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14 FAQs and A Safari Tour Guide To Planning Your Trip

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If you are a beginner, finding a South African safari tour guide would be challenging. Finding the right place for safari is not easy even for the experienced. This article will discuss an overview of the famous South African safari tour guide.

South African safari tour guide

Here is a list of safari tour guides applicable to beginners as well as experience can also have a look for a cross-check:

South Africa has become the destination of choice for safaris, but first-time plans can be overwhelming. Perfect beginner’s itinerary for an unforgettable safari experience in South Africa that definitely encompasses the animals of the big game and then some to see.

Fly to Johannesburg

Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, provides the best link to the safari destination in South Africa. With the new fleet of A330-300s, South African Airways route options and comfort are your best bet.

The Economy Class is amazingly large and each seat is fitted with a 10.1-inch screen and a USB charging port. Business Class boasts an impressive selection of false-flat seats and South African wines.

The city of Jobor should not be regarded simply as a quick pit stop: you should spend at least one night in the city to adjust yourself after a long flight.

The sanctuary can be found at the Dreamy Hotel. Located just 30 minutes from the airport, Your hotel may offer a wide array of green lawns and a tranquil Asian-influenced spa that just feels like the world is moving away. Impeccably decorated, this hotel gives a seamless first impression.

Clockwise from top left: Hallway of Bush Lodge; Outside bath in Selati camp; Suite A Little. Bush Camp; Amber Suite at Earth Lodge; Amber Suite Exterior at Earth Lodge; Dining deck at Selati Camp

Turn on Safari

After a fast recovery in Joburg, South Africa offers several safari destinations when launching safari, but the most famous – and probably the big five (lion, leopard, black or white rhinoceros, African elephant, and Cape buffalo) – in Kruger National Park.

And the most impressive for the region around it. Skukuza Airport sits in the Kruger National Park and is an hour’s drive from Joburg.

The Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, which can be reached via Skukuza or its skyline, is the ultimate luxury safari experience and is ideal for first-time safari travelers.

The reserve sits on an uninterrupted boundary of Kruger and forms part of Greater Kruger Park, which means it gets spectacular wildlife, including the Big Five, without crowding Kruger.

Another reason this safari is the perfect choice for beginners is that Sabi Sabi is made up of four completely unique lodges that offer something for everyone:

Named after the Seleti Camp – the nineteenth-century Selati railway line that offers a traditional tropical safari experience running across parts of the Wildtween of Sabi Bali.

Old World antiques, four-poster beds, and al fresco close-foot tubs offer a romantic, turn-of-the-setting setting for starry-eyed lovers and couples. (For the original treat, book the recently renovated Lorenko Marcus Honeymoon Suite)

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The Earth Lodge is sculpted and built with earth to offer eco-modern tech at the Safari Lodge (the walls are made of a mixture of mud, cement, and aggressive grass).

Bush Lodge is ideal for families with a dedicated kids club and plenty of chic places. (It also played host to a certain Prince Harry)

Little Bush Camp is just six precision suites offering the smallest of Sabi Sabi and an intimate and vibrant cool aesthetic of African design.

All lodges are members of the National Geographic Unique Lodge of World Program and all property is unobstructed, meaning that the wildlife visit will not stop when you return from your double-daily game drive.

Some unforgettable experiences include sightseeing wildlife or even swimming around your private pool while you eat at the breakfast table or take your window out of the comfort of your bed. Specifically, elephants seem to love knocking down Marula trees on the front page of Earth Lodge

For your first trip, stay at least two or three nights if possible – though you still find it difficult to leave.

Cape Town wins

After a few nights in the bush, you can ask for a night or two in Cape Town, South Africa’s most fascinating city.

There are natural wonders such as Table Mountain and the head of a lion; Important sites such as Robben Island are historical sites; And an extraordinary gastronomy scene that will fascinate even the world’s dieters.

For example, Test Kitchen makes a steady presence on the list of best and is instantly the top restaurant in all of Africa.

Wind down in the Western Cape

Finish your trip to South Africa at Grootbs Private Nature Reserve, a 2,7-hectare land less than two hours by taxi to Cape Town.

This luxury eco-haven marine big five (southern right whales, great white sharks, bottle-nosed dolphins, Cape Four Seals, and African penguins), as well as boats on botanical safaris, take guests on a wealth of knowledgeable and passionate nature guides to discover the boon kings and flower boomers.

Hotel Details

A good hotel will start at 6,900 ZR per room per night. These include a suite, breakfast, wifi, complimentary transfer within a 5 km radius to the hotel, and acclaimed transfer to the Gautrain Sandton station.

Sabi Sabi starts at 15,000 JR per person. These include Africa’s big game Safari, open daily for viewing environmental awareness walking safaris, breakfast, lunches, “bomb” dinners, a selection of drinks, WiFi, and transfers from Sabi Sabi Airstrip with appropriate rangers and trackers.

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve starts at 5,200 per person on a two-person basis.

These include lodging in a one-bedroom luxury suite at Garden Lodge, a full breakfast buffet and full English breakfast menu, light lunch, and a five-course dinner.

Water, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and minibar; Horseback riding through the reserve; Guided walks, including Finnobs Nature Tours and Milledwood Walk.

Various coastal steps, including Walker Bay Nature Reserve, De Calders Cliff Walk, and Clipgate Cave, have been combined with seasonal terrestrial whale watching; Bird watching, and transferring to/from all activities.

South Africa Airways offers daily flights to Johannesburg on new A330-300 ships, with easy connectivity to thirty destinations across South Africa.

Safari Tour FAQs

1. How would a safari in Africa be?

On an African safari, there are adventures every day. Every moment is a brand-new experience that is exclusive to that particular instant in time. Animals are all unique, and their behavior is always evolving. You’ll see a variety of landscapes, including broad savannahs, lush marshlands, deep woods, and parched plains.

Let’s break down what it’s like to go on safari.

1. The majority of safaris in Africa last several days. If an African safari is your ideal holiday, a day safari that begins just after sunrise and ends just before sunset is something you can undertake in large public parks like Kruger. Most frequently, a safari lasts seven to 10 days and visits two to three places.

2. You’ll camp out in the wilderness or stay at a resort. This implies that you will be in a wilderness area in Africa that is only reachable by plane or by automobile. Your budget and the operator will determine how luxurious your accommodation will be.

3. You’ll go on game drives each day to see the wildlife. The majority of African safaris include twice-daily game drives (3-4 hours in the morning and 3-4 hours in the afternoon). These gaming drives might take place outside or inside of a car (this depends on where you go on safari and your operator). And it is during these game drives that you go from your camp or lodge to explore the countryside in search of wildlife.

4. It’s not a zoo; it’s an experience. You won’t find the animals waiting for you. You must venture outside and locate the creatures with the aid of your knowledgeable/local guide.

5. All meals, game drives, guides, lodging, and board are included in the cost of an African safari, which is not inexpensive. All drinks, even alcoholic ones, are frequently included in the price.

6. How much time do you need for a South African safari?

The recommended length of time for a safari vacation is between 7 and 15 days for a comprehensive and enjoyable safari experience. While this is an excellent starting point for safari visitors, individual travel needs may dictate other factors.

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Image Credit: San Diego Zoo

7. How may a safari in South Africa be planned?

I’ll attempt to help by offering some advice on how to organize an incredible African safari on a shoestring budget:

  • Pick one or more nations for an African safari.
  • Please list your top destinations in Africa.
  • Set a spending limit for your safari.
  • When to travel on an African safari is up to you.
  • Ask for assistance and travel guidance.

8. Which month is ideal for a South African safari?

May through October is the ideal season to travel to South Africa for a safari. Amid Kruger, Madikwe, Pilanesberg, and KwaZulu-Natal, these months are ideal for observing wildlife since the animals are gathered near water sources and are simpler to identify in the thinning foliage of the dry season.

9. What is the cost of a safari in South Africa?

Costs for an African safari range from $125 to $1,500 per person per night. A safari with a mid-range price tag averages $350 per night, and a luxury safari costs $750. Extreme top safaris might potentially cost $1,500 or more per night! Every budget can practically be accommodated by a safari.

10. How much should I bring with me on a safari?

You are entering a harsh, mainly uninhabited region, except a variety of species. For budgetary considerations, $1,000 per person per day is a decent guideline.

11. What is the price of a 10-day safari?

According to Travel Africa magazine, a 10-day safari in Botswana typically costs between £6000 and 8000 (US$8,500 and $11,000), or $850 and $1100 per person every day. For safaris in Tanzania or Kenya, major international tour operators frequently price $750-$1000 per person per day.

12. Do I need any shots for a safari in South Africa?

Programs or boosters typically suggested: Hepatitis A and diphtheria. Other vaccinations to take into account: Rabies, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, and Typhoid.

13. A sample safari schedule for Africa

There is a set itinerary for a safari, but each day is unique and you won’t see the same species or landscape twice. We’ll describe what a whole day of game drives with Brave Africa is like on a safari. The usual safari itinerary involves spending three to four hours back at camp in the middle of the day.

5:30 AM: Rise and shine at the crack of dawn for a quick team-prepared breakfast and time to get ready for the day.

6:00 AM: Start your all-day game drive. Your guide will search for recent animal footprints from the previous night. Animals are most active around dawn and in the cold early hours.

9:00 AM: Stop for a quick snack and coffee, tea, or juice in the woods. The time for morning tea will be moved back or started sooner if you spot amazing animals. The visitors and the animals will decide.

Noon: Your safari guide will choose a lovely spot in the jungle with some cover to have a bush lunch. Our chef will prepare a full meal for lunch, complete with wine (if wanted).

1:30 PM: Continue looking for wildlife on your afternoon game drive.

6:00 PM: After sunset, take another little pause for food and alcoholic beverages. Enjoy the sunset and any last-minute wildlife sightings before it becomes too dark.

7:00 PM: Return to camp as night falls. You may either wait till after supper or take a shower right away.

7:30 PM: Savor a delectable supper made by the chef that honors both regional and continental cuisine. Any dietary requirements you may have will be accommodated by our chef.

9:00 PM: Take in the warmth of the fire, reflect on your day, and take in the beauty of the starry night sky before going to bed early in preparation for another busy day tomorrow.

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Image Credit: Adventure Life

14. Which locations in Africa should I visit?

Africa is a continent, not a nation! And it’s enormous. Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe (to mention a few) are just a few of the fantastic nations and settings for a safari, and they all provide distinctive experiences.

  • The most well-known safari location in the world is located in South Africa: Kruger National Park. Fitness – Meditation – Diet – Weight Loss – Healthy Living – Yoga
  • Enthusiasts go to Kenya and Tanzania to view the Serengeti and The Great Migration.
  • Sand dunes, vast landscapes, and unusual fauna are all found in Namibia.
  • The gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda are the most famous.
  • Victoria Falls and safaris are available in Zimbabwe.

There is also Botswana. It’s a less well-known safari destination where you may see the Okavango Delta. The focus of the trip is on an unspoiled environment, opulent campgrounds and hotels, amazing animals, and few crowds. Additionally, Botswana has around 130,000 more elephants than any other nation in the world. If you want to go on safari, this is where you should go.

It’s ultimately up to you where you go on safari. We advise you to thoroughly consider your options and pick a place that meets your needs and preferences. In some places, it’s really busy, while in others, you have to pay for solitude. You are entirely in charge.

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