enemy. What rhinos eat is the question of whether rhinos are browsers, they mean that they eat different types of leaves and other plants.

According to the South African government, victims of rhinoceros are still in crisis, which today revealed statistics of rhinoceros and rhinoceros trafficking. Last year, about 1.5 rhinos were killed illegally, 2 fewer than 20 in 2016 but more than 3 were killed in 2007.

Javan genders are relatively short in sight, relying more on hearing and smelling what is going on around them. Javanese rhinoceroses have a relatively wide rotational range and a great sense of smell to detect words in their ears that easily alert them to the presence of predators.

Javanese rhinoceros is a vegetarian which means that it sustains itself on a purely plant-based diet. Javanese browse the sub-tropical forests of dense vegetation for the leaves, flowers, buds, fruits, berries, and roots of the rhinoceros that they dig from the ground using their horns.

Due to the large size, the only real predator of the Javan rhino in the forest is the large wild cats, such as tigers, who will hunt the Javan rhino calf and the weak ones. Humans are the biggest threat to Javan rhinoceroses, as they are hunted to extinction for their horns.

The Javanese rhinoceros is a solitary animal and only comes to associate with other Javan rhinoceros. Female Javan rhinoceros give birth to a single calf after a prolonged gestation period of more than a year. The Javan rhino calf stays with his mother until it is at least 2 years old and is large enough to be independent.

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