What is the Best Safari in December?

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

What is the Best Safari in December? As the northern hemisphere flows into the cold, dark days of winter, the continent of Africa is warming up during the summer holiday season. December in Africa is a busy time of the year for a reason. The weather is mostly hot and sunny, with occasional rains bringing cool solace and greenery. This article will give an overview of the Best Safari in December.

As the wet season begins, the game becomes more difficult to see in South Africa, as the reservoirs across the country open up and livestock are divided into smaller groups. While most parts of Zambia and Zimbabwe are closed at this time of year, South Africa is still dense enough to play a top-quality safari guarantee.

What is the Best Safari in December?

During this time of year, great wildlife shifts as the dry, yellow plains of the Selangi Desert from Serengeti begin to turn green. Transplanted cattle attract large numbers of hunters and produce the largest number of shows on earth. The migratory birds arrive, filling the enormous sky with tropical colors and birds, while the trees and shrubs burst forth thinly.

It’s a great time of year on a beach holiday in the Indian Ocean, whether it’s the transparent, crystalline waters of Seychelles or the unused edges of Mozambique’s beaches. We recommend connecting wildlife or cultural safaris to a relaxed beach retreat.

So without further ado, here are the best African countries for Safari in December.

South Africa

December is one of the best months in South Africa, with the best weather in the Cape and above the Garden Route.

Safari is not as good as it was a few months ago, but the cruiser’s private archive still offers great game viewing – one of our favorite destinations for the safari in South Africa at this time of year. South Africa is a good place for Safari in December.


Luxury safari opportunities are spectacular in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a mountainous country of dramatic beauty with a higher area than Kenya and Uganda, considering this is a place for the Best Safari in December.


Known for its extraordinary wildlife, Kenya has a large section of the coastline of the museum, the Great Rift Valley, the Central Highlands, and a host of stunning lakes.

Kenya’s brief rainfall usually ends in mid-December and the dry season begins.

The view looks dramatically green after the rain, and it can make the game more difficult to watch than the dry season even though it doesn’t give you a bye.

Kenya is a great month to travel to Kenya in December and works very well for Christmas or New Year breaks, although to get the best camps you have to book these key dates long in advance.


A stunningly diverse region, luxurious lodges, several well-known national parks and of course its extraordinary lake, Malawi is a well-kept secret. But not long …

Sudan (North)

Although not the most obvious holiday destination, North Sudan has a rich and fascinating past in its culture that has made it such a unique and fascinating travel destination.

Safari in December


As perfect as a one-off, or as a comfortable ending to an itinerary originally based in East or South Africa, it is a dreamy luxury holiday and African honeymoon, with a spectacular choice of lodges and resorts.

December is one of the hottest months in Seychelles and one of the hottest months of the year.

While the islands can be quite wet during December, care should be taken to avoid the southern islands that are in the cyclone belt with light winds.

If any of these incredible and diverse destinations interest you, make sure to remember and contact one of our destination specialists this Christmas.


December is a great month to travel to Mauritius, with temperatures reaching a peak in any one year or January, and a place for the Best Safari in December.

The benefit of December is that the humidity levels are not yet higher than in January and so it is great beach weather for sun worshipers.

As it is a summer monsoon you can usually get some scattered tropical showers and windy breezes in the evenings, but guaranteed daily – – 5 sunshine hours.


Tanzania’s light rainfall has had a considerable impact on the movement of the game to lesser-known reservoirs – with dramatic changes in the game’s parks as Katavi, Ruha, and Selos spread to these huge parks.

The result is a lot of big game-watching. But Tanzania’s Northern Circuit is great during this time of year, with Serengeti’s great immigration going full-time, considering this is a place for the Best Safari in December.

A great destination in December

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Top Pick

If you are looking for a Christmas break for the family, then Kenya should consider that. With great safari action and a bit of relaxed beach retreat, you have everything you need for an ideal family trip and within a short distance of the plane together.

Thoughts of travel are often discontinued, especially due to travel expenses as a family, nowadays though with the introduction of certain family safari homes (including personal chefs and guides), you can do great value for money and the ultimate family retreat to entertain everyone. For consideration are the Babla and Myra Houses, Seri Ara private beach camp and retreat.

Chile’s Atacama Desert offers something out of the ordinary, one of the driest places in the world!

Various activities can be enjoyed while you are walking, horseback riding, cycling, exploring the Los Flamencos reserve, or strolling the region with Chile’s largest salt flats.

In Colombia, December is a good time of year to hunt hollers and TT monkeys in the Tirana National Park, where palm meat is the Caribbean Sea that provides some sparkling snorkeling and diving.

Our top picks:

  • Ngorongoro National Park
  • Rwanda
  • Central Kalahari Game Reserve (Botswana)
  • Ranthambore
  • Sri Lanka
  • Maldives

At the top of the African list, the great migration of Ngorongoro National Park and the gorillas of Rwanda is certainly a bucket list in Africa in December, as the green seasons bring in idyllic conditions for game drives and mountain tracks, considering this is a place for the Best Safari in December.

Botswana’s blue sky sums up the birthing season, will create a colorful contrast to the life of Ranthumbor’s green colorful birds, Sri Lanka’s beaches represent the ultimate holiday aftermath and Maldives is as ancient as ever.

With the festival season boasting many venues around the world, you can be sure that your end of the year will not end with an African safari adventure.

Take away

Not too far away is Tropical Belize where you can avoid the rainiest months of January as well as rain.

From colorful birds to birds and jaguars (if you are lucky) to tapping into trees to exploring the tropical rainforest with various wildlife and tropical rainforest, Belize is famous for all its adventure activities.

Belize is famous for its world-class diving and in December, you can really make the most of it. Explore the various dive sites along the coast and if you’re really brave, why not make your way to the infamous Blue Hole!

December is the start of the breeding and mating season of many animals, including green turtles, marine iguanas and sea lions in the Galapagos Islands. Water and air temperatures begin to heat up and the skies clearly make it a popular month for visitors – it’s important to plan ahead at this time of year.

For a once-in-a-lifetime family trip and one you will never forget, why not spend the final white Christmas in Antarctica?

The month of December provides some of the longest daylight hours (great for photography) and begins the whale watching season.

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