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10 Best Safari in February and How Can You Make It?

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Safari in February is challenging as well as thrilling. February in Africa means a long summer day. This month comes welcomes you in the midst of thunderstorms and lush green landscapes filled with nutritious food for both hunters and hunters that give a great experience of the real Safari in February.

This breeding season and there are young animals and birds everywhere! The bush buzzes with excitement and abundance. February’s safari in Africa. In Kenya and northern Tanzania, February is a great time to do a safari. In the surrounding countries of Rwanda and Uganda, it’s also a perfect season to undertake chimpanzee and gorilla trekking.

Animals are easier to notice in the shorter grasses and around waterholes in February since it’s a dry season. The majority of the young wildebeest are born in the migrating herds in the southern Serengeti in February. In these months, animals may prefer to leave Tarangire, but birding is at its finest. In contrast to the short, dark days of the Northern Hemisphere, Africa celebrates this time of year with color and brilliance.

Expect fewer tourists and lower prices than during the Safar Safari months, and lodges far away from easily accessible areas offer discounts at this time of year during the Safari in February.  Some lodges are even closed for a month or two. Seasonal camps in regions such as the Luangwa Valley of Zambia, during this time, are experiencing heavy rainfall and floods, which are closed for five to six months and are open in May each year.

Wildlife viewing sites can be disastrous, especially if early rains are good and bushvelds are dense, but bird watching is at its peak due to breeding activities and the presence of summer migrants.

Best Safari in February and How Can You Make It

This is a great time to enjoy these little celebrated little things like frogs and turtles, and a combination of ag gulls, snakes, and leopards to feed emerging ants to start their breeding cycle.

Be sure to pack light clothing to cover open areas, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and high-factor sun lotions. And of course, keep a raincoat nearby for a weird shower.

Please be aware of mosquitoes and wear long sleeves and long pants in the dark, sleep under the mosquito and apply some form of mosquito repellent. We suggest you exercise caution during this time – please consult your doctor.

1. South Africa

Cape Town and the Garden Route are at the peak of summer and the festive season crowds but all have disappeared which means great opportunities for wine, dining, and chilling on the beach with the locals. Perhaps some herbs combine coastal celebrations with time during the Safari in February.?

Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa is good for all seasons and February is no exception. The national park is busy all year long, and we recommend the private archive instead of the west end of the park, where privacy enhances the experience.

Great Guiding increases your chances of finding the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo).

Also, in South Africa, we recommend doing a safari for the Madikwe Game Reserve during the Safari in February.

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Not only is it a malaria-free region, but it’s also a great place to look for other sought-after species such as the Big 5 and cheetahs, painted wolves, and brown hyenas.

Photos are a great time to budget frequently anywhere in Botswana, as many lodges offer good green season discounts – although re-visits are rare and can happen in between.

Be aware that the number of annual Okavango Delta floodwaters received from the Angolan Highlands has decreased, and that only permanent deep water channels still provide aquatic activities such as boat baiting and Mokoro travel.

For both Zambia and Zimbabwe, the adventure capital of Victoria Falls is open for business all year long and is a must for any Africa-fanatical fanatics.

2. Swimming on the beach in Cape Town

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to enjoy the sea is to swim, and many of South Africa’s top beaches are ideal for doing so. Here are 10 of the best swimming beaches in the nation. Others of them are Blue Flag-listed, some are well-kept mysteries, and some are popular tourist destinations.

Beautiful view, excellent swimming, room to spread out, or, perhaps, not too much sand! We all have our tastes. Fortunately, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean coastlines of Cape Town are peppered with an incredible variety of beaches, each with its unique personality and attractions.

With its warmer water, Blue Flag certification, and charming and vibrant Victorian bathing boxes, Muizenberg is undoubtedly Cape Town’s most family-friendly beach.

Cape Town and the Garden Route are at the peak of summer and the festive season crowds have all but disappeared which means great opportunities for wine, dining, and chilling on the beach during the Safari in February.

3. East and Central Africa

Half a million wild beasts are born in Tanzania’s southern Serengeti lowland plains every year, and February has the highest birthing rate, and sometimes it is estimated that about 6,000 are born every day.

Lots of new grass makes Lake Mek and Led Ndutu the ideal area for germs to grow.

The livestock will be kept for a while in the southeast Ndutu region after the calf is born, before moving clockwise north.

Kenya’s Masai Mara is now enjoying its ‘secret season’ when tourists are few, and resident predators attack a large number of hunting species that do not follow livestock during the Safari in February.

Residential species such as Thomson and Grant’s gazelles, impalas, warthogs, topis, and coke’s heartbeats have been very easily picked up for the big cats recently renowned by the BBC’s Big Cat Diary.

For many Kenyan locals, this is the perfect time to stay in Masai Mara during the Safari in February.

Islands such as Zanzibar, Seychelles, and Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago are fantastic in February, making a combined bush-and-beach vacation an irresistible choice.

After trekking for mountain gorillas, chimps, and gold monkeys at Kibble National Park in Uganda and Volcano National Park in Rwanda, now the best views of the mountain and volcanic reservoir are forever gone.

For trekking lowland gorillas, head to the Odjala-Kokoa National Park in Congo to preserve these gentle giants as well as other features such as bonuses, forest buffalo, and forest elephants.

4. Tanzania

You should expect to observe many young wildebeests trailing their moms closely since the Southern Serengeti Plains and the nearby Ndutu region start calving in February. The likelihood of spotting predators like lions, leopards, and cheetahs hiding nearby is also quite high; nevertheless, wildebeest are born with an instinct to flee like the wind if danger comes and may reach amazing speeds even after just 15 minutes of being born.

To observe the “next generation” of the Great Migration making their first shaky steps in the world while on safari, the Ngorongoro Crater’s wildlife viewing is still routinely excellent.

With its bright, sunny days in February, Zanzibar is a fantastic island to visit. It’s the ideal spot to unwind after going on safari.

Divers might be interested to know that this month is when the whale shark migration is most active, making Pemba Island the ideal location to visit if you want to see this creature in the ocean’s depths. This is a truly unique experience because some whale sharks can grow to be up to 12 meters long!

5. Uganda

Visits to Uganda’s Bwindi National Park’s endangered mountain forest gorillas are one of life’s greatest safari adventures, and February is a terrific time to do it. Being in the dry season (with the occasional rainshower, because they do, after all, live in rainforests!) Because of this, the trails are simpler to follow; nonetheless, if you struggle with parts of the climbing, porters are available to help. Due to the limited number of daily gorilla permits available, making a reservation as soon as possible is always highly recommended.

Although you may travel to Uganda only to view the gorillas, the other of the nation’s national parks are also worthwhile stops. Spending a few nights in the lovely Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is home to a diverse range of wildlife including elephants, lions, hippos, buffalo, Uganda kob, baboons, and many kinds of birds, is a common pairing with Bwindi.

You may take a boat ride into the Victoria Nile Delta from Murchison Falls, which is located farther north, to witness elephants, hippopotamuses, and huge crocodiles. Why not end the tour with some more primates? You may follow chimpanzees in the Kibale National Park and enjoy observing them for about an hour in their natural habitat.

6. Kenya

In any of the game reserves, this is a really lovely time to go on safari, although February may be quite hot—one it’s of the warmest months. The savanna plains are home to several young antelope foals and zebra calves, so you can always anticipate the big cats and hyenas to be nearby.

For sun enthusiasts wishing to escape the chilly Northern Hemisphere damp and dismal February days, the Kenyan Coast offers temperatures well into the early 30 degrees C (over 90 degrees F). February is one of the greatest months for this sport if you wish to swim with or view whale sharks.

Due to the bright, sunny days and milder nighttime temperatures than in other months, hiking up Mount Kenya is also a well-liked pastime during this month. The dry, hot weather concentrates the animals around water sources, making now a good or exceptional time to go on a safari in northern Kenya, such as in Laikipia or the Samburu Game Reserve.

7. Rwanda

In Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, February is also one of the finest months for gorilla trekking. Since the air is dryer, trekking is easier on the ground. Additionally, this is the month with the lowest risk of malaria, which is always a benefit!

Wildlife safaris in Rwanda may be done in the several national parks, giving you the chance to discover the wildlife of the “country of a thousand hills,” where you will view the big five mammals and endangered primate species, among other things. Because Rwanda has more habituated mountain gorilla groups than Uganda, permits there are typically easier to get.

8. Botswana

Botswana is one of the most rewarding safari locations and is also rated as the safest safari destination in all of Africa. Although it is not the cheapest, it is also not the most costly nation in Africa for a safari.

The Okavango Delta in Botswana, a place where buffalo and swimming lions fight, is unquestionably the best place to go on an African safari. Northern Botswana is home to the enormous inland river delta known as the Okavango Delta. It is renowned for its vast expanses of grass that periodically flood, creating a thriving wildlife habitat.

The east and center of the territory are occupied by the Moremi Game Reserve. Dugout boats are utilized in this area to get through hippos, elephants, and crocodiles. Lions, leopards, giraffes, and rhinos are among the land animals.

Botswana’s top safari resorts. The greatest Botswana safari camps are Duba Plains, Chobe Chilwero Lodge, Selinda Explorers Camp, Abu Camp, Jack’s Camp, and Letaka Tented Camp. Botswana is one of the most well-known safari locations on the African continent.

9. Malawi

You will proceed to Liwonde National Park from Majete. While Liwonde may be smaller, it’s probably better. In Malawi, no two safari experiences are the same. Chintheche, Salima, Likoma (Island), and Nkhata Bay are some more well-liked locations around the lake; each offers something distinctive and unique.

Wildlife watching is always enjoyable, and if you can tolerate the heat, you might be able to locate some amazing deals. Here are some of our top picks for family vacations in Southern Africa: South Luangwa National Park, Zomba, Ntchisi, Liwonde National Park, and the southern lakeshore.

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Image Credit: Yellow Zebra Safaris

10. Mozambique

Consider including Bazaruto, Ibo Island, the Quirimbas Archipelago, Inhambane and Tofo, Maputo, Mozambique Island, Ponta do Ouro, and Vilanculos in your custom safari itinerary for Mozambique in February.

The greatest time to visit Mozambique is between September and November, when the weather is calm and pleasant, ranging from 81°F to 90°F, and wildlife watching is at its optimum. The climate of Mozambique is subtropical. Temperatures during the dry season, which lasts from April to December, range from 77°F to 90°F. Motivation – Mind – Success – Thinking – Productivity – Happiness

Avoid February if at all possible because it is still the wet and cyclone season. (November to March) Turtles come ashore to lay their eggs: Since many years ago, Mozambique has safeguarded the five kinds of turtles that nest there and come ashore to lay eggs on the sand.

February Safari ‘At a Glance’

  • Visit Cape Town, drive the Garden Route, and conclude your journey with a malaria-free safari.
  • Meet the next generation of wildebeest in the Southern Plains of the Serengeti and take a 12-
  • Meter whale sharks dive off the shore of Pemba Island.
  • In Uganda or Rwanda, go on a mountain gorilla trek to save the species.
  • Experience Kenya’s gorgeously hot weather while on a safari and at the beach.

Final thought

February is a romantic and heart-shaped month. Africa undoubtedly embraces this; there is something really romantic about taking a safari game drive as the sun sets or strolling along a pristine sandy beach while the warm waves slap at your toes. And even if you’re not the most romantic person in the world, it’s still good to get away from the persistently gloomy, chilly conditions in the Northern Hemisphere and head south for some Winter sun and some unforgettable safari adventures.

In much of sub-Saharan Africa, the dry season, which lasts from June to October, is the ideal time to go on a safari. Animals prefer to gather around water sources since there is a shortage of water at this time, making them easier to notice (for safari-goers and predators).

However, we also heartily advise visiting specific regions of Africa immediately following the rainy season. You may experience a wilder, more distant safari at this time of year since the savannah is green, the forests are alive with birds, and fewer people are visiting the parks.

For bird watchers, February is plenty of time in Uganda and Rwanda. Here are the Albertine Rift Endemics with the highly sought-after avian gems such as green broadbills and Green-breasted pita during the Safari in February.

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