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Safari in April has some basic characteristics. April shows East Africa in the middle of its long monsoon, and South Africa comes out in the summer and enjoys low temperatures and rainfall.

The weather may be unpredictable at this time of year, so pack accordingly. Be sure to pack light clothing to cover open areas, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and high-factor sun lotions during the safari in April.

And of course, keep a raincoat nearby for a weird shower. Read this article for a complete safari packing list and more about asanas tu in Africa while going for the safari in April.

Places to visit wildlife can be disastrous – largely due to the thicker green plants and higher water availability during the dry months. But bird watching is still great, though many summer migrants have now returned to their breeding grounds.

Expect fewer tourists and lower prices than during the clear safari months, and many lodges far away from easily accessible areas still offer discounts at this time of year, while others are still closed due to high levels of floodwater.

Be aware of mosquitoes during twilight and darkness, and wear long sleeves and long pants, sleep under the mosquito and apply some form of mosquito repellent.

We suggest you exercise caution during this time – please consult your doctor before or during the safari in April.

South Africa

The routes to Cape Town and the Garden are now enjoying the mild weather of early autumn, and even with the long summer days, you can enjoy beaches and outdoor living.

And of course, there is no festive season queue, which means great opportunities for wine, dining and chilling on the beach.

Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa is good for all seasons and April is no exception.

The national park is busy all year long, and we instead propose a private archive on the west side of the park, where privacy enhances the experience. Great guides increase your chances of finding the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo).

In South Africa, we also recommend giving the Madikwe Game Reserve a safari. Not only is it a malaria-free zone, but it’s also a great place to look for the Big 5 and other endangered species such as leopards, wild dogs, and brown hyenas during the safari in April.

In Botswana, many lodges offer good discounts on the green season – but note that wildlife of the popular species is few and far between.

The annual Okavango Delta floodwater is moving south from the Angolan highlands, but in April, the area is still in the north and many have not yet reached the lodge during the safari in April.

Lodges with deep water channels, which lasted only in April, provide water activities such as boat buys and macaro excursions.

For both Zambia and Zimbabwe, the adventure capital of Victoria Falls is open for business all year long and is a must for any Africa-fanatical fanatics.

The river is high during April, so expect to be sprayed dry and deaf at the sound of the torrent at the waterfall and at the lower neck while you are in the safari in April.

East and Central Africa

If you visit in April to see the Great Wildebeest Migration, you will need your rain jacket. The flocks are now in Serengeti, southwest of Tanzania, and they cross the Ndutu region, crossing the Simba Kopje on the Moru side during the safari in April.

Safari in September

There are lions in Simba Kopje and in the strictly photographic sense of the word it is worth spending some time on the lion hunt.

The wettest part of the day is dusk. Rain makes the plains slippery and vehicles will fight to get anywhere. Click here for a month-by-month description of the world’s greatest show for the safari in April.

Great migration explanation

Kenya’s Masai Mara is now enjoying its ‘secret season’ at a later stage when tourists are few, and a large number of hunting species that are not pursuing livestock begin to attack.

Deer breed youngsters can easily pick up for the big cats renowned by the BBC’s Big Cat Diary. For many Kenyan locals, this is the perfect time to stay in Masai Mara.

Islands like Zanzibar and Seychelles are enjoying their annual long rainfall and the onset of the monsoon season, and so for those who prefer cloudless skies, we recommend avoiding the islands in April.

April is seeing heavy rainfall for trekking the mountains and lowland gorillas, chimps and gold monkeys and so we do not recommend delaying your wetting experience until it gets too wet.

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