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Hunting is illegal but common for rhino horn poaching. In recent years, hunting for rhinoceros has increased and is being driven by the demand for rhinoceros horns in Asian countries, especially in Vietnam. The rhino horn is used in traditional Chinese medicine, but its status as a status symbol for success and wealth is increasingly common. This article will be discuss in depth about rhino horn poaching.

rhino horn poaching

About rhino horn poaching

Based on the value of the Asian black market, rhino horn is estimated at $ 65,000 USD per kg.

In recent years, hunting for rhinoceros has increased and is being driven by the demand for rhinoceros horns in Asian countries, especially in Vietnam.

Although rhinoceros is used in traditional Chinese medicine, its use as a status symbol for success and wealth is common, as is now the main threat to hunting in all the rhino range states, though South Africa is home to most rhinoceros in the world, so it is heavily targeted. More than ever, field programs are having to invest heavily in anti-poaching activities.

Trafficking is now being provided by international criminal gangs for the tracking and killing of rhinoceros. Often a tranquilizer gun is used before the rhinoceros is taken down, before the horn is cut, the rhinoceros wakes up and becomes very painful and gently bleeding. Victims often equip themselves with guns, making it very dangerous for anti-poaching groups who stand in line to protect rhinoceros.

Today’s lack of rhinoceros and at the same time inclusion of rhinoceros horns only make horn prices go higher and higher, increasing the pressure on the Rhino population to decline. For people whose annual income is often below the standard of living, the opportunity to change one’s life by killing animals is not worth it.

rhino horn poaching

What is a rhinoceros horn?

The rhinoceros is like a horse ankle, turtle beach and cockatoo bill with structure. They are made of keratin – it is chemically complex and contains sulfuric amino acids, especially cysteine, as well as tyrosine, histidine, lysine and arginine, and salt calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate in the rhinoceros horn.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The source says, according to traditional Chinese texts such as Chi Shihan-Chen’s 1597 therapeutic text “Pen Sa ‘Ao Kang Mu”, the rhino horn has been used in Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years and is used to treat fever, rheumatism, gout and other diseases. It also says that the horn can cure snakes, hallucinations, typhoid, headaches, sugars, vomiting, food poisoning and “the devil’s right” “Although it is generally prescribed as aphrodisiac, it is not.

When used, the horn is shaved or powdered to powder before being dissolved in stimulating water.

As Richard Ellis, author of “Tiger Bones and the Rhinoceros Horn,” wrote in 2005 for the EZZA rhinoceros infectious pack: “It is not clear whether rhinoceros acts for any inal medicinal purpose, but it is a testimony to millions of traditions that people believe it does. Of course, if people want to believe in prayer, acupuncture, or voodoo to cure their difficulties, there is no way for them to do so.

No, but if animals are killed to provide the nostrums that they have never seen, then there are good reasons to reduce the use of rhinoceros horns, with five species of rhinoceros, and all but one subspecies of African white rhinoceros, are at risk of becoming extinct. Rhinos, as we know them, have been around for a few million years, but Dr. H. Spence is one such person. Created a situation from which they can never recover. It is heartbreaking to know that wolves from the face of the earth are probably not effective in the name of medicine.


Western countries have a belief that rhino horn is used as aphrodisiac and sexual stimulants, but this is not correct and Western media seems to have misinterpreted or misinterpreted. However, research has shown that people in Vietnam are beginning to believe that this rumor has been consumed for new reasons.

Even without the aphrodisiacal properties, rhino horn is one of the leading foundations of Chinese medicinal herbs and its collection is responsible for the deaths of thousands of rhinos worldwide.

Make no mistake: People who use rhinoceros horns to cure ailing illness truly believe it is effective. This is what encourages the claims on which the invaders succeed. In 2002, Ann and Steve Toon commented that “for practitioners of traditional Asian medicine medicine, the rhinoceros horn is not considered an unlawful love blow, but it is considered an unnecessary drug.”

rhino horn poaching

Vietnam Name – New use for rhino horn

Demand for rhino horn in Vietnam has increased recently, where it is being treated as a cure and treatment for terminal illness and many other uses.

A survey conducted by Traffic on May 25 found that consumers’ motivation to buy rhinoceros horn is a psychological benefit rather than a medicinal drug, as it reaffirms their social status among their peers. Images and status are important to these consumers, they tend to be highly educated and successful people, who have a strong social network and have nothing to do with wildlife. Rhinoceros horns are sometimes purchased for the sole purpose of giving gifts to others; To family members, business associates or people in positions of authority.

Traffic has identified three major customer groups. You can read their report here.


Rhino horn is banned under the international trade of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Animals and Plants). There is a call to legalize the rhino horn trade, especially in South Africa.

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