Mind-blowing Safari Lodges in Botswana

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

Botswana is a popular place for adventure. There are some great Safari lodges in Botswana. It is a country we love not only for its spirited natural area but also for conservation ethics and integrity. This article will give an overview of Safari lodges in Botswana.

It is a destination for discerning travelers and supports a tourism structure that celebrates it.

What are some Safari Lodges in Botswana?

Fly-in is just as good as exploring Safari guests or as a source of adventure for self-drivers. Tourists hug while preserving the natural heritage’s ruins.

This unique combination of Africa makes Botswana one of our best destinations for 2020.

We ask our internal Botswana experts to highlight the five safari lodges proposed for this New Year. We have got one for every major safari region in the country.

These well-lit lodges all went through a change of last year which excited us. They have something new to offer.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best Safari lodges in Botswana!

Region: Chobe River
Lodge: Ngoma Safari Lodge

The view of the Chobi River is probably the largest drawcard for the Engoma Safari Lodge.

Ignoring the fragmented lifestyle of Botswana and Namibia, this safari spot is well-developed to make guests feel that they are eating food on top of the world.

It is physically located in the Private Chobi Forest Reserve, so night drives and walking safaris are allowed (and encouraged!.

The National Park is only three kilometers away, so daily game drives are part and parcel of the experience.

Last year, Engoma was transformed into new ownership and partnered with some of our other favorites in Botswana (Gomotti Plain and Machaba Camp), which really caught our attention. Pairing a trusted safari operation with a place like this makes the place truly special.

For a few hours between your safari activities, you’ll eat (dining room view: check), swim (pool with a visit: check) and relaxing relaxation in your suite (a view room: check).

So, the Engoma Safari Lodge has emerged as one of our new favorites and we will be giving our stamp of approval on it.

Region: Okavango Delta
Lodge: Kanana

Kanana Camp makes a list of our best lodges in Botswana for obvious reasons. It was rebuilt in 2019 and got a whole new look that provides this kind of classic safari application.

The Okavango Delta creates a listed lodge that hosts kids and has tents that offer land and water-based safari families.

Fishing is allowed most months of the year and has a star-bed experience awaiting the spirit of romantics and adventurers.

A personal discount at any safari lodge is an added bonus because it offers a bit more freedom in the area of ​​activities and it limits the number of vehicles you can look for. Kanana enjoys that benefit.

This location in Delta means that it can provide seasonal water activities and focus on game drives and walking safaris during the dry months.

Region: Linyanti
Lodge: King’s Pool

Our reasons for loving the King’s Pool began with careful attention to detail. There is a lot of it, believe us, but what sets it apart is that each element speaks to the sustainability of the camp and the celebration of its origins.

This is a premier camp, so it comes at a price, but you get what you pay for when it was rebuilt last year and its new look is a bit of a surprise.

It stays true to its roots and mimics the famous basket-weaving craft of the people of Batswana. Dashes of charcoal, copper and emerald are transformative.

Extensive bold impressions and patterns on the walls and floors give it the worldly use of wood and glass.

We will admit that it is on our list for aesthetic reasons but its location is also in favor of it. It is located just overlooking the King Pool Lagoon in the Linyuanti River system (and the view is great.

The rest of the Chobei is dry and has seen a really spectacular dry season game as animals flock to this area of ​​water year-round, and it has the added bonus of sinking, which has legs from across the globe. Observers and games will excite viewers.

safari lodges in Botswana

Region: Khwai
Lodge: Tuludi Camp

Enjoy the benefits of tactile space and exclusivity. It is just one of a handful of camps with a concession of over 200,000 hectares.

Also, the concession is in the main Okavango Delta area where boats are parts of the water-based activities experience, such as game drives and walking safaris, such as bikes and trips to Mokoro.

The Khwaii Private Reserve is designed to provide an enhanced safari in terms of privacy, while also raising funds to encourage local communities to make a commitment to the ecosystem.

The camp celebrates nature through eco-friendly ethics and minimizes environmental impact. The rooms are stunning but sophisticated and there is a family room that can have three children with their parents.

This is another reason for our favorite picking in the Khoi region of Botswana; It provides quality, offensive comfort to the family.

Region: Makgadikgadi
Lodge: Jack’s Camp

Jack’s camp is one that we still have to wait for! It will reopen its doors shortly after a renovation, and we look forward to a bigger release with expectations.

We expect that the look and feel of this classical “desert” camp will remain the same, as the old age of travel to Botswana is fascinating.

The mercenary paradise that makes the camp feel luxurious – something that would have been reserved for the most archeological adventurers of archeology.

We’ll give you a full overview of the new Jack’s Camp when we see it for ourselves, but this time it is on the list of the best safari lodges in Botswana because of the unique safari activity offered to us.

Markets are rather famous. They are accustomed to the presence of human beings, yet they live in the wild in their old place in the desert of Makgadikgadi.

A controlled encounter with them will allow an intimate, moral, and unforgettable encounter with animals that are not often seen in the wild.

The camp also has the opportunity to meet members of the Sun community and see how their unique abilities and connection to nature have allowed them to survive in the desert for thousands of years.

Guests can walk with Kalahari Bushman, observe how they know animals in the sand, use the tree as medicine and collect water from the desert.

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