Bumi Hills Safari Lodge – Top Attractions and Facilities

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

The Bumi Hills Safari Lodge attracts visitors from far and wide, along the shores of Lake Curiaba and unobtrusive views of wildlife. This Zimbabwean lease boosts romance in a secret Riviera in the heart of Africa at Caribou Lake. This article will give an overview of the Bumi Hills safari lodge.

Accommodation: Air-conditioned luxury en-suite rooms overlooking Lake Kariba

Activities: game drive and walking, boat cruises, sunset cruises, fishing, birding, cultural visits

Highlights: Great view of Cariba Lake, boating, Tiger fishing

Destinations: Bumi Hills, Caribou Lake, Zimbabwe

It is a great pleasure to see Lake Kariba from such a picturesque angle. Find your favorite spot at Zimbabwe’s Lodge on Caribou Lake and join a splurge of guests who have done the same.

Cocktail bars and dining terraces, pools, spas and guest rooms all face the beautiful lake.

The Bumi Hills Safari Lodge offers safari enthusiasts, anglers and couples with a wonderful experience for those looking for a great vacation.

The beautiful infinity pool and spa meet the requirements for relaxation and regeneration, while the lodge offers an elegant ambiance and delicious food provided the glorious lake and game-rich terrain can be explored at leisure in a variety of ways.

One of the favorite activities is the Boat Bike Game, which is a very relaxing experience. Guided foot safari and traditional tiger game drives roam the coast as well as wildlife in search of elephants, lions and leopard leopards, but you will see hippos, crocodiles and plenty of plains.

The life of the birds is widespread in this area. There is also a hide and watch platform for great game viewing.

Bumi Hills Safari Lodge is a major fishing destination, one of the best in Africa. You can fish all year long, but October is the month of the International Tiger Fishing Contest, which has been running since the 1960s.

For a change of pace and insight into the traditional culture, you can travel to a community village with a local resident Bumi Hills Lodge Guide. The Cariba lake is the home of the Tonga people.

Bumi Hills Safari Lodge facilities

  • Alfresco terrace adjacent to the dining room and cocktail bar
  • Main lounge with internet access, wildlife DVDs, board games, reference books
  • A TV lounge with satellite channel and full-size snooker table
  • The Infinity Swimming Pool overlooks the Kariba lake
  • Wellness spa with sauna and chill pool and gym

The Bumi Hills Safari Lodge offers luxury Lake Caribou accommodation in 10 stylish suites, all with air conditioning and private deck views from Lake Kariba.

Accommodation arrangements

From your suite at Bumi Hill Safari Lodge, you can see elephants roaming the coast.

The 10 suites at Zimbabwe Lodge on Caribou Lake are all particularly magical because you can admire the views of the sunrise and sunset from your porch.

Baobab Villa has a 2 bedroom living room bar and indoor and outdoor dining deck. This private villa comes with a private butler, safari guide and vehicles.

Room facilities and services

  • Private deck
  • Hairdryer
  • En-suite bathroom
  • Air conditioning and overhead fan
  • Minibar
  • Tea and coffee stations
  • Daily laundry service


Enjoy Zimbabwe safari on Lake Kariba, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. You can reach the Bami Hills Safari Lodge by plane or boat transfer.

Zimbabwe is a great destination for vacation and safari and the Cariboo Lake and the surrounding wildlife area.

There are more animals than humans and the lake is full of fish. The life of the bird is widespread and one of its most famous inhabitants is the African fish gall, whose ghostly cry can be heard echoing over the water.

Bumi Hills safari lodge

Directions to Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe

On the way to the sky

You can visit Bumi Hills Safari Lodge in the sky by Hari (1 hour 30 minutes), Victoria Falls (1 hour 40 minutes), Hwange (1 hour 30 minutes) or Mann Pool (30 minutes). You can also get to Kariba Airport and then take a short flight over water (15 minutes) or transfer a boat to the lodge.

GPS coordinates for the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge skyline

16° 48′ 59.99″ S, 28° 20′ 59.99 E

In boats

The Bumi Hills Safari Lodge is about 60 kilometers (37 miles) from the city of Kariba on the lake. You can transfer to the lodge by boat which takes 2 or 3 hours. The condition of the lake is weather dependent.

By road

It is possible to drive a normal 2×4 vehicle on a turreted road from Harare to Caribou Once in the Caribbean you have to go to the lodge (15 minutes) or transfer a boat.

The only vehicles able to access the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge are 4×4 off-road vehicles – this option is for adventure riders only.

Take a boat safari, game drive, and bushwalk, or watch Tiger fishing and birds around Zimbabwe on a safari holiday in Zimbabwe at the Boomi Hills Safari Lodge. Cultural tours are also offered.

Your Zimbabwe safari can be packed to your liking or action, on Lake Kariba. The pool and spa at Bumi Hills Safari Lodge is the ideal place to spend some time on an adventure.

Or you can just pinch a sun owner over the cocktail bar terrace and watch the great sunset over the water.

Boat safaris, game drives, and bush walks

Your highly-trained guide takes you on a journey of discovery. There are interesting game-facing offers on the shores of Lake Kariba and the surrounding wilderness.

Big or small, your guide knows the habits and behavior of each animal.

Underwater Hide & Water’s edge game viewing platform is also part of the experience. If you want to go on the Rhino trekking, the nearby Matushadona National Park is the place to go.


Vomiting is great for bird watching. To name a few, African fish agall, bateleur agall, harrier hawk, and martial agall, sacred Ibis, saddle-built stork, malachite kingfisher, and lilac-breasted roller to name a few.


Who can resist a hot stone massage on a spa deck while watching elephants walk by the arrows? Bumi Hills Safari Lodge Spa is a paradise for relaxation and includes a sauna, private immersion pool, and health bar.

Bumi Hills Safari Lodge activities

  • Drive games day and night
  • On the Safari boat to Lake Kariba
  • Tiger fishing (catch and release)
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Safari is on the way
  • Stargazing
  • Cultural philosophy

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