Facts about the Best African Country for Safari

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

Let’s talk about the best African country for safari. The vast countries in Africa with diversify flora, animals, and fauna attract travelers in their different ways. There are ways to find your best African country for safari. We will discuss them.

The key is to consider your interests and to share how different countries will meet your needs. Then together we can reach an educated decision about your best African country for safari.

Here’s a quick sketch of the top countries, but click on the country to read a full profile to see more details for the best African country for safari. They are listed alphabetically and each has it’s own ‘best of the best’ element that fits your interests.

The best African country for safari can vary from person to person. Therefore we are going to discuss the best African country for safari considering a list, from where you can easily pick your bets. Our favorites for the first time safari-goers focus on strong wildlife are Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia.

What is the best African country for safari?

Here is a list:

  1. Botswana
  2. Kenya
  3. Mozambique
  4. Namibia
  5. Rwanda
  6. South Africa
  7. Tanzania
  8. Uganda
  9. Zambia
  10. Zimbabwe

1. Botswana

Botswana is considered by many to provide an overall top-quality safari. It is featured in the primitive wilderness. Many people say Botswana is the best African country for safari.

One of the reasons for making Botswana one of the best safari countries is the admirable model of low-density tourism.

There is a brilliant private concession system where there are usually 2 to 3 safari camps with a few thousand acres of exclusive rights.

Private concessions provide more freedom than most national parks, which offer full off-road game driving, night drives and walking and boat/jogging/canoe activities at many camps.

The low-density model has led most camps to higher luxury. This luxury makes Botswana one of the most expensive safari destinations in the final season.

Interestingly, Botswana is a great safari destination any month of the year if properly planned and in the green season from November to March it goes from the most expensive destination to the most affordable one.

In fact, we consider it the best value for quality African safaris. We conduct lion research in Botswana and are there every month of the year so we can make full plans for seasonal briefs and explain to you at different times of the year.

2. Kenya

Kenya is one of the best safari countries and offers the classic safari experience – where it started.

The Masai My Game Reserve remains one of the most expansive areas for watching big cats and instantly watching the best games. You would find some people who say Kenya is the best African country for safari.

Seasonal wildlife already seen during the season has been enhanced by a portion of the great migration within Kenya.

Kenya is diverse, with a vibrant culture and a potentially wide range of activities. Quality walking, biking, horseback riding, and cultural experiences are available.

The creation of community conservancy has truly enhanced Kenya’s quality of life. Conservation borders around Masai Mara often have a better chance of watching the game than being on the reserve, and there is a limited number of camps with the right to use the Conservancy territories, ensuring their crowded experience.

It also helps with quality for off-road driving, night drives and walking in many camps.

Central Kenya’s Laikipia has become an outstanding place to visit the rare species of African wild dog and gravy’s zebra, as well as offer great adventure with a variety of activities that are outstanding for active travelers who want more variety than a heavy dose of game drive.

Kenya was targeted by some terrorist groups though no attacks were reported in any of the safari areas. They are mostly confined to the coast of Kenya and northeast Kenya near Somalia, these places we do not send any guests.

There have been a few incidents in Nairobi, though it does not target tourists. Nairobi protection is great now and city hotels have airport-like security so we believe our itinerary in Kenya is very safe and we continue to recommend safaris in Kenya.

In fact, Kenya’s downside was crowded, now we have a game drive inside Masai Mara with fewer vehicles, but we see in Botswana it makes driving the best game in all of Africa.

3. Mozambique

Although not classically one of the best safari countries, Mozambique is an exceptional destination for beaches, island paradise, and scuba diving. The natural islands here offer the most beautiful beaches, turquoise reservoirs, and dream settings of a secluded secluded island close to almost anyone.

Diving and snorkeling are equally impressive with excellent reefs and diverse marine communities. Mozambique has a coastline that is almost twice the length of California (3 miles) and all the edges from the southern African border to Tanzania in the south and it connects both the east and the beach. South Africa Safari.

In the southern part of Mozambique, Bazarotto is the state of the Archipelago, while to the north is the incredible Querimbas Islands.

Both regions have wonderful islands with the highest marine environment.

Safari Mozambique is a recovering destination for wildlife of the mainland with very low-density tourism.

The Nisa Reserve in the far north is one of the largest protected areas of the continent and has a large population of many species.

Gorangosa National Park is another potential safari destination. During the Civil War, it suffered a great loss of wildlife but efforts to recover are impressive.

Unfortunately, traveling to these locations is a challenge at this time, as there is no high-quality activity available. The best way to travel is with a privately operated expedition that we can make special arrangements with.

4. Namibia

Namibia is a special destination because it has a number of dramatic scenery in Africa that is pushing against the cold Atlantic coastline in the Namib Desert. Many of us say Namibia is the best African country for safari. The skeletal coast is one of the most secluded and remote places in the world.

The red sand dunes in Sousoussville are one of the most spectacular natural areas on the planet. Etosha National Park is an outstanding park and the best place to visit some of Namibia’s most traditional tiger safari species.

In general, Namibia is best known for its natural landscapes, travels to the distant wilderness, and wildlife specialties, such as pursuing black rhinoceros on foot or looking for elephants adapted to the desert. Namibian culture also has a great diversity

We found that scenery and some active adventure tours to Namibia, but it could be combined with a slightly more traditional tiger safari in Botswana or South Africa to watch the game.

5. Rwanda

Rwanda is best known for its great gorilla tracking and is the driving force of a lot of tourism. Gorilla Trekking makes Rwanda one of the best safari countries. Some people say Rwanda is the best African country for safari.

Gorilla Trekking is definitely one of the ultimate wildlife experiences in the world and for that reason, it is worth traveling to Rwanda.

Rwanda has the best logistics for high-quality gorilla tracking, and since it is a very small country it is possible to get a lot of taste for the place during 2 to 3-nights focusing on the gorillas.

Rwanda has always been associated with the tragic massacre that took place there during that time. Surprisingly for many, Africa has become one of the most advanced countries since that turbulent time. How friendly, welcoming and nice the people are.

This creates a real awakening opportunity for travelers because you are struck by a friendly culture and yet realize that the horrific genocide that took place here has spread, where all human cultures are at risk like this.

There is a lot of national pride and the country has decided not to shrink from the history of genocide but to leave it there for education.

As such, there is an impressive massacre museum, which describes exactly how many times genocide has occurred worldwide. There are also a large number of sites of atrocities where reminders of grief exist.

Often logistics make it necessary to stay a night in the capital Kigali. It is definitely one of the cleanest cities in the world and it feels very manageable and safe.

Traveling in the mountains where the gorillas live is easy to drive in just 2 to 3 hours of good quality roads, which are strongly influenced by the cultivation of Krishnachara in natural mountainous regions.

Small villages give a glimpse into the local culture and it is possible to visit local businesses or schools to enhance your cultural experiences.

Out of the focus of the gorilla, wildlife is the thrust for the future of Rwanda but not yet mandated for ordinary safari-goers. Nungwe National Park has a unique forest that is environmentally important and has the potential to become a piece of safari jewelry in the future.

This is a great park for a variety of primates. Akagera is the only common safari game area and is rarely seen.

Most of our clients combine gorilla tracking in Rwanda with comb combing game viewing in Kenya or Tanzania.

best safari destinations in the world

6. South Africa

South Africa has a ‘world within a nation’ driver because there is something to it. There are beaches, mountains, cities, Winelands, cultures and of course great safari areas. You would find many of us to say South Africa is the best African country for safari. It often feels like living in the USA or a European country.

The best place for safari is in the private archive adjacent to the Kruger National Park. Undoubtedly the largest quality region of Africa is 5 large (lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhinoceros) and you will often see all 5 species on the same day.

It is without a doubt the premier position. The area feels a bit tamer, more manageable than some safari destinations.

The lodging tends to be very high-walled cheats, and the mercenary camps are very low. For shame, it is common to use the internet connection, gym, and spa within the game drive.

Many options are like staying at a refurbished hotel or resort that is located in the bush with great wildlife viewing access.

This makes South Africa the best place to have a “soft” safari and is great for those who have regular contact with their home or business. Due to the ease of viewing it is a great choice for smaller safaris.

There is much to be said in South Africa beyond Safari. It is common for people traveling to other countries in South Africa to gather some safari time in South Africa. The Cape region is particularly interesting.

There is stunning Wineland with fine wines and world-class gourmet restaurants. Cape Town is considered by many to be the top 5 cities in the world (often compared to San Francisco and Sydney, Australia).

There are stunning coastal drives, charming hamlets and the famed Garden Route. There is even remarkable wildlife with outstanding whales and shark observations.

Beyond the Cape, there are many mandatory zones where there are game parks, historic battlefields, warm water beaches, mountains and more, including some of the world’s most luxurious trains.

Due to the good infrastructure, South Africa is one of the best destinations for those who want some self-driving. It is a vast country though and has a great network of domestic airlines to make it easy to operate.

7. Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the best safari countries and can actually be considered as the ultimate safari country. Here you find the classic safari of most people’s dreams, live under canvas, and the wide-open plains blend in with a surprising amount of animals.

Tanzania thrives on famous destinations like Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar and Mount Kilimanjaro, people say Tanzania is the best African country for safari.

It has parks that are barely known, yet there will be crowned gems in almost any other country such as Ruhaha, Katavi and Mahale national parks.

All of these support the maximum amount of wildlife throughout Africa, with an estimated 5 million wild animals, including the largest population of many safari species, such as the lion of the continent.

There are about 2 million Wildebeest, Zebra, and Gajeel legendary transitions through the Serengeti ecosystem in Tanzania.

Most tours take place in the Northern Circuit, including the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Moenara and Tarangiore.

Serengeti is one of the best places to be throughout the year with great migration, and many of the best camps also have seasonal setups that run like migration.

One of the specialties of a Northern Circuit safari is that most travelers will have a personal guide and car that stays with them throughout their entire safari.

Safaris in southern and western Tanzania are generally very different from the Northern Circuit Area and can provide experiences in remote areas.

At Tanganyika Lake, you can experience the magic of the Mahalle National Park with the thrill of white sand beaches, dense jungles and hiking thrills to see the chimpanzee.

Katavi and Rooha are among Africa’s best-kept secrets, offering to watch the surprising big game in extremely wild areas.

The Wild Source is a government licensed safari operation in Tanzania and we have an office in Arusha, Tanzania. Our Managing Director, Deo Mago, has nearly 30 years of experience guiding safaris in Tanzania.

8. Uganda

Although the country is full of other safari gems, gorilla trekking is the driving force of Uganda’s tourism. Many people combine great chimpanzee tracks to make it the ultimate country of safari with a focus on cool-apps.

Between Bundy (where the gorillas are) and Kibale (where the best chimp is seen) is located in Queen Elizabeth National Park, so it does both guerrilla and chimps to watch the general game for them, usually included. Morgison Falls is a popular addition to those looking for an extended safari in Uganda.

Perhaps the best-known park in Africa is the Kiddepo Valley, a national park. It is hidden in a remote corner of Uganda from the borders of Sudan and Kenya. Unfortunately, expensive flights are required to include the Kidepo Valley.

Overall, many Ugandan operators risk flying to avoid the long haul over the poor roads that keep Uganda back as a destination.

In comparison, Uganda safari accommodation and operations are less expensive (and more rustic) than other safari countries, but the very high cost of logistics eliminates the savings of lodging.

It costs less for a gorilla trekking permit than in Rwanda, but it gets washed out when you add in logistics costs as you enter and exit. Yet, for the overall diversity of scenery, the experiences and wildlife of Uganda are truly different.

9. Zambia

Zambia is often referred to as Real Africa. Of course, all other safari zones are also very real, but the Zambian safaris are well separated by outdated adventurous expeditions, supervised by exceptional guides, outside the valley regions mixed with wildlife.

The atmosphere returns to camps, Bush camps are still in progress compared to other destinations in South Africa, Bush camps are small and close, almost half the size of an ideal Botswana luxury camp (which is considered smaller than anywhere else in Zambia).

They maintain a rustic charm, yet provide ultimate comfort and impeccable service, making great maintenance on the ground connection to the area where they were placed.

The Guiding Standards of Zambia are only mirrored by Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s problems actually drove many guides to Zambia, and the result has cultivated exceptional skills in Zambia’s local guides.

This top-level quality of Guiding is a necessary strength of a Zambian safari, as it requires outstanding Guiding for various activities such as walking and canoeing.

South Luangwa National Park, the birthplace of safaris. Walking in places where human animals live on foot is a rare practice.

The activities of the Lower Zambezi National Park on the banks of the river further enhance the adventure through canning and powerboating.

Game drives can be exclusive with very few vehicles in the area. Night drive in Zambian parks is also extremely good.

Beyond these two main gardens are the Kafue and Liu National Parks, which will be the top of Africa under the Radar Safari region.

Livingstone is located on the Zambia side of Victoria Falls and with the death of Zimbabwe, the Zambia side based waterfall has become very popular.

Zambia now has many smaller independent operations, unlike the dominant large safari corporations in most countries.

It is a blessing and there is not such a large operation anywhere that everyone will make their own accommodation.

Many of these owners are very involved with conservation and local community development and it is possible to include cultural visits to Zambia safaris to fully experience the experience.

10. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is best known as the home of Victoria Falls and is one of its biggest attractions, or say Zimbabwe is the best African country for safari.

Many tourists from Botswana and/or South Africa join Victoria Falls but do nothing else inside Zimbabwe. Safari insiders know that Zimbabwe is a legend for its guides.

Zimbabwe has some of the toughest guide tests, most of which focus on walking and it has taken on a rich legacy of guide quality.

Zimbabwe tourism has suffered greatly during the reign of Robert Mugabe. As the year passes, safari tourism is resuming.

A high adventure in Zimbabwe offers a supreme experience for share travelers. Many safaris focus on wildlife on foot through active tracking.

This is especially true in the Mana Pool National Park, where you can add adrenaline to the top of the walk by doing thrilling canoeing on the Zambezi River.

Another disadvantage is in Park Hange, where water holes that are pumped in a dry environment attract a wide variety of species such as elephants and buffalo. Part of the resurgence in Zimbabwe is the standard.

Zimbabwe is trying to rebuild its attraction despite a high-level guide, and so costs can be significantly lower than similar quality safaris in neighboring Zambia or Botswana.

It is gaining more popularity as more safari travelers are seen to be active on safari, and Zimbabwe has surpassed that area with plenty of opportunities for hiking, canoeing, and boating – even mountain biking.

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