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60 Interesting, Fun Facts about The African Big Five

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What are some of the facts about the Big Five? African countries are drawing the eye of vacationers worldwide attributable to their great natural marvels and untamed wilderness. Alongside others, the recognition of Tanzania Safari is growing day-to-day worldwide. Due to its great organic and wildlife variety, nature lovers are going loopy about this nation, and facts about the big five.

Facts about the Big Five

The wealthy biodiversity of the nation is a homeland to many; together from the largest animals on earth to the smallest insect. The national parks of the nation supply a great view of birdlife, in addition to a few of the iconic butterflies together with water animals, which might be noticed throughout Tanzania Wildlife Safari within the nation.

However, from all of the sights Tanzania Safari gives, an African Big Five Animal blows off the thoughts. Many vacationers are planning their Tanzania Safari Tours solely to fulfill the massive 5 animals.

Here we’ve talked about a number of attention-grabbing and Real Facts about African Big Five Animals;

Why Are They Called Big Five?

The big 5 animals are usually not solely Tanzania but the entire of Africa’s big 5 animals. The record contains; Cape buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, and Rhinoceros. They are nevertheless not the largest however essentially the most harmful species to identify within the African bushes.

They are enlisted because of the Big Five by the sport hunters. A number of years back there was loads of searching that was ongoing throughout Africa. The lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant, and rhinos had been essentially the most troublesome animals to hunt.

They are essentially the most aggressive and defending animals therefore the sport hunters named it because of the “Big Five” of Africa. The big fives are usually not solely on the top of the meals chain but additionally essentially the most lethal animals of the African bushes.


Leopards are approaching the next quantity on the record of African Big Five animals. These cute wild cats are essentially the most lethal hunters of the African bush. Here are a few of the attention-grabbing details about this Big 5 member, and facts about the Big Five;

  • Leopards are one among swish cats within the large cat family; they attain as much as 28 inches
  • This lethal cat is a great hunter and really adjustable and may dwell in any kind of surroundings
  • Their coats and fur can range relying on which area they’re staying. Leopards from colder locations have bigger dense fur
  • Their diet additionally varies; they eat fish, reptiles, carcasses, warthogs, hares, antelopes, and rodents
  • They are a very fast and opportunistic hunter
  • They are fairly elusive and tactical animals
  • They are nocturnal animals and have a tendency to hunt at the night
  • Each leopard has its personal territory inside which he/she will hunt
  • Female leopards have rubbed their body towards tree trunks which permits them to create a unique scent to despatched the signal that they’re able to mate
  • A feminine leopard can provide beginning to 2 to three cubs without delay. They can provide a beginning to their cubs at any level of the year
  • The cubs stick with their mom as much as the age of two
  • Male leopards are nearly 50 % bigger than female leopards. Where the male leopards weigh around 80 – 150 pounds, feminine leopards weigh around 62 – 100 kilos
  • Their tail is normally long, which permits them to stability their body throughout the quick operation, and likewise, it helps to make turns while operating
  • Leopards don’t roar like lions, they largely discovered to purr
  • They dwell as much as 12 to 15 years of their natural habitat and in captivating they’ll survive as much as 23 years

Best Places to See the Leopard in Tanzania

There are many national park places you’ll be able to spot Leopards throughout your Tanzania Safari of the few finest are; Tarangire national park, Ruaha national park, Arusha national park, and Lake Manyara national park.


The rhinos in Africa are one of the critically endangered species, fun facts about the Big Five. There are many people planning their Tanzania Safari solely to fulfill this endangered species. Here are a few attention-grabbing details about them;

  • There are 5 species of rhinos obtainable in the entire world out of which 2 species can be found in Tanzania; Black rhinos and white rhinos.
  • Interestingly neither black rhinos are black nor white rhinos are white. They each are gray in shade.
  • Rhinos normally eat leaves and primarily they’re grazers
  • Black and white rhinos have totally different lips building
  • Rhinos have between 24 to 34 teeth, relying on the species.
  • Rhinos horn is made out of keratin which assists the hair and nail to develop, therefore at a few of the East African conventional medication makers use it in
  • medication making
  • Rhinos have a fantastic sense of listening to and odor however they’ve actually weak eyesight
  • Rhinos like to cover themselves with mud, as when it dries it helps their pores and skin from getting damaged from sunburn
  • Rhino gestation lasts between 15 and 16 months
  • Rhinos mark their territories with their dung

Best Places to See the African Rhino in Tanzania

Rhinos are very much less seen in Tanzania. However, black rhinos are a critically endangered species now. You can spot a few of them in Ngorongoro and Serengeti national parks.

facts about the big 5 facts about the big five big five animals facts the big five facts

African Elephant

African elephants are imagined to be the largest land mammals on earth, interesting facts about the Big Five. They used to consume 50 tonnes of meals a year. Here are a few attention-grabbing details about African Elephants;

  • There are 2 species of elephants discovered on the planet; the African bush elephant and the Asian elephant
  • African Elephants are a lot totally different from Asians. They have large ears, long tusks, and more rounded heads.
  • African elephants have 2 longer lips and the back of the elephant is lined with concave
  • A grownup African elephant can weigh as much as 6 tons
  • They are essentially the most intelligent animals on earth after the ape species
  • They are one of many very aggressive species of the African bush, therefore they’ve made their place within the Big 5 family
  • They are well-known for their social teams. Each group is led by the female
  • When the male elephants produce musth they get very aggressive and largely they struggle with the feminine elephants. This time they’re essentially the most aggressive
  • Elephants feast upon numerous habitats together with grass, leaves, woody components of timber and shrubs, flowers, and fruits when obtainable
  • They are likely to eat more than 100 species of plant
  • The consumption of 150kg meals per year
  • A male elephant weighs 6000kg and stands 3.2m tall on the shoulder

Best Places to See the African Elephants in Tanzania

There are many locations in Tanzania place you’ll be able to spot a great focus of African Elephants, and awesome facts about the Big Five. The largest focus on elephants might be noticed in Tarangire national park. Apart from Tarangire, you’ll be able to spot them in Arusha national park, Ngorongoro conservation space, Ruaha, and Serengeti.

African Lion

African lions are the prime member of the African Big Five family. Residing within the bushes and savannah land of Tanzania it’s thought of because of the king of the Beasts. Here are a number of attention-grabbing details about this Big 5’s member;

African lions are the biggest species of the big cat family and the second largest within the Felidae family because the tiger is the biggest.

  • Lions attain as much as 1.2 meters in height as much as shoulders and weigh around 150 – 225 kg and lionesses can attain 1 meter in shoulder height and weight might contact 110-152kg
  • Their habitat is essentially the most numerous one, they’ll dwell nearly all over the place. They can survive in open woodlands, thick bushes, scrub, and grasslands.
  • The shade of a lion’s coat varies based on its area and which group it follows. While you’ll be able to spot black manned lions in some spots of Africa additionally there are white lions (pale yellow) might be noticed in some area
  • Lions have 5 claws on the front feet and four claws on the back feet; this helps them capture their prey
  • Lion’s cubs are literally born with blue eyes which further turn to brown once they flip 2 to three months of age
  • Lions are essentially the most social cats of the massive cat family
  • They dwell in social teams known as pleasure. A pleasure holds as many as 25 members. A pleasure consists of two to four grownup lions, many lionesses, and cubs
  • Lions can hunt any animal from ants to big fat elephants. Mostly the search is completed by the lioness
  • Lionesses are the deadliest within the pleasure; they’re nocturnal animals who do much of the hunting during the night
  • If loads of meals are accessible a lion can eat around 15% of its body weight
  • A lioness goes by means of 110 days of gestation, and there are 1 to four cubs born without delay

Best Places to See the Lion in Tanzania

There are many national parks you’ll go to throughout your Tanzania Safari Tours that can showcase an enormous quantity of lions. Tanzania is the nation that has essentially the most lion inhabitants on the planet. Serengeti National Park is among the prime locations in Tanzania to identify lions.

There are 10% of the entire inhabitants of lions on the planet are residing. Apart from Serengeti Ruaha and Ngorongoro conservation space are a few of the locations the place lions might be noticed.

Buffalos or Cape Buffalos

African buffalos or effectively generally known as Cape buffalos are essentially the most harmful and aggressive members of the African Big 5 families, mindblowing facts about the Big Five.

They are one of the largely noticed animals of the Tanzanian land out of the massive 5. Here are a few of the attention-grabbing details about African buffalo;

  • There could be very uncommon when from a twin child 2 infants survive
  • White calves are additionally very uncommon
  • Buffalos are recorded to be the livid killer they usually have killed more hunters than the lion or different predators
  • They are good swimmers
  • Cape buffalos have a smooth tongue
  • Buffalos have an attention-grabbing character; they have the inclination to assault people who’ve harmed them years ago
  • They can kill lions
  • They have exceptional reminiscences

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