19 Evergreen Expeditions Adventures and Safaris

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

There are some heavenly blessings on earth in the form of expeditions adventures and safaris. Adventure lovers love to go out of box and love to experience fun and expeditions adventures and safaris.

This article will give an overview of  19 world-famous expeditions adventures and safaris for adventure-loving travelers.

Famous expeditions, adventures, and safaris

Here is a list of all-time great expeditions, adventures, and safaris, let’s see:

1. Ngorongoro (Tanzania)

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ngorongoro crater is one of the natural glasses that have magical settings and a high density of animals.

As part of Tanzania’s Northern Circuit, this national park ensures that your safari trip will be rich in wildlife and wonder.

As the officially wet season begins, December’s scattered rains welcome the animals into the plains, providing much-needed relief for the animals.

With a high concentration of wildlife and strange migration, there is no crisis of sightseeing this month.

Along with the great bureaucratic migration, hidden African hunters keep an eye on the weakest among the feathers. Ngorongoro is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

Elite birds fly in the sky while strangers stumble upon the bursting green scenery, making this hole a paradise for photographers and safari-goers.

Lined with luxurious lodges and dotted with campsites, you will soon discover why it is the only place on earth where humankind and wild animals meet together.

There is nothing like being a few meters away from wildlife and being surrounded by the ultimate natural beauty. Make sure you bring layers even though those spectacular sunrises can get chilly here!

2. Rwanda

Imagine trekking in the Rwanda Virunga volcano slope. For a pair of brown eyes follow the trails lit by sunlight beneath the canopy of greenery scanning green in containers.

Gorilla families cannot describe the wards gorilla tracking tour as you spend your days in daily living.

Hot in the day and hot at night, the scattered showers of December provide cool solace.

Let the rain not bother you, this month is the winter season because the experience of keeping an eye on those amazing human-like primates that traveled half way around the world is not enough.

Gorillas and chimpanzees burst into their hydrated green.

The jungles are full of delicious leaves and flower blooms, making this the perfect treat for powerful primates. Endemic birds also have a simple view of the nest in a quadruped view.

This time of year is very popular to spend Christmas day with guerrillas, so it’s important to secure your permission soon.

Although the prices may be high, the peak season attracts many travelers in Rwanda increasing the likelihood of meeting your like-minded travelers who all dream of the same.

3. Botswana: Central Kalahari

Do you dream of going on a safari in the wilderness without the wildlife around you? Then fall asleep at the sound of the roaring lions at Mid Kalahari Game Reserve.

As the second-largest game reserve, the dry plains are the Black Lion and Africa’s infamous Big Five predator. Botswana is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

Normally when you imagine a desert you have dried, cracked, grounded and submerged the sun on a dark horizon.

Wildlife is golden and abundant with sweet potatoes filled with buds and shoots of plants.

Sitting in the green season, the animals are seen gathering in the holes like a baby in a candy shop. Animals celebrate the start of the birthing season with wildlife watching.

December is the perfect time for that morning’s game drive. The crack of dawn brings a comfortable 18-degree centigrade temperature, making these drives more enchanting through the dusty pink sky. The days get warmer though, so make sure you pack cool, damp clothing.

4. Sri Lanka

The island of Sri Lanka is a country rich in color and culture. Ancient Buddhist temples, beautiful landscapes, plantations where women of colorful sarees pick tea leaves and elephants in the national parks where the elephants cool off in the midday sun.

As the monsoon rages, there are some days in December that are hot and dry, perfect for a safari adventure and relaxing on the beach.

This rain has left the lush green landscape just waiting to be explored. There is no better time to explore this island paradise.

The wildlife of Yala National Park is evolving during this green season, as they use a lot of plants.

Elephants are spreading their backs to cool off on a dry day, and Asiatic cats are shadowing underneath trees to escape the Middle Air.

Although wildlife is hard to find, the scenery is bright and the beaches attract ancient interesting travelers from all over the world and peak season prices.

It is best to book well in advance to make sure you take a bath on your Christmas gold beach and swim in the aquamarine waters.

5. Maldives

This small race encompasses a diverse marine life consisting of 2,000 coral islands that create a hotspot for snorkeling and diving in the clear warm waters, capital city men, mosques and bright buildings, and its fish markets and fresh fruits on offer.

With the lowest rainfall, equatorial temperatures and clear skies, December is the dry season.Maldives is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

Labeled as a honeymoon hotspot, there is no better time to experience your own island paradise excursion than this month’s visitors, but they come closer to Christmas and New Year’s.

Being a few miles from land, the Maldives is experiencing fascinating marine life all year long. Crystal-clear waters are upbeat and incredibly inviting, sun-soaked beaches offer an ancient and relaxed experience, and the delicious emerald-green plants serve as a shadow of release from the heated sun.

While living in the Maldives, the simplest thing to live a luxurious life is quite a place where you should allow yourself to splurge, after all, it is an island paradise and a dream destination for many. A generous enjoyment is part of the Maldives experience, so it is a good idea to make your budget in advance.

6. Serengeti (Tanzania)

The Serengeti is the reserve you have always dreamed of, a sprawling landscape of swamps on the grasslands, sprinkled with bobbling trees and magnificent beasts.

Extraordinary hunting sights make this place a perfect destination for first-time safari-goers.

Although the mantle reserve promises spectacular views throughout the year, this month is a splendid venture from the Plains of Masai Mara to the northern Serengeti Maidan.

This visit is one of the most famous highlights of Serengeti and promises plenty of wildlife and scenery that will take your breath away!

Great migration takes you to a performance stage in the plains! You can expect to see the circle of life in action as the Big Five makes a feast on migratory mammals.

Regal lions scan the beasts along with zebras to hunt the tired prey and elephants. This Grand Extravaganza is not to be missed!

Combine your African safari to meet the local tribe. Get a unique perspective on what life is like in this dry land and spend time with locals calling Serengeti home.

Due to their location, Masai people are the most well-known and give visitors the opportunity to participate in their fascinating cultural traditions.

7. Zambia

Thanks to one of the world’s wonders, Zambia is a favorable hotspot for nature lovers. Zambia is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

The magnificent flora, the mighty Zambezi River, the wildlife-rich national park and the welcoming locals make this Victoria Falls one of the most attractive countries in Africa.

With scattered showers and blue skies, November brings sparks of much-needed hydration to Zambia’s delicious plants.

Although the rainfall is minimal, they do not affect wildlife sightings as incredible bats and fraudulent migrations are in full swing.

Living in Africa’s second-largest Wendebest migration, the Liu Plain National Park has fought a great deal of fighting since it boiled for fresh vegetation.

Look at the Casanaka National Park as thousands of fruit bats rise in the peachy sunset sky. Pure happiness!

Unexpected November weather may cause roads to become slippery and sometimes even blocked. Therefore, we recommend choosing a guided tour.

Staying with someone who knows the land can be a great asset to us in this situation, as well as increasing your chances of encountering wildlife!

8. Ranthambore National Park

Imagine going on a safari, scanning the dense jungle bushland for a pair of curious cat eyes. Ranthambore Safari, where the Royal Bengal Tigers roam and depart from New Delhi.

Snapping photos of the tiger you play hide-and-seek with is a rewarding reminder of your exotic Indian safari adventure.

With long grass, flower blooms, rich wildlife, and pleasant temperatures, there is no better time to visit this vibrant national park.

A spectacular view and dry scrubs, unlike the green season tutti, transform into a colorful haven for photographers and nature lovers.

Knitting in the grass is where the Bengal Tigers hunt their prey, shake the stag deer innocently, the Asiatic Cheetah grows lazy and sits on a tree trunk.

Don’t let too many plants bother you, when you lock your eyes it makes these animals a game of search and hide and even more rewards!

Try connecting your safari to southern India at the beginning of the month. The monsoon season ends in early December, so it is best to plan your trip at the end of the month to see bath elephants in southern India.

expeditions adventures and safaris

9. South Africa

There is much to explore in the vineyards of the Dratensburg Mountains and gardens on the park, starting from the wildlife-rich plains of South Africa, the Kruger National Park, and the historic wilderness of Zululand.

Full of that trivial African beauty, South Africa offers an incredible insight into life on this remarkable continent. SOuth Africa is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

Many baby animals arrive in November from Imphal to the turtles. South Africa transforms into a photographer’s paradise with lush emerald-green plants and flowers.

Rain and afternoon thunderstorms bring relief to the rising summer temperatures.

No doubt, the defining characteristic of South Africa is the diversity of wildlife inhabited by asthma.

Big Five Fowl plains in Kruger National Park are filling the bucket lists of interested safari enthusiasts, whales migrating near Hermanus and watching penguins swim in Boulder Beach

Go to the beach in KwaZulu-Natal. With low rainfall and warmer temperatures along the coast, there is no better place to swim in aquamarine waters.

Kawazulu-Natal is the place to be as the sun sets and the turtles emerge from their hibernation with newborn babies.

10. Botswana

Exploring Botswana on the Okavango Delta and crossing the Shawla, floating on Macau, floating on the Chobe River and knitting between elephant trunks. Botswana offers a unique safari experience like this anywhere in Africa.

November brings the summer temperatures and cool refreshing rain as Botswana’s shoulder season.Botswana is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

Although animals roam in water sources, the beginning of the month remains bone-dry. Rates are low and wildlife is getting richer as the plains begin to dot with lush greenery and flowering flowers.

There is no better time to travel by the river Chibi than at the beginning of November. Banks are more full than ever before with the wildlife soaking at the end of the dry season.

At the end of November, Central Kalahari is the place to be, as many swarms of springboards try to protect their newborn from predatory predators.

Don’t let the rains keep you from this beautiful country! The water level will still be low in the Okavango Delta, a short grassy plain that is great for watching games.

Why not consider an overland ride instead of an open-top jeep for that extra shelter.

11. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a unique country unlike any other, full of experiences that captivate audiences with new adventures, people and landscapes. Ethiopia is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

With a variety of world heritage swimming sites, strong coffee aromas and a wide smile from locals, this diverse and desert country will leave you planning your return.

Unlike South Africa, November brings Ethiopia’s dry season and bright warm days and cool nights. With a slight rainfall, it is considered to be the peak season and presents natural conditions in every corner of the country from the Semian Mountains to the Great Rift Valley

In addition to the unique wildlife, Ethiopia’s landscapes hold so much wealth to explore. From the charming pools of the Danakil Depression and the ancient traditions of the Omo Valley to the roaring heart of the Damien rocks and Addis Ababa in the Semien Mountains.

Although Ethiopia generally enjoys a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit), most countries where the altitude is sitting can be very cool in the evening. Great idea packing several pairs of long trousers, as well as a sweater, scarf and a few thick socks!

12. The Philippines

From the white-sand beaches of Boracay to the striking beaches of Palawan, this humble country has more than 7,680 islands with everything you need. This unique wildlife, rice paddy, aquamarine water, and world-class diving and surfing spots will secure a special place in your heart.

As in the equatorial country, the weather may be unpredictable, but with the onset of the November dry season, the rainfall is more frequent.

With lower rates and less crowded, the picture-perfect islands are more remote and transformed into the secluded beach paradise we dreamed of.

There are some of the best scuba diving spots in the Philippines around the world, especially since it lies in the Coral Triangle where whale sharks migrate this month and here scuba diving will blow your mind. There are 20 species of fish in the country, 5000 species of mollusks, and more!

Long stretches of white sand and beach bars are scattered all over the coast, making it the fifth paradise that is perfect for relaxing all day and partying all night. Aside from having a party, there are plenty of adventure items that should not be missed.

13. Kenya

From the action-packed game reserve and the palm-fringed beaches to the picturesque ancient culture and dramatic backdrop of Mount Kenya, it is in this beautiful country.

Kenya is a trending destination for travelers and nature lovers, with its diverse habitat and much to see and do. Kenya is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

Towards the end of the dry season, September is the main reason for viewing wildlife as the water pores are declining and the plants are dispersed more than ever.

The days are warm and the nights are making the safari post-holiday relaxation on a cool sunny beach. With humpback whales swimming in cobalt water, there’s no better time to soak up the dry season’s sunshine.

As Wildebeest and Zebra roam the Great Migration Ground, hunters hunt cattle for their next meal. Masai Mara is a great stage for acting in the plains and is a must for any safari enthusiast or keen photographer!

Meaning that the color of pink in the waters of Nakuru Lake is very colorful while the flamingos really like to visit.

In September Kenya provided the idyllic conditions for climbing Mt. Often named after the younger brother of Mount Kilimanjaro, this exquisite wonder offers primitive wilderness, abundant wildlife, and stunning mountain lakes.

Panoramic views of the surrounding peaks, valleys, and savannahs make this mountain an unforgettable experience.

14. Namibia

Namibia is a country full of natural wonders The experience of traveling to this extraordinary country will amaze you with its wilderness and vast landscapes. Namibia is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

Intriguing wildlife and incredible remote scenery transform this beautiful country into a photographer’s dream!

As the days get warmer and the nights are getting brighter, a magical display has been created with cloudless stardust skies.

The dry season attracts wildlife herds to the water sources of the Itosha and Ongba reserves. Although a popular month, Namibia is never crowded so you are guaranteed a front-row seat for a flat performance.

Although this dry and deserted country seems empty to the naked eye, it has the largest concentration in the Cheetah of Africa.

Namibia has some unique fascinating creatures, ranging from elephant herds of sail colonies to skeletal shore colonies, full of animals adapted to maternal desert.

Namibia’s remote desert sand is the second-largest valley in the world, hidden in plain sight. Fish River Canyon An impressive canal carved by a river that releases a spectacular natural beauty and turns dry stones into submerged canyons, you can enhance this beauty in late September before returning to the warm summer heat.

15. Tanzania

With so many national parks, timeless ancient cultures, impressive mountains, and wildlife, it looks like they jumped straight from the David Attenborough documentary, there is something for everyone in Tanzania.

Its relatively natural beauty and biodiversity make this attractive country a trending safari hotspot. Tanzania is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

The dry season is nearing its end and temperatures begin to rise this month, but the dawn game drives remain pleasingly cool with crisp fresh air.

In the plains, animals are drought-prone and less thin than ever before, and water holes are making wildlife a spectacular sport.

Wildlife sights are on top of them this month! The Great Migration has moved to Serengeti, presenting a charming craft along the river crossing.

It was more common than ever to see leopards and lions during the hunting season in the national parks of Sale and Ruha, and in Zanzibar, whales crossed the sandy shores and made a safari paradise.

Clear blue skies create unforgettable panoramic views from the Kilimanjaro Mountains.

The temperate climate and dry grounds provide the conditions for idyllic trekking and offer an unforgettable delightful adventure. There is no better time of the year to climb this iconic mountain.

16. Australia

When we think of Australia our minds jump to the cracked red sand of the Outdoors, kangaroos can jump and catch crocodiles for a living, thanks to Crocodile Dundee.

The vast expanse of this landed underwater is a natural beauty and wonderful flora and fauna are nowhere to be found in the world. Australia is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

As of September of this month, Australia offers pleasant temperatures in most areas of the country to avoid moisture.

Whether you want to fall in love with Nulabar’s natural wonders or like to strap on a wetsuit and admire the colors of the Great Barrier Reef, there’s no better time than ever to discover this fascinating country.

Learn the secrets of ancient indigenous tribes, swim with dolphins at Monkey Mia, admire the charming appearance of the twelve apostles, witness kangaroos jumping in the 4WD adventure, watch the sunset behind the Ulura, or drink the sun’s owners or eucalyptus under the eucalyptus tree. This huge country gives you the experience you will never get back home.

Lined with endless kilometers of white-sand beaches, visiting this vast island without dipping into the sky-blue waters of Bondi Beach or examining the white waves of the Surfers Paradise will not be complete. You can even see humpback whales floating in the warm Queensland waters!

17. Madagascar

Fill your sense of adventure on this tropical island and ride the beaten track. With a little infrastructure, it’s a dream destination for those who love the outdoors.

With such incredible biodiversity and so many things to see and do, travel to Madagascar must be on the cards. Madagascar is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

Beat intense temperatures this month by soaking in the sun. With temperatures starting to rise in November, the perfect situation for the fifth island in October has been presented.

Filled with rainforest, winding hiking trails, intriguing lemurs and huge baobab trees, there are many activities to enjoy this month.

Plants and animals are swelling! Jakarandara flowers bloom, leeches are plentiful, local birds’ lives are bred, and baby lemurs cling to their mother’s backs.

The clear aquamarine water scene set the scene for a magical underwater discovery.

Be sure to bring extra memory cards for your phone or camera! With the richness of wildlife, bird breeds and children daring the world, there are many unique animal experiences to be seen this month.

Madagascar is truly a paradise for aspiring wildlife photographers and nature lovers.

18. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a trending travel destination welcoming UNESCO sites, fascinating history and locals. Witness the Peachy African sunset from the top of Victoria Falls or the start of a sunrise game drive to one of the most diverse national parks in the world. Full of natural wonders, Zimbabwe has something worthwhile in every safari style.

Half of the month is dry as bones and the other half is spread with rain, October is a shoulder season that brings moisture and intense temperatures. Zimbabwe is one of the famous expeditions, adventures, and safaris.

Despite the unpredictable weather, rates started to drop and the crowds began to diminish in the distant African desert we had always dreamed of.

At the end of the dry season, wildlife is thriving in Havanj National Park this month! It has the highest animal diversity of any national park in the world and it attracts huge flocks of elephants and buffaloes.

Parading around the watering hole, the Big Five animals are also clearly visible, which is clearly watching the game highlight.

Don’t miss the out-of-this-world smash of Victoria Falls. Even if the water level is low, this is the best time to dive into the Devil’s Pool.

Located on the edge of the waterfall, these warm waterfalls give you a front-row seat to watch the stunning waterfalls. Careful, this is not for the ignorant!

19. Chitwan National Park

When you think of Nepal, most minds travel to the infamous Himalayas, and it is one of the brightest stars, Mount Everest. However, at the bottom of the mountains, the Tharu is home to the dense jungle of the “people of the jungle” and is filled with stylish animals and crocodile-infested rivers that truly make for a unique safari adventure.

With clear blue skies and pleasantly warm temperatures, October is one of the best months to visit this well-preserved preserve. Chitwan National Park is one of the famous expeditions, adventures and safaris.

The flora and fauna are enriched and enriched by local birdlife in dotted grasslands, rivers lined with sun-bathing crocodiles and rhinoceros hide beneath floating canopies.

Tigers hunt, deer play, wild boar trunks, and elephants walk on foot in long grasslands. It is not uncommon for a rhino to catch a glimpse of a rhino from a safari!

Boasting impressive landscapes and spectacular sunsets, a trip to Chitwan should not be missed.

Save on the back of the elephant and choose a walking safari. Learn the history of the land with naturalists who have an infectious passion for conservation.

This adventure is rather thrilling when you’re standing a few feet away from a wild boar!

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