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The Big Five animals facts are quite awe-inspiring. The Big Five are world well-known – there are some stunning details that you just may not find out about this host of in style animals. From lions to elephants to rhinos, each one of many animals in Kenya’s National Parks has its very own variations to outlive in the panorama.

The Big Five animals facts


Rhinos weigh between 500 – 2500 kg however regardless of their size, they’re herbivores. Their favorite time to feed is at daybreak and nightfall in addition to at night. During the most popular part of the day, they like to wallow in muddy swimming pools to maintain cool.

Generally, they’re not very sociable animals although the females of some rhino species select to dwell in teams. These herds are aptly named a ‘crash’ of rhinos. The males choose to be solitary, utilizing dung to mark their territory. In truth, each particular person’s dung smells distinctive!

Rhinoceros actually means ‘nose horn’, from the Greek phrases ‘rhino’ (nostril) and ‘ceros’ (horn). This can be the place we get the official phrase for a nostril job – ‘rhinoplasty’, one of the Big Five animals facts.

They’re herbivores. Despite their unimaginable size and power, these cumbersome beasts don’t prey on different animals for meals.

Rhinos are the second-largest land mammal on the planet, after elephants, one of the Big Five animals facts.

There are solely two remaining white rhinos on the planet, each feminine, after the final male, Sudan, died in March 2018.

Altogether, there are 5 rhino species, the Sumatran Rhino, Javan Rhino, Black Rhino, White Rhino, and Greater One-Horned Rhino.


One of probably the most stunning animals on Earth and considered one of Kenya’s big 5, leopards are probably the most extensively distributed of all the large cats however they’re very not often seen.

Their habitat ranges from desert to mountains to forest and even coast. In 2019, biologists documented a black leopard in Kenya, catching the extraordinarily uncommon cat on digicam click on right here to see it. This is the first time a black leopard has been seen in Africa for 100 years.

The spots on leopard coats are generally known as rosettes. The form and pattern of the rosettes differ relying on location. In Kenya and East Africa, leopard rosettes are typically more round whereas, in southern Africa, they’re more square-shaped.

Leopards are the one massive cat that purrs, one of the interesting Big Five animals facts.

Excellent hunters and are well-known for his or her unimaginable agility and power to climb bushes whereas carrying a kill that’s even larger than them.

Extremely adaptable and may survive on quite a lot of prey, together with fish, bugs, reptiles, birds, baboons, and monkeys.

Solitary animals. Each grownup leopard has its personal territory and whereas they could share components of it, they like to be alone.

Incredibly sturdy. They are pound to pound the strongest of all the large cats and may leap as much as 10 feet vertically and 20 feet horizontally.

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A lion’s roar may be heard 5 miles away so you’ll hear considered one of Kenya’s big 5 from a distance, making it by far the loudest of any of the large cats. At the identical time, lions even have glorious listening to and may hearken to prey transferring over a mile away.

Female lions hunt utilizing intelligent techniques to deliver down their prey. As they’re usually slower than a lot of the animals they eat, they type a semicircle around their goal. The weaker lionesses herd the prey in the direction of the center of the semicircle and the stronger females make the kill. It’s the circle of life. What more can we be saying?

Male lions advanced thick, long manes to guard their necks throughout fights with different males, one of the Big Five animals’ fun facts.

Follow a fancy social construction and dwell in prides, one of the Big Five animals facts.

A prides consists of a number of associated females and their offspring, in addition to two to a few unrelated males.

A typical prides has 15 lions.

Are the second largest massive cat, weighing at around 500 kilos, and will even develop as much as eight feet in size.

Don’t dwell in jungles. Although generally known as ‘King of the Jungle’, lions truly dwell in grasslands and plains.

Don’t do the looking. Female lions sometimes do the looking in teams, though the males are the first to eat.

Have the loudest roar. A lion’s roar may be heard as much as 5 miles away, the loudest roar of any massive cat species.


The world’s largest land mammal, elephants are the largest of Kenya’s big 5! Elephants are simply recognizable due to their trunks, which are literally a fusion of their nostril and higher lip.

The trunk is delicate sufficient to have the ability to decide up a single blade of grass and it will also be used as a snorkel click on right here to take a look. Elephants can run however they will leap.

In Mount Elgon National Park in Kenya, some elephants have learned how one can mine for salt in underground caves.

They eat salt by breaking the crystals off with their tusks, feeling their approach with their trunks in the dead of night.

Are extremely delicate animals and can specific grief, compassion, self-awareness, and altruism.

Use their trunk as a nostril, hand, further foot, and as a tool for signaling, siphoning water, digging, gathering meals, and far more.

Prefer one tusk over the opposite, simply as people are both right-handed or left-handed, one of the Big Five animals facts.

Have the longest being pregnant of all animals, and it takes a feminine 22 months from conception to offer start.

Use their feet to pay attention and may decide up subsonic rumblings made by different elephants by way of vibrations within the ground.


Perhaps one of many more unassuming animals on this checklist of Kenya’s big 5, the buffalo is definitely one of the vital feared animals by people and predators alike. Though they seem like docile cows, buffalo are extraordinarily aggressive and highly effective, a lot in order that lions not often try to hunt them.

If you’ve ever seen a video of a buffalo defending considered one of its herd, you’ll perceive why they’ve such fearsome popularity. The monumental horns that curve round all sides of its head, bigger on males than on females, are the key to their anti-predator success.

These horns are used each to determine dominance throughout the herd and to guard in opposition to predators. Coupled with the unpredictability of buffalo decision-making, they’re harmful however unimaginable animals.

There are 5 subspecies of African Buffalo however the commonest is the Cape Buffalo, others embrace the Nile buffalo and the Mountain buffalo.

Has earned the nicknames ‘Widow Maker’ and ‘Black Death’ and is alleged to have killed more hunters in Africa than every other animal.

Has a wonderful reminiscence, typically ambushing different creatures who’ve beforehand attacked them.

Is an especially good swimmer and may typically cross deep waters seeking higher grazing, one of the Big Five animals facts.

Are identified to kill lions, their primary predators, and have additionally been noticed killing lion cubs as ‘preventative punishment’.

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