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16 Best Safari Camps and Lodges in Botswana in 2024

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Botswana is a popular place for adventure. There are some great Safari lodges in Botswana. It is a country we love not only for its spirited natural area but also for conservation ethics and integrity. This article will give an overview of Safari lodges in Botswana.

We’ve chosen our top 16 luxury safari lodges in Botswana, offering everything from cutting-edge architecture and design to first-rate safari guides and services. They made our list for the full experience, from beginning to end, not just for the foie gras or the Swarovski safari binoculars.

Everything from portable camping to royal mansions and everything in between is on our list of the greatest. Here is our hand-picked selection of the best luxury safari lodges in Botswana, listed in no particular order and regardless of your preferred kind of safari. It is a destination for discerning travelers and supports a tourism structure that celebrates it.

What are some Safari Lodges in Botswana?

Fly-in is just as good as exploring Safari guests or as a source of adventure for self-drivers. Tourists hug while preserving the natural heritage’s ruins.

This unique combination of Africa makes Botswana one of our best destinations for this year.

We ask our internal Botswana experts to highlight the five safari lodges proposed for this New Year. We have got one for every major safari region in the country.

These well-lit lodges all went through a change last year which excited us. They have something new to offer.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best Safari lodges in Botswana!

1. Linyanti Bush Camp

Linyanti Bush Camp would be a six-star monster if game viewing were given a star rating. Fortunately, this quaint, little safari camp offers just the right amount of luxury and top-notch service to rank among the top luxury safari hotels in Botswana. The remaining time is devoted to a top-notch safari experience.

In a private concession in the distant northwest of Chobe National Park, the Linyanti Marshes provide the only source of continuous water. It is therefore in the finest possible location to see large herds of elephants and buffaloes as well as a variety of plains wildlife, such as lions, leopards, African wild dogs, hippos, crocodiles, and rare antelopes. Your wilderness experience at Linyanti Bush Camp will be nothing short of fantastic thanks to the incredible birdlife and the complete variety of safari activities.

Linyanti Bush Camp offers a genuine, all-encompassing safari experience suitable for intrepid outdoor lovers with its purposely low environmental and social effects. Families are well-catered for, and this camp’s coziness makes it ideal for intimate gatherings.


  • There are several safari activities available, including escorted walks, game drives, night drives, boat rides, and helicopter flights (seasonal)
  • Even by the standards of Botswana, the Linyanti Wetlands, located between Chobe and the
  • Okavango Delta is an extraordinary wildlife region.
  • Personalized safari experiences are emphasized at this small, cozy safari resort.
  • Family-friendly and small enough to rent out the entire camp for an impressive event

2. Ngoma Safari Lodge

The view of the Chobi River is probably the largest drawcard for the Engoma Safari Lodge.

Ignoring the fragmented lifestyle of Botswana and Namibia, this safari spot is well-developed to make guests feel that they are eating food on top of the world.

It is physically located in the Private Chobi Forest Reserve, so night drives and walking safaris are allowed.

The National Park is only three kilometers away, so daily game drives are part and parcel of the experience.

Last year, Engoma was transformed into new ownership and partnered with some of our other favorites in Botswana (Gomotti Plain and Machaba Camp), which caught our attention. Pairing a trusted safari operation with a place like this makes the place truly special.

For a few hours between your safari activities, you’ll eat (dining room view: check), swim (pool with a visit: check), and relaxing relaxation in your suite (a view room: check).

So, the Engoma Safari Lodge has emerged as one of our new favorites and we will be giving our stamp of approval on it.

3. Kanana

Kanana Camp makes a list of our best lodges in Botswana for obvious reasons. It was rebuilt in 2019 and got a whole new look that provides this kind of classic safari application.

The Okavango Delta creates a listed lodge that hosts kids and has tents that offer land and water-based safari families.

Fishing is allowed most months of the year and has a star-bed experience awaiting the spirit of romantics and adventurers.

A personal discount at any safari lodge is a bonus because it offers a bit more freedom in the area of ​​activities and it limits the number of vehicles you can look for. Kanana enjoys that benefit.

This location in Delta means that it can provide seasonal water activities and focus on game drives and walking safaris during the dry months.

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Image Credit: andBeyond

4. King’s Pool

Our reasons for loving the King’s Pool began with careful attention to detail. There is a lot of it, believe us, but what sets it apart is that each element speaks to the sustainability of the camp and the celebration of its origins.

This is a premier camp, so it comes at a price, but you get what you pay for when it was rebuilt last year and its new look is a bit of a surprise.

It stays true to its roots and mimics the famous basket-weaving craft of the people of Batswana. Dashes of charcoal, copper, and emerald are transformative.

Extensive bold impressions and patterns on the walls and floors give it the worldly use of wood and glass.

We will admit that it is on our list for aesthetic reasons but its location is also in favor of it. It is located just overlooking the King Pool Lagoon in the Linyuanti River system (and the view is great.

The rest of the Chobei is dry and has seen a spectacular dry season game as animals flock to this area of ​​water year-round, and it has the bonus of sinking, which has legs from across the globe. Observers and games will excite viewers.

5. Little Machaba

In terms of luxurious safari lodges in Botswana, Little Machaba leaves a small, incredibly private, and incredibly light imprint. A total of 12 guests may be accommodated in four spacious traditional tented suites, each of which consists of two double tents and two family tents. Only that portion, however, qualifies as “Little.” This wonderful safari resort is bigger than life in every other way.

Little Machaba, located in the heart of the Okavango Delta and encircled by the 180,000-hectare Khwai Community Concession, is a true wildlife extravaganza. So it seems natural that the main attractions are the safari guides and game-viewing activities. You’ll be chanting “Bravo! Encore!” after the first day thanks to the all-star cast of diverse Delta wildlife and birdlife, which includes elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, and African wild dogs.

Little Machaba maintains the adventurous spirit of a genuine luxury safari yet leaves such a little environmental imprint. It’s perfect for couples, families, and small groups that wish to get close to the amazing animals of Africa and the natural world.


  • Personalized, close-knit, and extremely remarkable experience
  • Eco-camp for a genuine safari and a small environmental impact
  • A comprehensive activities schedule with first-rate game watching in the Khwai Concession
  • Birding, wildlife drives, night drives, cultural village excursions (often the lodges are too distant), and seasonal mokoro water cruises are all available.

6. Tuludi Camp

Enjoy the benefits of tactile space and exclusivity. It is just one of a handful of camps with a concession of over 200,000 hectares.

Also, the concession is in the main Okavango Delta area where boats are part of the water-based activities experience, such as game drives and walking safaris, such as bikes and trips to Mokoro.

The Khwaii Private Reserve is designed to provide an enhanced safari in terms of privacy, while also raising funds to encourage local communities to commit to the ecosystem.

The camp celebrates nature through eco-friendly ethics and minimizes environmental impact. The rooms are stunning but sophisticated and there is a family room that can have three children with their parents.

This is another reason for our favorite picking in the Khoi region of Botswana; It provides quality, offensive comfort to the family.

7. Jack’s Camp

Jack’s camp is one that we still have to wait for! It will reopen its doors shortly after a renovation, and we look forward to a bigger release with expectations.

We expect that the look and feel of this classical “desert” camp will remain the same, as the old age of travel to Botswana is fascinating.

The mercenary paradise that makes the camp feel luxurious – something that would have been reserved for the most archeological adventurers of archeology.

We’ll give you a full overview of the new Jack’s Camp when we see it for ourselves, but this time it is on the list of the best safari lodges in Botswana because of the unique safari activity offered to us.

Markets are rather famous. They are accustomed to the presence of human beings, yet they live in the wild in their old place in the desert of Makgadikgadi.

A controlled encounter with them will allow an intimate, moral, and unforgettable encounter with animals that are not often seen in the wild.

The camp also has the opportunity to meet members of the Sun community and see how their unique abilities and connection to nature have allowed them to survive in the desert for thousands of years.

Guests can walk with Kalahari Bushman, observe how they know animals in the sand, use the tree as medicine, and collect water from the desert.

8. Chobe Safari Lodge

On the banks of the Chobe River near Kasane, Chobe Safari Lodge is bordered by Chobe National Park. Beautiful accommodations in a tropical resort on a river, as well as outdoor dining, a pool, and game drives.

This tropical, laid-back resort is 4 km from Kasane Airport and is located along the magnificent Chobe River, just a 5-minute stroll from the entrance to the picturesque Chobe National Park.

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9. Khwai Leadwood

Khwai Leadwood is a skillfully balanced blend of exploration and sophistication. The Khwai Community Concession, located on the edge of the Moremi Wildlife Reserve in the Okavango Delta, has excellent game-watching in the nearby national park. Then, it raises the standard with more safari elements and activities.

Khwai Leadwood provides walking safaris, day and night game drives, birdwatching, and mokoro rides during the high-water peak season. It is one of the few safari lodges in Botswana that welcomes children of all ages. Incredible wildlife may be found here, including lions, leopards, cheetahs, African wild dogs, hyenas, uncommon antelopes, and the complete range of plains game and nocturnal predators.

Khwai Leadwood is an outstanding luxury safari resort in a breathtaking location. This is the ideal family safari camp while traveling to Botswana because it welcomes kids of all ages and offers special safari activities for them. Furthermore, Khwai Leadwood is a fantastic choice for first-timers who want to go on safari and want to be sure to see, well, everything because of the superb wildlife watching and birding.


  • Great safari camp for the entire family in a beautiful location with a view of the Khwai River.
  • Numerous safari activities are available, such as bush walks, night drives, off-roading, boating, and helicopter excursions (seasonal)
  • Excellent cuisine, outstanding service, and spacious tented suites
  • Excellent opportunity for a first safari with village visits, cultural contact, and dependable big game sightings at this community-run concession.

10. Little Vumbura

Little Vumbura is the sister camp of Vumbura Plains Camp, and both camps are situated deep into the aquatic wildness of the northern permanent channels of the Okavango Delta. One of Botswana’s smallest luxury safari lodges, Little Vumbura has just six suites, so you can anticipate a specialized, intimate safari experience.

This slice of Botswana heaven will satisfy your needs for your honeymoon, family safari, or group celebration. In addition, your location on a private island enables year-round water and land safari activities for a traditional Okavango Delta experience regardless of the time of year you come. This is in addition to your opulent lifestyle.


  • Walking safaris, boating safaris, mokoro excursions, night drives, and fishing
  • Excellent meals and warm, welcoming service on a secluded island in the Okavango Delta.
  • Exceptionally superb wildlife watching due to the variety of habitats nearby.
  • With hot air balloon rides and helicopter rides, soar through the air.

11. Jao Camp

One of Botswana’s more striking luxury safari resorts is called Jao Camp. Its striking and captivating architecture blends beautifully with the magnificent island backdrop and the incredible animal spectacle.

Additionally, the location of the lodge on a sizable private concession that borders the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta ensures that guests have unique access to the unspoiled wilderness and breathtaking animal encounters. Jao Camp is the ultimate full-featured luxury Delta experience, offering activities on land, in the sea, and in the air for a safari.

Jao Camp is a great option for honeymooners and for marking significant moments in a relationship since it offers all the seclusion and luxury your heart could desire. It is a safari site that is well-dressed thanks to the opportunities for wildlife watching and the variety of habitats. Therefore, Jao Camp offers the best of both worlds when it comes to luxury and adventure.


  • A sophisticated and cutting-edge luxury safari lodge comes to mind. Picture a double-volume exhibition area centered on a meticulously recreated giraffe skeleton, as well as a range of building materials and textures (including living trees)
  • Absolute solitude, with a private plunge pool, campfire pit, and outdoor shower in addition to a personal safari guide
  • A health spa, gym, library, gallery, museum, swimming pool, air conditioning, sales, and hammocks are among the opulent amenities.
  • Excellent wildlife watching on a private concession that is situated between the Kalahari forests and the rivers of the Okavango Delta.

12. Camp Moremi

One of our favorite opulent safari lodges in Botswana, Camp Moremi is instantly lovely. It is a traditional safari lodge with thatched roofs, high deck flooring, and open sides that overlook the Okavango Delta’s untamed landscape. Not to add how magnificently large the apartments are!

It is situated on the permanent Xakanaxa Lagoon (pronounced “Kakanaka”) inside the Moremi Game Reserve, surrounded by floodplains and woods with various ecosystems. As a result, amazing safaris are to be expected! The game watching, birding, and overall beauty of this magnificent site are all just outstanding both on land and in the water, throughout the whole year.

A discretely elegant safari lodge, Camp Moremi puts your safari experience first. Ideal for parties, families, birdwatchers, and ardent wildlife and nature lovers.


  • Friendly staff and a cozy safari camp with shared eating
  • A wildlife-rich section of the Okavango Delta offers year-round land and water safaris. The Moremi
  • Game Reserve offers excellent game-watching in a variety of habitats.
  • A great activity for families and kids over six may participate with their parents.

13. Chobe Under Canvas

andBeyond is recognized for designing thrilling, genuine safaris that exceed your expectations, from ultra-luxury safari hotels to mobile camps (pun intended!). One such mobile safari camp is Chobe Under Canvas, which is located along the river in the heart of Botswana’s Chobe National Park.

You would think that this is a camp, but don’t be fooled. Your every need is met, including the standard amenities like full-size walk-in tents (there are just five for a more personal safari experience), plush mattresses with premium linens, hot-bucket showers, and flushing en-suite toilets.

Food is skillfully made over an open fire and served in a mess tent outside under the light of lanterns. Additionally, the camp is solar-powered, which heightens the sense of a true African adventure.

This lodge is for seasoned safari travelers seeking an intensive, adventurous bush experience, this movable camp, which is moved every five days, is ideal. It’s also a fantastic add-on choice if you stay in their vintage, luxurious safari lodge. In addition to the thrill that is Chobe Under Canvas, you may also embark on river safaris and wildlife drives.


  • Inside Chobe National Park, one of the few safari lodgings are available for exclusive early and late game drives.
  • A true safari experience where you can feel the underbrush beneath your feet, hear crickets at your door and hear lions roaring late at night.
  • Excellent big game safaris with plenty of plains game, lion, leopard, hyena, buffalo, crocodile, and hippo sightings.
  • On the Chobe River, you may take part in a specialized photography boat safari.
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Image Credit: Audley Travel

14. Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp

The distinction between an actual tented safari camp and a high-end, modern hotel is blurred by Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp’s opulent tented suites and five-star amenities list. The camp is located on a separate wildlife concession next to the Moremi Game Reserve.

As a result, you may anticipate having unique access to unspoiled nature and enjoying night drives, walking safaris, off-road travel, and other activities. In addition, your family will like it since Nxabega is a family-oriented safari lodge that welcomes and accommodates kids of all ages.

Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp is vying for first place as one of Botswana’s most opulent safari lodges, offering amazing game viewing, picture-perfect service, and opulent facilities.

Small parties, families, and couples will all value individualized care and attention to detail. Serious wildlife and birding enthusiasts will also appreciate the diverse range of habitats with a wealth of animals and outstanding safari guides.


  • Outstanding wildlife viewing and a reputation for excellent guiding characterize this all-around luxurious safari.
  • Family-oriented and providing particular amenities and activities for kids of all ages
  • Wellness center, social coffee shop, free binoculars, and Wi-Fi
  • With almost 400 species, including the elusive Pel’s fishing owl, it is a birder’s heaven.

15. Sanctuary Chief’s Camp

One of the best sites to watch lions, leopards, African wild dogs, elephants, rhinoceroses, and buffalo—or, in other words, the Big 5 and its whole supporting cast—is Sanctuary Chief’s Camp, which is famous for its great wildlife. Not to add the abundant and diverse birds!

Chief’s Camp is a sophisticated and thrilling experience with a magnificent location among old trees on a Delta island with the finest comfort. This is unquestionably one of the greatest upscale safari hotels in Botswana, fit for royalty.

High-end safari lodge Chief’s Camp provides an amazing game-viewing safari experience. It’s perfect for small-group milestone celebrations, honeymooners, families, and couples.


  • A posh safari resort with air conditioning, swimming pools, and private dining
  • If you want the entire package of luxury, seclusion, and attentive care, choose the Kent suite.
  • Renowned region for watching wildlife with plains and waterways that allow for the entire spectrum of Delta safari activities
  • Renowned for providing above-and-beyond service, first-rate maps, and a wealth of amenities including family-friendly activities, a health spa, and even a gym

16. Chobe Game Lodge

Due to its numerous distinctive qualities, Chobe Game Lodge is one of our favorite luxury safari lodges in Botswana. First off, inside Chobe National Park, this is the only permanent safari lodge. As a result, you will have access to the park earlier and later than if you were to stay somewhere else.

The safari resort is the height of luxury, complete with air conditioning in opulent rooms decorated in a North African style, as well as many dining and sundowner settings along its expansive riverfront terraces and boardwalks.

The innovative social and environmental initiatives of Chobe Game Lodge are another outstanding aspect. The resort is well-known for its all-female guide staff, electric safari vehicles, and electric boats. It also generates a significant amount of its power and recycles its effluent.

So you may experience thrilling wildlife drives and river safaris guilt-free. With the abundance of elephants, buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, lions, African wild dogs, and other wildlife that makes Chobe one of the most well-known national parks in Africa, this location will undoubtedly provide sightings. How AI, ChatGPT maximizes earnings of many people in minutes

Families will love Chobe Game Lodge since it has so much to offer kids of all ages. Couples who desire some privacy and alone time can contrast it with the closeness and attentive service of the smaller, more secluded safari lodges on your trip. After a day of wildlife drives and river cruises, indulge in a spa treatment and a candlelit dinner for two while the kids run wild in the young explorers club.


  • The only permanent safari lodge inside Chobe National Park is located on the Chobe River, placing guests in the ideal location for the finest of Chobe.
  • A modern safari resort utilizing electric boats and vehicles and an all-female guiding team
  • Great for families with activities for all ages on land and in the water
  • More elephants than you can count!

Final thought

High-end, luxurious safari lodges are well-known in Botswana. While some retain their reputation as luxurious five-star oases of unashamed comfort and sophistication, others center their attention on the wilderness experience.

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