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Do you know how fast can rhinos run? Some of us don’t even believe that a rhino can also run fast. When you will be able to know how fast can rhinos run, you will be astonished. See below how fast can a rhinos run in the major species :

White rhinoceros: 50 km/h
Black rhinoceros: 55 km/h

Indian rhinoceros: 55 km/h

How fast does a Rhino run?
How fast does a Rhino run?

For such a large creature, the rhinoceros really knows how to run. They are the fastest mammals weighing up to 1000 kilograms.

The rhinoceros is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, although five living species have been widespread and compressed in number due to human influence. Despite their titanic, tank-like bulk, the rhinos can be surprisingly fast: the fastest can reach at least 50 kilometers per hour (31 miles).

It's the Fastest Mammal Weighing Over a Ton
It’s the Fastest Mammal Weighing Over a Ton

The top speed of rhinoceros species

Moving speeds of both Indians and Sumatra rhinos can be 40 kilometers (25 miles) an hour and possibly more. The Swiffer is probably the two African rhinoceros. White rhinoceros – the largest of all modern rhinoceros – bolt 40 to 50 kilometers (25 to 31 miles) per hour, while smaller black rhinoceros could reach 55 kilometers per hour (34 miles).

Rhinoceros locomotion

Muscular back legs provide the tendency to stretch most of the tendon. The animals are usually driven on a Swift trot but hit full speed in a canter or gallop. Although rhinoceros is not a patient athlete, the regional rush in black rhinoceros can cover miles better. Black rhinos are especially famous for their ability to charge tight turn mids – and fear.


A white rhino run can reach speeds of 50 km / h (31 mph). Black rhinoceros can run at speeds of up to 55 kilometers per hour (35 miles), the same speed as their cousins in Sumatra.

Motivation for running

Rhinos will take planes from predators – especially large cats, such as African lions and Asian tigers – though adults are rarely hunted and are responsible for charging the carnivores. The dominant black and white rhinoceros bulls will chase down subordinates, but, as escapes spread their backs in the face of an unrestricted obstacle, the subdued creatures are often out of conflict.

Rhino's Locomotion
Rhino’s Locomotion

Rapid acceleration from a tank-like build

What is most amazing about the rhinos is not just how fast they can run, but how fast they can get up to speed.

Despite being made like tanks, they can go from zero to full speed in just a few steps. This makes them incredibly dangerous, as there is no warning and no chance of getting out of the way.

Compared to other African giants, rhinoceroses are much faster than hippos (30 km / h) and elephants (40 km / h). Rhino is the fastest of all mammals weighing 1000 kg.

Run for the survival
Run for the survival

How fast can a black rhino go?

Among the rhino species, Krishna is the fastest rhino. The calves are running after their mom – they are probably fighting to keep up!

This species is also capable of swimming, though rhinoceros is not a good swimmer; Their bulk and build are not very convenient to stay in the water. So if you want to avoid charging rhinoceros, the lake or river is probably the safest place.

How Fast Does a Rhino Run?
How Fast Does a Rhino Run?

How fast is a white rhinoceros?

White rhinoceros is the heaviest of the rhino species. They can spread at a speed of 50 km / h for short periods of time. It takes a lot of effort to run this fast but it’s an incredible defense strategy.

When a white rhinoceros is angry or angry it can choose to charge. Usually after a few steps other animals (or vehicles) will quickly get out of the way. Carnage is confirmed after a white rhino is driven directly into something else.

Learning from mother
Learning from father

Unlike black rhinoceros, white rhinoceros calves usually go before their mothers. This can be seen as a form of protection, especially if rhinoceros is run out of danger. White rhinoceroses are also unable to swim, though they sometimes bathe in the shallow river.

At what age can rhinoceroses live?

There is no crawling for these mammals – newborn rhinos start walking within the first hour of coming to Earth.

However, they will be shaking their legs for the first few weeks and it will be another two months before the rhinoceros is eating more than his mother’s milk.

Rhinos cannot run at 50 km / h in their first year. Only when they develop into mature adults do they reach this pace.

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