Research Paper about African Fauna

How to Write a Research Paper about African Fauna

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In order to figure out how to write a research paper correctly, you need to understand what is meant by this word first of all. Absolutely every student in the process of studying in a higher educational institution sooner or later faces the writing of various scientific articles or scientific papers on a particular subject or specialty studied by them. This article will share an insight into how to write a Research Paper about African Fauna. Keep reading.

A research paper is a process of research that reveals the essence of a problem, topic, or subject. Research papers are abstracts, term papers, samples of articles, dissertations, theses, and essays. If you have difficulties with the latter, it is better to pay for essay writing. A writer will conduct thorough research and write a well-structured paper.

Now, let’s find out how to write a research paper about African fauna.

Write about animals in Tanzania

You can open for readers a window into the fauna of this amazing country. “Like many countries on the African continent, it lives largely on exports. The state actively sells gold, tobacco, tea, and … impressions.”

You can write about 17 national parks, sanctuaries, protected areas, and, like a cherry on top, a unique reserve in the crater of an extinct volcano, Ngorongoro.

“The most popular form of recreation in Tanzania is a safari. An adrenaline-fueled, completely uncompromising duel awaits you between the steely human will and the irresistible desire to take a closer picture of that leopard.”

Of course, traditional hunting has also been preserved here, but modern morality does not encourage the killing of animals too much, and you should tend to agree with it in your research paper.

You can list the following animals in your research paper:

  • Majestic elephants;
  • Multiple zebras;
  • Golden lions;
  • Fragile and long-legged giraffes;
  • Frisky antelopes;
  • Mysterious leopards;
  • Monkeys in mass numbers;
  • Giant rhinos;
  • Packs of hyenas;
  • Jackals, of course;
  • Huge buffaloes;
  • Wild boar-warthogs;
  • Crocodiles;
  • Hippos;
  • And a green parrot – as well as hundreds of species of other birds, including very impressive ones.

In other words, the fauna here is amazing, diverse, and ready to amaze you to the very heart. Don’t bother with the names of the different antelope families; just mention that people can find lots of them in your research paper!

Mention Arusha Park in your research paper. “Arusha Park is one of the small reserves of Tanzania, which is very conveniently located: just 25 kilometers east of the regional center of the same name.

As for animals, Arusha is ready to show you baboons, giraffes, buffaloes, leopards, hyenas, hippos, and an incredible number of antelopes. The main feature of the park is more than 400 species of birds nesting in 550 square kilometers of Arusha.”

Mention the Serengeti Park in your research paper. “The endless plains of the Serengeti is one of the places we recommend to visit. Here you can see all the legendary “big five“: elephant, lion, rhinoceros, buffalo, and leopard. In addition to them, antelopes, gazelles, warthogs, cheetahs, and more than 400 species of birds live in the shroud.

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The Serengeti is also known for hosting one of Africa’s largest animal migrations.

Every year in October and November, hundreds of thousands of wildebeests and zebras escape the drought in the south of the park, where it rains at that time, and in April-June, the herds return back to the new green grass. This majestic spectacle is amazing! Both predators and tourists come to admire – both of them leave satisfied.”

Mention Tarangire Park in your research paper. “The park is located on the river of the same name, 7 kilometers from Lake Manyara. It is famous for the colossal number of animals in the surroundings – especially before the rainy season. In October, a huge number of herbivores flock to the grasslands of Tarangire from all sides.

Among the permanent inhabitants of the park, we note elephants, as well as lions and leopards. In addition, in Tarangire, you can see the largest bird in the world – the ostrich – and the most massive flying bird, the great African bustard.”

Write about the black mamba

Wildlife in Africa is not only about beautiful landscapes and cute animals; it is also a cruel world of survival. Therefore, it is extremely important to write about it while creating your research paper.

“This reptile is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. We are talking about the black mamba, the thunderstorm of Africa. There is an antidote for her bites, but the poison itself acts so quickly that help may simply be too late.

In addition, the mamba moves rapidly; the victims often do not even have time to understand what happened as they are killed. Unlike most snakes, which prefer to hide when they see a person, this dangerous beauty attacks in 80% of cases.

In this regard, the glory of the most dangerous creature in the world was entrenched in it. It is noteworthy that it has practically no natural enemies, which makes the snake even more dangerous due to the growing population.

Only mongooses, with natural immunity to poison, and some birds of prey are at risk of attacking the mamba.”

Write about Tarangire Park – the land of elephants and baobabs

Tarangire National Park is one of the most interesting safari destinations in Tanzania. Its main attraction is the Tarangire River, the only one in this area where herds of ungulates and predators flock to drink.”

“There are no problems with how to get to Tarangire Park – it is located near Arusha.” Mention in your research paper that this is a place that everyone who you always dreamed of seeing truly huge giants of the fauna should visit.

“Elephants have strong families; mothers take care of their children for 10-15 years. If you are going on a trip to Tanzania on a safari, be sure to include Tarangire National Park in your plans.

It is located in the most popular for tourists northeastern region of Tanzania, famous precisely for its large-scale parks with untouched African nature, so it will not be difficult to get to it – and you will get even more impressions than you intended.”

Of course, there are much more topics you can write about in your research paper. Choose the one that is close and interesting to you on the basis of this article on how to write a Research Paper about African Fauna.

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