(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

The beautiful Kasanka National Park has added just six brand new and exciting experiences for visitors to enjoy. There are many reasons to visit there, this article will discuss 6 reasons one must visit and experience Kasanka National Park.

This activity lets our guests see the best of the Kasanka National Park while offering some truly unique and special ways to experience the bush.

1. Sunrise, Sittangas, and wetlands

There is no better time to experience the bush in the Kasanka National Park than in the morning when the animals are most beautiful and nature, enjoy the game drive early in its pontoon and watch the mist lift over the marshland with a warm cup of coffee.

Cross the wetlands and watch the Sitatunga graze.

2. Bicycles and bats forest

Ditch the safari vehicle and get closer to nature than ever before in the lap of Kasanka National Park.

Cycle on a mountain bike in Kasanka Bat Forest where you can hide from the right places and get a peaceful view of the plains while having the opportunity to experience magnificent birds and wildlife.

3. Wasa Walk

Take a game drive around Magical Wassa Lake and stretch your legs in the guide step to the perfect sun owner while your safari in the Kasanka National Park.

4. Experience bats

Kasanka bat migration is the largest wildlife migration in the world, which is only available in the Kasanka National Park.

During the bats season, hide the BBC or NH to get a few interesting testimonies to drop a few million bats or come to the sun.

5. Kasanka Trust Day

Kasanka Trust Day gives visitors the opportunity to visit the Casanca Conservation Center to observe a lesson at a local school around Kasanka National Park.

After that, there will be lunch at the education center. Next, researchers join the field as they follow the kinda baboons and share their findings and findings.

6. The Luwombwa Loop

As you enjoy the diverse birdlife of the park, the Lumbumbwa Loop offers canoeing or boating along the Lumbumbwa River.

Then enjoy a picnic lunch at the river, then visit the Bufumu campsite with the tallest tree in Jamaica.

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