Victoria Falls Tours and Safaris Guideline

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

Victoria Falls is one of the largest and most visited attractions in Africa, with its almost double the height of Niagara Falls. With its natural beauty, Victoria Falls guidelines on tours and safaris are always popular. Dishonly referred to as Mosi-o-Tunia, or ‘smoke that thunder’, Vic Falls is often the end-point of South African safari.

This region is known as the Adventure Capital of Africa because there is so much to see and do, also the Victoria Falls tours and safaris.

In addition to traveling the waterfall, you can also see on a helicopter or microlight trip from the air. Hit the water in a boat, vale, or cruise boat.

Meeting with resident elephants; Jump through the historic bridge, And swimming in the Devil’s Pool viciously.

There is plenty of shopping and history, as well as lazy days of sunshine after a lot of safaris.

Wondering over the world’s largest waterfalls

Victoria Falls is not only one of the seven natural wonders of the world, but it is also an official World Heritage Site in the tours and safaris.

Defined as the largest waterfall in the world when measured by the sheer volume of fountain water, Mossy-o-Tunia has fascinated people for centuries.

With very little building or development around the waterfall, you can experience it just like the ancient tribes.

It’s the inimitable beauty that makes the experience so special: You can easily imagine what it was like for those who discovered it for the first time.

  • The world’s largest continuous sheet of water.
  • Victoria Falls, bordered by Zimbabwe and Zambia.
  • Towards Zimbabwe, the paths of soft rainfall reveal a wide view of the main waterfall.
  • In Zambia, the Night-Age Bridge takes you closer to the cascading water and a steep footpath leads to a boiling pot – a huge hike to the base of the falls.
  • Both sides are worth a visit and the journey between them is relatively easy.

“The Zambezi River is indescribable”

Our South African vacation was everything we expected and more … it was amazing! Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River are indescribable.

We live on the banks of the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada, and we call it the powerful Fraser; It does not place a candle near the “strong” Zambezi River!
– Robert

Get your pulse racing with adventure activities

Victoria Falls Holiday Activity Helicopter

As if having enough depth per second to carry you through millions of liters of water is not enough, Victoria Falls offers plenty of other ways for your adrenaline pumping, as part of Victoria Falls tours and safaris.

A sure-fire is to take a guide microlight flip over the waterfall, blowing it with a spray-made rainbow.

Back on the ground, water kids can join a white-water rafting crew for one of the best rapids in the world in the Victoria Falls tours and safaris!

  • Helicopter flip and microlight flights over the waterfall.
  • Seasonal white-water rafting: At least 18 rapids, some hitting Grade 5.
  • Bridge swing, bungee jumping, and zip-lining.
  • Canoe safaris on the banks of the Zambezi River.
  • Seasonal swimming in the pool of Deville right next to the waterfall.
  • Take one last safari with a day trip to Chubby or Hwanz National Park.

Lots to see and do for each traveler

When you need to relax, Victoria Falls Town on the Zimbabwe side and Livingston on the Zambia side both have great offers near Victoria Falls.

This is a truly multi-generational destination: those interested in animals can see residential elephants (please read this important information among ethical animals).

History and culture have a lot to learn on steam, and dishes can try African-style African dishes – you can even learn traditional theatrical drums and dances!

Victoria Falls Tours and Safaris


  • Drink high tea at the hotel where the young Queen Elizabeth II was.
  • Enjoy a great meal on a steam train.
  • See elephants and hippos on a sunset cruise.


  • Shop in the market for souvenirs and gifts.
  • Get into the culture of shaken while feeding to find out more about rapists.
  • Walk down the old bridge to hear its amazing story.


  • Relax with a book and binoculars to keep track of countless birds.
  • The gentle safari of the Mossi-o-Tuna National Park.
  • If the spray is high enough, get a lunar rainbow shot at the full moon.

Different types of housing for each need and budget

Victoria Falls Luxury accommodation

The Victoria Falls residence includes everything from family-friendly resorts to Grays hotels where white-grooved waiters serve G&S on the manicured lawn.

From romantic Riverside Cottages to luxury chats.

After a safari in the rental camps, you will want to go to a higher hotel with air conditioning, room service, and a swimming pool.

Or continue your immersion in the bushes by flowing down the river to a canoe on the Zambezi.

  • Being in the city allows you easy access to many activities and attractions.
  • Some hotels offer free shuttle services.
  • We can attach all your pick-ups and drop-offs seamlessly.
  • Staying calm is calmer and more exclusive – ideal for honeymoons.

Easily integrated with other safari destinations

Capetown beach

Victoria Falls is at the epicenter of the South African safari experience and easily integrates with incredible wildlife destinations.

There are daily flights from Livingstone Airport (LVI) in Zambia and Victoria Falls Airport (VFA) in South Africa to the International Airport in South Africa.

A road transfer from VFA to Vic Falls City can take you about 20 minutes.

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