What is the Best Time to Travel to Kenya?

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

Kenya is a country full of adventure and wildness. People often ask about the best time to travel to Kenya before they go there. In fact, knowing the best time to travel to Kenya is important for your effort and use of money. This article will discuss the best time to travel to Kenya.

Best time to travel to Kenya

There is not a particular month for the best time to travel to Kenya. Rather you will see January, February, and July are the best times to visit Kenya, due to the dry season being hot and cool, respectively. November, December, and April to June are short and long rainfall months, respectively.

Kenya is an unbelievable part of the world and anywhere you will find a true thrill by visiting nature and animal lovers. There are plenty of things to see and do in Kenya but it is important that you travel at the right time of the year to gain from your experience. Ideally, the best time to visit this particular country is during the green season – read on to know what it is and why it’s the best time.

The best time to travel to Kenya is from the end of June to the dry season of October (these are the best wildlife viewing months). Strange migrations usually arrive in Masai Mara in August and stay until October when they return to Serengeti in Tanzania.

Green as you

Africa’s greenstone comes in or just after the annual rains, and even though most people don’t make it while traveling, this year’s best time to visit is for a few different reasons (one of the better reasons). You need to consider this as a part of the best time to travel to Kenya.


Following this, the green season is a great time to visit Tutu because you will find that Kenya is much quieter in terms of tourists, so you will often find yourself a park and nature reserve which can be a beautiful experience. You have to decide silence factors as a part of the best time to travel to Kenya.

More attention to guides and staff

You will also find that with the little people around you, you will receive more attention from the guides and staff who can enhance your experience and build a stronger bond with the people you encounter along your journey. Places like Audley can arrange the best tours in Kenya, and you must visit Nairobi to visit this vibrant city.

Good accommodation

Since there are fewer tourists here, you will be able to book better accommodation and have easy access to all amenities. Kenya can be a busy place with tourists outdoors this season when it can sometimes be very difficult to find accommodation and it is busy everywhere. COnsider good accommo0dation is a part of the best time to travel to Kenya.

best safari destinations in the world

Even more difficult

As you would expect during a quiet time of the year, this also means that most places are more affordable in the green season so this is a great way to save and/or get more for your money.

Wildlife spotting

There is always the opportunity to visit good wildlife in Kenya but the green season is a special time of year. This is because when it gives birth to so many animals, it is a unique opportunity to discover the world of soft babies in the world. Sometimes it is hard to explain why the grass is tall but you will get the chance to see all the animals you see at other times of the year.

One of the best times to travel to Kenya is from July to September, the dry season of the country, which coincides with the great migration of Wildebeest and Zebra. Rain is also a good time to visit Seoul, as there are fewer visitors and you can admire the attractive emerald tree, its a considerable issue of the best time to travel to Kenya.

Kenya is a special destination and anywhere nature/wildlife lovers will worship. This is a brilliant destination any time of the year, but you will find that the green season is indeed the best, even though you are not the most popular – the above are some of the reasons that you should visit during this time of year and allow for an unforgettable experience during the best time to travel to Kenya.

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