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Zambia is an awesome African country with attractions fo travel as well as safari. As an adventure lover, you would be crazy to experience the charm of Zambia travel on your own, or with your family. This article will give an overview of Zambia travel.

Why Zambia travel?

Zambia is the prestigious lodge and thanks to 19 different national parks that are just off the beaten track. The diversity of experiences in this great string of protected areas is amazing and many of you are likely to see it yourself of Zambia travel.

Most of the Zambia Safari Lodge is owned and operated seasonally – some are made literally every year during the rains, then lowered by floodwater and reconstructed from local ingredients if re-access is possible. It is this handmade and renewable feel that makes a safari in Zambia so unique and personal.

That said, you will inevitably start your Zambian safari in the popular African and iconic Victoria Falls on Zimbabwe or in Livingstone, next to Zambia. From there you have options for Zambia travel choice.

Arrows intersect and lower jams Ejite elephants are communicating with.

And, Zambia offers a truly unique experience and an eclectic range for those who follow the beat-track destinations.

These include the annual relocation of several million large bats to Casanca, the bizarre showboat of Bangauloo, the annual uplift across the remote plains of the Liua Plain, and the historical and historical Shiva Nagandu manor house and estate.

When will I go to Zambia?

Excluding Victoria Falls, which is a year-round Zambia travel destination, some of Zambia’s most inaccessible lodges are closed in wet months from November to April – mainly because seasonal floods make those areas accessible.

Many areas that are truly accessible during the rainy season provide attractive ‘green season’ rates and this is a great time for bird watchers and budget-conscious travelers to experience the wonders of Zambia’s holidays.

In addition to the more popular destinations listed below, Zambia offers multiple exceptional experiences for discerning travelers to experience truly unique faces and experiences.

zambia travel

Casanca – Bat Migration

Travel to Zambia and witness the world’s largest mammal migration – the transformation of 10 million strawberry bats into the Casanca National Park annually in November.

These first big rains travel from the Congo to Kasanka when the first rains reach Kasanka, to taste fruits like musku, muffins, and mango.

Lua plane – strange migration

The far-flung Liua plane designates Africa’s second-largest arbitrary migration destination in November each year, as thousands of bright park gathers with the onset of the monsoon.

This rainfall makes the carpet bloom noticeable by countless floral species, and millions of water birds arrive, blending it to create an exceptional safari experience.

Shiva Nagandu – English Manor House with a Story

Shiva Nagandu is a historic and grand English country house of the Zambia travel and estate built for many years by someone determined to rule Africa.

The fascinating story behind this property of the Zambia travel is captured in a book by Hollywood stuff and Africa House. The estate is extremely remote but there is an airstrip.

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