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30 Best Ground Cover Plants to Prevent Useless Weeds

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What are some of the best ground cover plants to prevent weeds? It’s problematic when all of your garden and landscaping area have been overwhelmed with useless weeds. The good thing is, you can easily replace your landscape with ground-covering trees. Let’s find below the 30 best ground cover plants to prevent weeds:

Best ground cover plants to prevent weeds

1. Wild Ginger

Delving into the botanical domain, we encounter the genus Asarum, nestled within the Aristolochiaceae family—the very fabric of wild ginger. Common nomenclature intertwines with natural lore as Asarum—the genitive plural of the Latin āsa—whispers meanings of altars and sanctuaries, echoing tales of reverence.

2. Bishop’s Weed

Within the garden’s tapestry, Aegopodium podagraria emerges, a flowering ambassador of the Apiaceae clan. Familiarity dawns as ‘ground elder’ resounds, an epithet worn with pride and mystery. In the shadows, this species thrives, its leaves and flowers a mimicry of the elder—unrelated yet entwined in nature’s play.

3. Bunchberry

Elegance finds its grandeur with the bunchberry—a portrait where glossy, oval leaves set the stage for delicate white blooms. A low-growing drama unfolds, nurtured by the sun’s benevolence. Beneath its caress, the bunchberry orchestrates a symphony of bright red berries, a tantalizing display of flavor’s modesty in summer’s twilight embrace.

4. Lilyturf

The garden’s border graces itself with the presence of Lilyturf—a verdant marvel adorned with leaves reminiscent of grassy plains. Embarking on a journey, these broad leaves herald the ascent of violet-purple flowers, a crescendo that culminates in the transformation to blackberries. The summer’s curtain call echoes in Lilyturf’s hardy resilience, thriving both in the shade’s embrace and the sun’s fervent gaze.

5. Hens and Chicks

A symphony of succulents unfurls, led by the intrepid sempervivum—a mesmerizing dance that weaves texture, form, and hue into a living masterpiece. Drought’s symphony plays on, harmonizing with self-sufficiency’s melody, crafting a mosaic of survival. Sun-soaked havens beckon, yet nature’s score unfolds in gentle temperance—water’s gentle caress is a secret shared with diligent gardeners.

6. Irish Moss

Like a verdant tapestry underfoot, the tender moss-like foliage of Irish Moss creates a plush realm. Spring’s arrival adorns this realm with delicate white flowers, an ephemeral spectacle that adds to its ethereal beauty. While the sun’s warm touch is favored, thirst is quenched through regular moisture, a lifeline especially vital when the sun’s ardor peaks.

7. Ice Plant

Nature’s canvas unveils a masterpiece—the ice plant—a marvel at ground level, adorned with leaves of fleshy resilience. Amidst this foliage, daisy-like flowers breathe life—a palette of pink, purple, and red, a reflection of an artist’s palette. The tale of growth is one of resilience, as the ice plant thrives in drought’s defiant face, its loyalty mirrored only by its affinity for the sun’s passionate gaze.

8. Sweet Alyssum

In the sun-kissed embrace, the fast-growing annual Sweet Alyssum spills its allure—cascading over rock walls or adorning the pathways’ edges. Swiftly, it fashions a lush mound, a canvas for a symphony of blooms that serenade through summer’s embrace. Honeyed notes linger, an enchanting melody that beckons pollinators to join nature’s dance. A full sun’s spotlight unveils its brilliance, as petals unfold in a spectacle of life.

9. Honeysuckle

Within nature’s cathedral emerges the honeysuckle—a floral sanctuary adorned with nectar-rich blessings that beckon an eclectic choir of bees, hummingbirds, and pollinators. On the branches of this perennial, the vivid trumpets of blooms unfurl—a symphony in hues of red, yellow, orange, and white, each notes a harmonious stroke in the garden’s palette. In realms of the sun’s ardent warmth or parting shade’s gentle caress, the journey flourishes, each step imbued with the sun’s radiant gift.

10. Creeping Phlox

In the realm of enduring perennials, Creeping Phlox stands tall, not merely in resilience but also in its profusion of vivid, colorful blooms. A panorama of hues—blue, purple, pink, and white—span the canvas of its petals, each hue unfurling its own fragrant story in the early arms of spring. With a demeanor that kisses the ground, this plant flaunts a fortitude that extends to the sun’s resplendent realm, basking in its luminous caress.

11. Creeping Juniper

An evergreen marvel, Creeping Juniper, stands adorned in forms both diverse and captivating. Fashioning a fortress of tenacity, it thrives amidst soils that humble and embrace aridness. A symphony of horizontal branches interlocks, weaving a protective mat—a realm where weeds dare not tread, an impenetrable sanctuary. The sun, a companion for six hours, bestows its reward in the form of enduring strength.

12. Mondo Grass

Across southern domains, Mondo Grass stands as a testament to nature’s resilience, its glossy green elegance, and its embrace of survival amidst diverse landscapes. In clusters, it finds its rhythm, a dance that sways to the rhythm of moist soil and the gentle caress of partial to full sun.

13. Oregano

Beyond its culinary allure, Oregano steps forth as a ground cover—a lush congregation of scented foliage. Guided by the sun’s tender hand, petite flowers bloom, summoning a symphony of pollinators to join their fragrant journey. A companion of flavor in both garden and kitchen, Oregano thrives in full sun, its resilience a badge of honor.

14. Lady Fern

Ferns paint the landscape in myriad forms, sizes, and hues. Grouped in clusters, they craft a carpet of verdant wonder. A preference for moist earth defines this fern’s character, while an established drought tolerance signals its unyielding resolve. Its dance unfolds in the embrace of full shade.

15. Ajuga

Glossy leaves of deep green, bronze, and chocolate-brown intertwine to grace Ajuga—a perennial adorned in a vibrant palette. Spikes of blue, purple, pink, and white ascend during summer’s reign, a celebratory symphony of colors that accompanies each season’s passage. Its journey traverses varied landscapes, embracing conditions with a marvel’s embrace, thriving both in the shade’s tender respite and the sun’s fervent caress.

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16. Aronia

Aronia, a low-growing native shrub, conjures enchantment as it casts its spell—a tapestry of tiny white flowers nestled within lush green foliage. Gathered together, they construct a verdant hedge, a living embrace unaffected by soil composition or the sun’s temper.

17. Lavender

Emanating from the iconic fields of Provence, Lavender graces the stage, its regal purple and blue flowers orchestrating a symphony of the senses when massed together. Wary of waterlogged soil, Lavender’s predilection for well-drained earth is a mandate not to be trifled with. The sun’s radiant embrace, a lover’s touch, nurtures its growth and brings forth its flourish.

18. Epimedium

In harmony with spring’s awakening tapestry, Epimedium reveals its grandeur—a display of large, wing-like flowers, an ethereal spectacle that blesses the perennial’s presence. Known also as Bishop’s Cap, it finds comfort in the fortress of endurance, thriving amidst arid conditions once it has established its roots. A badge of its resilience, a sanctuary of part shade, cradles its existence.

19. Lamb’s Ears

Just as the name whispers, the foliage of Lamb’s Ears is a silken touch reminiscent of tender lamb’s ears. But come mid-summer, this botanical wonder dons a new robe, adorned with resplendent purple-pink flowers. Its heart beats for full sun, though it grants its tolerance to the allure of part shade.

20. Creeping Thyme

A canvas painted with a tapestry of purple or white blooms blankets the earth—a refuge for pollinators, a treasure trove of Creeping Thyme’s essence. This indomitable perennial, relentless in its spread, stands tall beneath the sun’s fervent gaze. Resilience reigns as it confronts the chill, undeterred by impoverished soil, extending its roots with a tenacity that bows to drought’s defiance. Beyond its aesthetic gift, its leaves bear a dual role—adornments for the plate, a culinary offering.

21. Lady’s Mantle

A burst of yellow-green clusters heralds the arrival of Lady’s Mantle, known also as Alchemilla—an emergence that graces the cusp between late spring and early summer with its vivacious presence. Complemented by sinuous stems, this botanical gem crafts a floral spectacle, its purpose is woven into the artistry of bouquet creation. As it journeys towards the sky, it seeks the tender touch of full sun or part shade, accompanied by the gentle caress of moderate moisture.

22. Chamomile

Offering a choice between annual and perennial varieties, Chamomile’s charm lies in its daisy-like flowers that bedeck its bushy frame. Amidst this bounteous display, a symphony of colors unfolds. Under the sun’s benevolent guidance, Chamomile flourishes, yet demands the occasional trim to keep its ambitions from spilling over the yard’s boundaries. A delightful bonus: the flowers, either fresh or dried, weave their magic into salads and teas.

23. Sweet Woodruff

Petite white stars grace the stage, contrasting elegantly with the deciduous foliage’s verdant ensemble. A rapid spread defines this perennial, a tide that can be tamed through the rhythm of mowing. The shade becomes its sanctum, where it flourishes, especially beneath the canopy of trees and shrubs.

24. Sedum

A universe of low-growing sedum varieties beckons, their succulent leaves tenderly cradling the precious gift of water, navigating the arid stretches with an air of elegance. Amidst this lush foliage canvas, petite flowers emerge like gems—a secondary spectacle that humbly bows before the kaleidoscope of colors found within the leaves embrace. Full sun, a stalwart companion, serves as the lifeline of this perennial guardian.

25. Thrift

Grace takes tangible form within Thrift, an evergreen perennial that bestows upon the landscape mounds of verdant foliage, each adorned with diminutive, spherical blooms. As the symphony of colors ascends, late spring’s canvas fades, a prelude to the dance that accompanies the arrival of early summer. Both partial and full sunlight illuminates its delicate beauty, a testament to the intricate elegance that graces this perennial.

26. Creeping Jenny

Grace finds its embodiment in Creeping Jenny—a low-growing symphony that weaves leaves of yellow-green, a design traced by nature’s own hand. The tender flourish of small yellow blooms emerges, ephemeral yet captivating, a fleeting dance in early summer’s serenade. Versatile in its being, Creeping Jenny becomes a fast-growing companion, invited to find purpose amid stepping stones and pathways, it’s welcome defined by the gentleness of visitors’ footfalls.

27. Lily of the Valley

Behold the Lily of the Valley—a paradigm of unyielding resilience, casting an enchanting spell with its delicate white bells that dangle from slender, verdant leaves. A perfume of sweet allure lingers in its wake, a testament to its thriving presence amidst meticulously groomed landscapes. As the sun dances with shadows, the Lily of the Valley is beckoned to embrace the full shade, yet its spirit greets the morning sun with a graceful embrace.

28. Dead Nettle

Within the realm of low-growing perennials resides Dead Nettle, a verdant marvel known as Lamium. Emerging with silver-splashed leaves, it begets bursts of flowers that weave a mosaic—a tapestry of purples, pinks, or whites. This botanical spectacle finds its rhythm within spring’s loving embrace, a flourish of colors dancing amidst sunlight’s playful interplay. A preference for shade adorns it with grace, its tolerance for the sun’s gentle touch etched into its essence.

29. Siberian Cypress

From Siberia’s embrace, a hardy evergreen emerges, donning fern-like foliage that takes on a bronzy hue in colder climes—a testament to nature’s artistic palette. Clustered plantings upon hillsides or foundations stand as guardians against erosion’s touch. In the sun’s unwavering gaze, this evergreen thrives.

30. Dianthus

From a bygone era, Dianthus emerges, a perennial that carries the scent of nostalgia—a fragrance reminiscent of vanilla’s embrace. Often christened as Pinks, a nod to the petal’s edges trimmed like pinking shears’ craft, this ground cover presents itself in diverse heights, ranging from a humble sprawl to a lofty stature of two feet. Its very soul craves the sun’s full essence, a requisite for its finest bloom.

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